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Hey Youtube fam! It’s your girl Lia
back again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
another crochet hair review video and in today’s crochet hair as you also
saw from the title if the Zury Kongo curl hair. Now before I get into this
review if you’re not familiar with my review series welcome smash that
subscribe button but this isn’t a normal kind of a review coming on here
installing the hair showing you how it looks. Oh no no I walk you through the
process with the hair. I come on here first with my first day thoughts of a
crochet hair. Showing you how it looks on that very first day after install.
Telling you was it a long install? Hard install? Whether the hair was hard to
separate. How exactly I installed the hair? Did I separate the curls? Did I
invisible knot? What I did with the install of the hair. Then I come
on here for my one week thoughts of a crochet hair. Showing you how it looks
one week in. Telling you whether it has gone uphill or downhill in that one
week and whether the hair I believe has been high maintenance or low maintenance over the course of that week. Then I come on here with my final day thoughts of
the crochet hair. Showing you how it looks on that very last day. Meaning the
day I’m taking that hair out I show you how it looks. Telling you how long of a
wear I got. Whether it was one week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, five weeks
of wear. Telling you whether it’s high maintenance, low maintenance, water
friendly active friendly and all that. So I’ll give you a well-rounded picture of
the hair. Now if you want to skip to certain parts in the pinned comment I
will list the timestamps for my first day thoughts , first week thoughts, and all
that. But if you just want to see the course of the video just keep watching.
So now coming on here for my first day thoughts of this Zury Kongo Curl hair. I
have it in the color 2 and Zury prides themselves on being one pack is
enough and it prides itself on being that for several different curl. They
have the Kongo Curl but they also have the go go curl, Deep Twist, Water Wave.
Looks like they got a wand curl. They have a lot of curls and their hairs are
supposed to be one pack is enough. Now I purchased this hair from It was $10.80 and as you can see I bought 2 packs because
even though it’s says one pack is enough I don’t trust nothing. I’ve had incidents
where it says oh three packs is enough and then I’m like ok I need a couple more
packs. I think there was some lies being told. But they pride themselves on
being one pack is enough. Now I was heavily inspired by Indya Ajai. If you do not
follow her here on YouTube you need to she does this fake it till you make it
series with crochet hair and she tries hairs that are more so this more natural
curl. The curls that are different than you know your freetress water wave .Your
freeress deep twist. Your hairs like that. She tries these more rough texture
hair that kind of mirror you’re real hair if you did a perm rod, flexi rod
type set. She reviewed this hair and I was like maybe I’ll try it someday. Then
I did a Zury wig review recently and I was like I have that this channel for three
years and I have not tried a Zury crochet hair not once on this channel.
Maybe this is a sign that I need to try one. So Indya’s video I never watch
other crochet hair review videos but I was like ok I’m seeing this. I love this on her. I need to
try this hair and this needs to be my first Zury curl hair that I try. Now bought this hair. Now I did not actually install
this hair myself. I have installed the last four or five hairs myself and as
much as I love installing some hair sometimes you want to take a little
breather. You want to take a little break. You want to relax a little bit. So I went
back to my mom and my mom has actually installed this hair. She did kind of do a
straight back braid pattern as I typically do. Hers are a lot tighter than
mine though so this is the first time that she’s actually braided really
really tight. So my head is feeling a little tender. I’m not used to this but
it is a straight back braid pattern meaning I can kind of part it on any
side that I want to. The way the hair that I have is falling right now is kind
of in this left side part. And you guys know though I’m a creature of habit I love me
a left side part. The install was a very fast the fastest install ever. Once she got that hair braided down it did not take her more
than 30 minutes to put this hair in.And that’s very fast to me. Especially coming
off of Malaysian curl. Malaysian curl was a little bit longer of an install for me.
Freetress bohemian braid which is the hair before in Malaysian curl was a
little bit longer of an install especially when I got to trying to separate
the hair in the front. So it was good to have one not have to do my own hair and two have a hair that with a fast install. She did use one full pack so the other
pack that I bought and then she knew like okay let’s let’s open up that other pack. And I was like why you need extra hair. Everybody is saying this is a one pack is enough type of a hair. So the
hair comes like this. You get an 8 inch. You get a 9 inch and you get a 10 inch.
So what you’re supposed to do to get the V shape. So they pride themselves on
being a V shape to have the shape that this model has right now. So going like
this into a V formation you’re supposed to apply the 8 at the bottom, the 9 in
the middle, and the 10 up top. I did the reverse because I just think I was okay
with not having that V Bob shape. I was wanted someone’s at the bottom. So it was
the 10 and 9 & 8. So it’s a little bit shorter up here a little bit longer down
here and I like that. So you get your 8 inch. You get your 9 inch and then you
get your ten inch. She did end up using some of the 8 inch but when I looked in that mirror after she got done installing that hair I look like a complete
and utter lion. I was looking up to here. So we took out about 8 or 9 pieces of
that 8 inch. So really I did only use one pack because the rest of this 8 inch is just
in the trash can now. So one pack is literally enough. If you have a stylist who she is getting to the front of your hair she’s like okay we need another pack… run.
