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Yankee Candle ‘Alpine Christmas Collection’ 2019 Highlights | UTCT

Yankee Candle ‘Alpine Christmas Collection’ 2019 Highlights | UTCT

Hi festive friends, Katy here and today
under the Christmas tree have picked their top favorite products from Yankee
Candles Alpine collection the collection this year is full of lovely designs
tartan, bows, glitter everything that makes you feel Christmasy so I’m going
to go ahead and show you our top picks firstly we’ve picked these two candles
this is Candlelit Cabin and this one is After Sledding there’s another two
candles out which is the Evergreen Mist and the Pomegranate Fizz Gin which both
sound absolutely lovely but we really wanted to try and smell these have a look and see
how just how good they are starting with the Candlelit Cabin candle it’s
happened it’s a lovely jar it’s got a lovely winter scene on the front it
does have a really fresh strong smell basically like a forest the snow that’s
sort of feeling next is the After Sledding candle as you can see say hot
chocolate warm cozy nights and cinnamon and all the lovely things that just make
Christmas and evoke lovely Christmas memories. So smelling that honestly it
does smell like kind of warm popcorn a little, it will be the one I’m burning in
my house first because it is honestly it’s just gorgeous and the even the
glass jar is lovely it’s really traditional as well. So next up I’m gonna
show you two new advent calendars that we picked from the collection. There is three advent calendars, there is the Advent Tower as well but as I said we really like the Wreath which is back again this year as you can see it’s got lovely tartan ribbon, its got baubles, its got berries, it’s got glitter on as you can see I hope that’s coming across quite
well included in this is 24 mini tea lights, it’s RRP is about £24.99 it’s also got a glass jar I’m gonna open up just one or
two of the doors the door I spoil every single surprise and already you can
really smell the candles coming through so go ahead I’ll open up door number 16
obviously it’s got a little sign here not to burn the candle inside the
cardboard box this one is a lovely red one and it smells quite sweet quite berry,
so great for just burning maybe when you’re
wrapping your Christmas presents or drinking a hot chocolate watching a
Christmas movie in September as we do In the middle as you can see which is
the biggest one is a candle light plus glass jar this is included in the gift
box again that’s really fresh, that’s really quite cinnamony and it’s honestly really
really nice I’ll not open up to many of the doors because like I say I don’t want to spoil
all the surprises you see quite a few people open up every
single door you can get a list of all the candles what’s included on our
review and our website. Next up is the glorious, luxurious, massive Advent book
now just like an advent book it basically opens from the middle and has three sections
Seeing inside it’s a very big Christmassy one you’ve got
acorns you’ve got baubles you’ve got big numbers everything that just screams
Christmas time this is really a centerpiece if you’re
gonna wow somebody or even buy them as a gift this is the one that we would
recommend it’ £34.99. So inside the Advent Book you’re gonna find
a host of lovely different goodies including 12 votive candles and 12 mini candles also you’ll get some of the Alpine collection that’s the new collection for 2019, that’s the one we’ve just been looking at so I’ll open
up door number 12, very sturdy so it does take quite push to open, so you know there not going to burst open if your trying to give as a gift or to receive through the post. So first off as you can see inside it’s got soft packaging to protect the candles so they
don’t burst or scrape because there’s nothing worse than opening up an advent calendar and everything is everywhere that’s happened of quite a few occasions
so the first one is Candlelit Cabin honestly this was by chance this one was picked. Again one of our favorites which is
quite handy because now I can burn this one just straight away and keep the large
ones for a little bit later date. I will just pop that back in. Okay so the next I’m going open this door number 10 because I quite like the look of the Acorn anyway. Again pull back, let’s have a look, I can already smell this one honestly this is by chance we don’t know what’s behind each door but it is After Sledding so we’ve got the big one, we’ve got the small one smells, the smell doesn’t
differentiate it really does stay the same they’re quite strong they’ll burn
great like most Yankee Candles always do they always give off a really lovely
smell especial to Christmas collection. I don’t know about you everyone here under
the Christmas tree basically burn Christmas candles through the whole year it doesn’t just stay in November or December so whole year so pop that back
in. Once you’re finished with this the front
of the box itself basically is just like a decoration all oin its own it’s
got a little bit so glitter it’s got the foliage it’s honestly the whole
collection really is just gorgeous. Again great Christmas present if
you’re looking for somebody who likes candles or something a bit different
plus if you want to show off a bit in your own home these are just probably
some of my favorite candles around just now. If you want more details more information
another good look everything that’s in these advent
calendars just visit to the link below will put all the details there plus give
a thumbs up for Christmas candles because everybody loves a Christmas
candle that’s all for me, bye!

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