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Yuna Kim’s Figure Skating Journey – Exclusive Interview | Athlete Profile

Yuna Kim’s Figure Skating Journey – Exclusive Interview | Athlete Profile

I am Yuna Kim, I’m a figure skater,
and I represent the Republic of Korea. I started skating with my older sister
during a school break, I was 6 years old. A coach suggested to my mother that I should
to become a professional skater. So that is how I started competing. I like figure skating because it contains both sport and an artistic side, and it offers unique entertainment to the audience. I have been doing this for over 10 years. But when I started to learn how
to do triple jumps it took me a long time. It took a long time for me to succeed and while I was practicing I had many injuries and I felt frustrated. So when I finally did it for the first time I remember the feeling of achievement it was great. I had some time out for one season I was very busy. There were many things that I had to do. But since I had time out from the Grand Prix circuit I was concerned that I would have less of a opportunity to build up my condition for the Olympics. So I was concerned about others getting more competition experience and I felt they were moving ahead of me
with their Olympic preparations. Because the Olympics is the priority
I had to start training gently for my rehabilitation. Mentally I tried to stay positive to maintain my best condition. My goal was reached when I became an Olympic champion
at the 2010 Vancouver Games, Now I am not focusing on winning or becoming champion again. I know I will not be able to help myself from being nervous But I think I can enjoy it and would love
to be proud of myself for the result. Sochi will be my last competition
so I am aiming to complete my career. No matter what the result I get. My legacy will remain as it is. And I am going to do my best. Even if I don’t win the gold medal I would like
to have no regrets about the result.

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  1. If you want to see more of Yuna Kim, check out her appearance in the crazy Chicken or Beef? series and share on social media using #chickenorbeef

    Chicken Or Beef? Ft. Yuna Kim

  2. Yuna Kim,i think you are the most perfect ambassador for the nation of Korea for this coming winter Olympic game at Sochi Russia.i wish you well and god bless for your tireless contribution to our country Korea.i say this to you from bottom of my heart, thank you. 

  3. Yuna is the best forever! 
    It's amazing her focus, determination and discipline. The maturity in her speech is also amazing. I hope she wins, but regardless of the result, as she said her legacy is there. I do not believe there was another skater who could combine such technical elements as well as artistic in figure skating as Yuna does. kisses from Brazil.

  4. 무엇이 어떻게 되든지… 저는 정말 저보다는 정말 어리지만 정신력은 저보다 더 강한 연아씨에게 응원을 보냅니다…. 쉽게 되는일 아닙니다..단지 좋아한다는 이유로… 체력(?)적인 조건이 좋단 이유로 절대 해낼수 없는 일입니다… 정말 응원하고… 정말 즐기시길 바라고….결과에 상관없이 무한한 박수를 보낼게요… 연아씨.. 화이팅!!! 당신의 미래를 더 응원합니다..

  5. 최정상의 대한민국 보배….부담 갖지 말고 지금처럼 즐기면서 후회없는 최선을 다해주기를

  6. 연아언니 이번 동계올림픽도 열심히 한만큼 좋은결과 있길바래요~
    자두도 응원할게요~!!♡♥♡♥♡

  7. Yuna! you're my favorite skater. Once you comes out the end of 100 years, is one phenomenal figure skater. God bless you.

  8. 담담하게 얘기하는데 맘이 너무 아프다…
    연예계만 가지마요ㅠㅠ 퀸연아 망가지는건 보고 싶지않아요… 힘내시고 감사하고 눈물나고 이젠 경외심마저 들어요

  9. Is it possible for me to somehow re-write the subtitles so it's more of a literal and accurate translation of what Yuna Kim is actually saying? 

  10. I wish her best of luck during and after the Sochi games! I hope to hear more great stories from this elegant Korean artist. She's so graceful on ice.

  11. Beautiful skillful artistic musically appealing and wonderfully graceful on the ice. Figure skating done to a level that is astounding!

  12. We love her so much. She is a true inspiration to the youth. My daughter is 4 years old, the moment she saw Yuna skating she fell in love with the sport. Now she is taking private lessons for 6 months and going for her first competition. Yuna ~ Thank you!    
     Yuna Kim ~ Thank you for bring up so much love for figure skating. Please don't leave the figure skating. The youth needs you as an amazing role model. 🙂

  13. Win or loss, she will always be an Olympic Champion. and like she said, I hope she has fun at these games and not worry about winning and enjoys her last games. Good Luck!

  14. Oh my god. I love her so much, she is skating's queen~ ¡¡Greetings from Chile!!. I really like to see her live in Pyeongchang 2018.
    i'm waitting 19th~

  15. I highly enjoyed this video, but I'm sorry, I just gotta say this: the English translation is a bit misleading. Yuna speaks a lot more modestly and humbly than the subtitles make it seem.

  16. BBC commentator Robin Cousins said,
    " Yuna Kim  is the grand dame of skating, a beautiful woman on and off the ice. She has such a graceful, classic style."
    "There are some other excellent skaters, notably the Russians, but they are mainly kids. This contest is a woman versus girls and I take the woman to win and become the world’s skating sweetheart "

    David Wilson said "Adios Nonino"  is the most difficult FREE LONG  program ONLY  Yuna can perform this high level among the figure skaters
    and it will become  one of the best  Legendary program along with all her programs including  her artistic Exhibition programs !!! 

  17. Her performances at Sochi were perfect and even though she didn't win Gold, she still did everything she could and like she said, she can retire without having any regrets. Her legacy will definitely live on and she's still #1 to me! 

  18. all yuna program in her 1st and 2nd olympic is amazing, but adelina ? i cant remember anything bout her program in sochi. bcoz nothing special and not that better/spectacular than silver medalist. just saying :)

  19. 當了解了妳的夢想後,那麼堅持花樣滑冰參加比賽的妳,就是在人類的歷史上寫下了尤娜金是一個美滿的神話,尤娜金真心感謝妳的努力及表演,祝福妳如意吉祥

  20. 어휴..그동안 얼마나 점수가지고 장난질치고 힘들게 했으면 연아처럼 입무거운 선수가 그선수들(강대국선수들)에게 유리한게돌아간다는 말을 다할까.. ioc도 다알고있을듯.. 저때 이미 예견을 했네 소치에서 연아가 아무리잘해도 금안주고 점수가지고 장난질칠거라는것을.. ㅉㅉ 더런 피겨판..푸틴과 짜고친ioc 각성해라..

  21. 마지막 무대는 완벽했고, 금메달은 아니지만 아마 본인 역시 만족했으리라 생각합니다. 몹시 분하지만 그건 팬의 입장이고 직접 빙상에서 연기를 한 김연아로서는 최선을 다했으니까요. 누구보다 완벽한 연기를 했었다는거 본인이 알고 팬이 알고 세계가 알지요!!!

  22. I find it amazing how she achieved everything she set out to accomplish. And as she said in this video, regardless of the result in Sochi, she wanted to be proud of herself for her performances. She succeeded in giving mesmerizing performances and now she can be free of injuries and pain! I miss her skating so much now. She was truly a phenomenal Olympic Champion and figure skater <3

  23. Saludos bailas muy lindo 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌻

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