No no no one pack is truly enough. Now Indya I watched her video she actually
did use a half of one pack. She didn’t even use the entirety of one pack and that
is because she ended up separating the curl. So the curls come like this
naturally pretty big pretty big as you can see. You’re probably wondering how do
you get it on a crochet needle. You can get it on the crochet needle but she
split the hair and she said she split the hair an indefinite amount of times.
Now for me I handed it to my mom like this. So she installed it hair in it’s
full kind of body but then when we got to the front I did split the hair two times.. So I was left with four strands. Now this hair is kind
of a harder here to separate but you can do it. Just got to be very careful. So let
me try one. It’s already messing up. Yeah this hair is kind of a harder hair to
separate so I am amazed that Indya was able to do it for the entirety of her
head because this hair is definitely difficult to separate don’t be fast with
it. So you’re gonna separate it and then separate it again to have four strands.
So that’s what I did in the front. My mom did invisible not at the front but
through the rest she did not invisible knot so it’s the regular kind of strand.
But just something to be aware of. You can either separate the hair all
throughout like Indya or separate in the front. I also watched Prettie Majors video
as well. When we started installing my hair and I was like are we gonna need
more than one pack. I actually googled the kongo curl and looks like prettie
major installed this hair too so if you have not checked out her channel she’s
amazing as well as a youtuber. I will link it up above. She installed the same
way I installed. She has used the entirety of the curls throughout and
then in the front she separated as well. Just to kind of invisible knot the hair.
So again either method is fine. Either method you’re gonna use one pack. Again
if your stylist starts saying Imma need some extra hair. No no no. This hair
is too big already as it is. And again it’s big if you use half a
pack with Indya she used half a pack and her hair is kind of full as well. It’s
full even if you use a full pack. So just something to be aware of. Last night how
I went to sleep is I put this band over my head cuz I was trying to flatten
this hair down as much as I can. So I put my headband. I slept literally like
something from the 1970s 1980s. I had this on my head and I wanted to flatten
it down because last night I was looking like somebody supreme. I was looking
like somebody’s Marvelette. I was looking like somebody’s dream girl. I was having
a full type of a hair situation and I wanted to calm it down a little bit.
Taking out some of that hair alleviated it. that band sleeping with it
last night really doesn’t seem to help because it’s as full as it was but if
you have a kind of small head or small head shape this hair will kind of
overpower you so keep that in mind. You gotta have a shape that’s kind of a more
heart shape. Kind of a round shape. I think this wouldn’t look too bad but if
you have kind of a I think if you have an oval shape and the will I think this
hair will really work as well. But if you have a very small head this hair is
going to really overpower you. Another thing I will say about this hair it’s
very warm. Now we are in March right now so it’s not that bad it’s not that cold
it’s not that warm outside. But I can see if this was a summertime your hair
will be hot. Your hair will be warm. This is not at all. I repeat this is not a summer hair. So I know we’re about to go into the summer and as I’m uploading this it’s
probably getting close to summer time. Don’t don’t don’t get it now revisit
this. If I actually end up liking this hair revisit this again in the fall
months because this hair is definitely a warmer hair. Now let me do it kind of a
360 so you can kinda see the full entirety of this hair. This is what it’s looking like.
Of course this hair it’s a little bit shorter than ten inches. Ten inches was
down here. I cut it up a little bit just for evenness. So I’d say it’s about nine.
So really in actuality it’s like nine inch 9 inch and then 8 inch but the 10
inch did it look a little bit too. It didn’t match that well. So I did cut it
up a little bit. Overall in terms of the texture of this hair very rough texture.
Very rough. I have not tried a hair this rough just dry this matte feeling at all.
I know Freetress Ringlet Wand, Sensationnel Jamaican bounce both of them are kind
of the rougher texture hairs this is even rougher than that. So just keep that in
mind. The curl pattern is very unique because it’s not like a jamaican bounce.
it’s not like a free truss ringlets one where those are more spiral curls this
is a more wavy or curl pattern so I really like this but overall first day
thoughts pros about this hair very much so quick and easy install if you’re
looking for something quick and easy very affordable ten dollars and 80 cents
and one pack is all you need you cannot literally beat
it has a lot of color options not only do you have a 1-1 B you have the color
option like the model had where it was that kind of color you guys know I’ve
been doing a series where you make your own croquet here this is already a blue
color for you so if you want something unique like a blue they had it in this
option in terms of the cons with this hair a very warm hair very warm here if
you’re looking for something that’s going to be cool for the summer months
coming up this ain’t gonna be it I definitely say I’m really interested in
this texture really interested in the upkeep so we’ll see if that’s a con or a
pro but I can definitely see a gearing towards a con of this hair that the UH
people will be a little bit more also about this here I can already tell this
is not gonna be a five week hair it’s not gonna be a hair where I come and see
you guys five weeks later Sanders hair still in I can already talk that I might
be able to get three weeks of wear out of it but I can’t see where I get any
longer than that because the hair it’s just I know it’s gonna frizz I already
know it I can just feel in my bones that a friends is a comment on the horizon
and the fact that it’s already really big I just consider just getting frizzy
and bigger and bigger as the week’s go on so a con that we will see if it ends
up being calm but my feeling and my gut is telling me after reviewing several
hairs that this may be a big hair frizz ball type situation but we’ll see so
that has been my overall first day thoughts of this hair to see my first
week thoughts of this here just keep watching so now coming out of here for
my final thoughts on the Surrey Congo curl here now let me get up in camera so
you guys can see it sorry the Sun is coming up
cuz this actually been three days no no this isn’t my first we thought this
isn’t week you know four or five six this is the final day that I’m wearing
this hair it happens to be a Tuesday happen to me going to work in a minute I
never catch the Sun like this and I never feel my weekdays as you guys know
so you guys already know how I feel about this hair no with this one pack is
enough maybe one week is also enough as well especially with me now everything
I’m gonna say in this portion of the video is my opinion on the hair you guys
come to me for my opinion I’m their expert on any hairs and I always suggest
that you guys check out multiple reviews just don’t go based off of what I say
but for me this hair has been nope though I walked into work on Monday
already not feeling very confident about the hair it was really big for me it’s
really big on camera it may look amazing and you may look fabulous but on me it’s
a very big hair it’s just gonna get bigger over time it’s a little bit
bigger than it was that first day in my opinion the second day and now I’ll day
3 as I’m about to take this out midweek it’s even bigger so I think it’s
definitely for somebody with maybe a frame that will fit this if you have
kind of a smaller face this here will overpower you so I walked didn’t work on
Monday again not feeling very confident but my old manager sits in the same
section I do she came in and she was like okay let me see your hair cuz she
could see it put in the back she walked past me cuz here for the back I turned
around she was like I don’t like that one T and everybody knows my name is
Tully out there so everybody at work calls me t she’s like I don’t like that
one T and I’m like alright another confirmation that I’m not feeling this
here I went to brunch on Sunday with my friends and they didn’t really give me
no compliments and then say whether they like it or not they just said well new
hater I was like okay strike one strike two was Monday when I got that
confirmation at work and then strike three was last night my back of my
earring had come out and the sheets and I was like oh man where’s the other
these are my favorite earrings if you guys notice I wear these in every video
couldn’t find it three hours later I’m shaking my hair out
now I’m fluffing my hair out and the earring fall so I’m like this hair not
even snatch my earrings on my ear oh no this air is a rough texture here when I
say rough texture think about a sponge the best way I can describe it is a
sponge you guys know that the green at the top sponges the sponges that are
yellow at the bottom that green at the top part that’s what this hair feels
like it feels like I could kind of strand out and then clean and wipe away
some scratches out of something or buff away stuff because this hair isn’t that
rough of a texture of a hair and this is actually the first year that I’ve ever
tried to actually inches – it actually is itching my scalp not that my scalp is
having a real lucky reaction do it but I think the hair fibers are rubbing
against my scalp and it’s actually itching have tried what over 30 years
maybe at this point none have really itched like a biz hair and if you’re a
first time watching my videos I’m not like this that’s a person the last year
I tried the Malaysian curl were four four weeks
the last hair before that the free-trade bohemian braid here or for five weeks so
I’m not somebody who just tries out here and then immediately takes it out this
wins the least amount of dates that I’ve ever worn a hair before this the winner
with the outro mannequin straight hair which I tried a 20-17
if you watch my channel you guys know that was nine days and I wore that here
this hair has now taken the trophy of the shortest amount of time I wear for a
crochet here so good job sory for doing that
I really want to use this braid pattern so that’s why I’m thinking now so soon
because I want to put another crochet hair on it my mom did a fabulous job as
a braid pattern it’s actually one of the tightest install she’s ever done on a
braid pattern and I don’t want this braid pattern to go to waste so I want
to reuse this and put some more crochet hair without having to re wash my hair
and do all the process over so that’s why I’m taking out super early I was
going away to wheat but I was like I don’t want to make this break I don’t
get any fuzzier with the inching and the rubbing against the fibers of this here
oh no I don’t we use this for a pattern because again it’s the braid pattern
this is a beard balm and again on camera it probably looks amazing probably looks
plenty nominal and I get that but camera is not real life this hair already three
days in kandy myself it’s hard to separate and maybe you need to separate
during install but again this is the separator portion in front of my hair is
to separate a portion I don’t really see a difference between the back as you
know tinkly as ever in both spots so definitely in here that’s gonna have
tangles again only three days in so the pros with this hair inexpensive one pack
is enough just ten dollars and eighty cents so Sam’s Beauty where I bought it
so you can get one hairstyle for 10 dollars and 80 cents photographs
beautifully if you’re looking for a hair which I don’t think a lot of you guys
are looking for here is that photograph beautifully I think y’all want to really
wear hairs but if you’re looking for something just for pictures I think this
is one of the most beautifully photographed hair that I ever have like
when I was taking pictures on what was it Sunday with his hair and I was like
oh I love these pictures but again you want something that looks good in
pictures and also looks good in your real life and this isn’t something that
translates well into real life this air may actually be activewear friendly so
if you ever wear somebody who works out I definitely can see this working kind
of if you keep it very short because there’s going tango regardless
whether you work out or not so if you’re gonna work out it’s gonna tangle as much
as it does when you’re set in steel so that’s kind of a benefit and the
relative fact that no products I really needed with this hair so you’re not
gonna have to use any waters and he sprays integrati and sprays anything
really with this hair so that’s an awesome Pro I guess but the console is
only bought into these cars the shelf life isn’t that long I do not do not
believe that even though I’m taking this hair out because one is just not for me
I don’t think even if it was for me type of it here I don’t think I couldn’t get
more than three weeks of wear a period with this here I think there are other
Wong curls out there this really looks like remedy curl to me from free trust
which I do own I was looking at them to buy side by side that has a vibe of that
and I hear good things about remedy curl I haven’t heard that much about Kongo
curl there’s not as many videos out there about Kongo cause they’re a remedy
curl I would try ribbony curl next but I just kind of want to switch up just just
a little switch up a little bit but again this hair if the shelf life is
not there it’s low-key very itchy itchy hair so if you or somebody who may have
a sensitive scalp to anything I think this hair may be an issue for you out
there I’m typically don’t have a sensitive scalp and it’s irritating me
so for anybody out there who does have an actual edgy scalp this is going to
irritate you it’s gonna be big no matter how much you use so if you use half a
pack it’s gonna be big if you used a complete and utter one pack again it
looks very big on India but she has a great face her face just fits his hair
beautifully and she used half a pack and it’s still kind of big and she even
acknowledged how big it was on her and she only used a little bit so I think no
matter how much you use if this hair you’re quarter of a pet you’re gonna
have a bigger hair even myself I was thinking about what can I take out to
kind of make this here a little and then I got some some places where it’s like I
can’t take out hair because my brain will show so it’s just big naturally
again if I don’t like a hair on land I’m not gonna like it under the sea so a lot
of people ask me if I hate it here they’re like would you still swim in it
no I don’t like the hair on land so I’m never gonna swim in it so I don’t think
it’s when friendly I think this hair frizz is on land to a degree if you guys
can kind of see it’s frizzing right now on land so again I’m not gonna take this
under the ocean and try to try this hair out isn’t it uh no not be your hair for
the summertime months it’s just too warm it’s warm
right now and it’s kind of entering into the spring right now it’s not gonna work
really well for summer and it’s a semi heavy hair it’s not super heavy but good
but again I use the full in total one pack and it is a little bit heavier and
weighted again if you kind of split the hairs which again you can’t really split
these hair you can but it’s gonna thank you so much time this hair isn’t made to
be easily split so I can just keep that in mind if you want to split the hairs
your Duke and you just gotta have the hands for it because again this ain’t no
here that’s gonna be easily split so overall my final thoughts it’s a no
recommend for me I guess it was everything I said you guys can probably
tell this is a no recommend for me I’m gonna leave this where it is but I’m not
gonna count with the readout of the count I know a lot of people like this
during Doyle curl here and I plan on trying that hair but if you guys have
another Zuri hair that you want me to try instead of the go-go curl please
leave it down below I don’t want to have another incident like this so if there’s
a hair that you kind of have high hopes for let me know down below make sure you
let me know down below what other hairs you want to see me do throughout this
series let me know if you’ve actually tried this here and actually loved it
because I do like differing opinions again this video on this channel is my
opinion on these hairs I’m so mad that this didn’t work out because again look
so good in pictures but again this is the hair that from me just didn’t
translate well I’ll make sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you
enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up even if you didn’t we want you here make sure
you subscribe to this channel I promise you but I’m not normally like this I
normally try my hair at what three four weeks a minimum so keep subscribe so you
can see me try other really really good low low maintenance hair this hair of
course is a high maintenance here make sure you’re following me on instagram at
lil amon 89 i will see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye very young time


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