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Worst Ice Skater Ever?

Worst Ice Skater Ever?

Once again ladies and gentleman,we’re just finishing up this session getting ready for an ice cut ice resurfacing so we ask that you please follow the directions of your skateguards and exit the ice slowly and safely. Thank you very much! We can get the Zamboni out so we can start the ice resurfacing.Sir,again the gentleman in the red sweater,just please if you can come around,turn around come back to the exit,we’d appreciate it.beep beepapplause

100 thoughts on “Worst Ice Skater Ever?”

  1. Totally ridiculous
    Hate how the crowd was making fun of him at the beginning
    And you never know that a person is always better than you?

  2. I would have ruined it all by running there to help him out …. I hate how people were laughing! I felt terrible from him, but since I knew it was a prank I was just waiting for them to feel shook

  3. If I were there I will Stan up for him and it just so rude that people are just laughing at him and not even helping him and they won't even care sooooooooooo rude if that was me I will punch then

  4. Never laugh on anybody
    Remember that ur also not perfect
    And also never judge a book by its cover
    U never know what is the story written inside it

  5. You don't just huge a person like that you don't know what they can do one time I fell people Laughed at me but guess what I did not care they're horrible

  6. As a skater, I knew he was faking from the beginning… XD Truly inexperienced skaters just move differently, even when they wobble around.

  7. I sucked so bad at ice skating and all my friends laughed with it, cuz I kept falling or I just stood against a wall
    (I didn't mind too much tho, I found it hilarious as well)

    but I decided to follow some lessons, and now they're amazed fufufu ~~

  8. I know it's supposed to be funny with all the falls but I would still feel bad to do so because he was alone. If it was two to three people and they were all awkwardly like running over one another and act hilarious on it, then laughing would be an entertaining response. So I'd say those who laughed at him earlier was insensitive. I hope they didn't mean anything bad but yeah, still insensitive. How I wish the man ended up in real speed, spins and land jumps to make it real prank surprise.

  9. People are so rude!!! Everyone fails, but look at him, the big guy is still going!!! That makes me smile, not laugh.

  10. I dont complain but laughing really??? Im a figure skater myself with silver medialest as couch! How bout you get your ass out there and help him

  11. Somebody who believes they laugh at him not because of staged entertainment but to feel amused of his lack of skills is clearly reatarded. As I read the comments the majority

  12. I think… People knew he was faking it cause of his boots. No beginner would use such boots.

    And… there were so many people, of course someone would have helped him if he was really a beginner.

    I mean.. I hope that is the case. 🙁 🙁 I really hope people weren't laughing at him for real. It's really mean. It'll take just a second to help him. I think they knew.

  13. Hey IE, was the music just added to the vid, or did the facility start to play it while the IE guy was on the ice? It just fits so perfectly to the skater's performance.

  14. How can somebody laugh at that?! That's rude and mean. I'm pretty sure the people there laughing wouldn't like it if the others were laughing at them if they didn't know how to skate! I'm glad he was just tricking them though lol instant karma

  15. He has his own boots and I…tsk well on know they are costly and if he couldn't skate Oof big commitment for a one off ??

  16. Rewatching this video again years later I still feel bad. It may have been just how the video was edited but people pointing and laughing and mocking him sucked to see. I hope they felt some shame after he turned out to be better then all of them.

  17. I hate the fact that people are just laughing at him, and he was trying so hard. No one even helped him to go back, he is old and people are just being pathetic and not helping him. Im glad its just a prank.

  18. omg all those people there are apparently the best ice skaters in the world. When they cant even do any tricks.

  19. just because he cant skate it doesn't mean you have to laugh and be rude he may be a beginner curse those people :<(

  20. He used his toe pick as a way to stop. I don’t care how good he is a crossovers, but using the toe pick as a way to stop is wrong.

  21. INCREDIBLE. That’s a true way to stun a crowd, deception , and the art of surprise. All you peeps talking bout how sad this video is relax hahha

  22. Y’all the natural reaction is to laugh when you see this in person! I’d laugh too tbh when a guy doesn’t even try to exit the rink for a long period of time ?

  23. So I don't get it… why were people surprised or impressed at the end?

    I do agree people laughing were very rude though… but his level of skating is still basic (everything he did is part of the basic levels).

  24. This is so mean omg. Everyone was like that at first. I'm sure they had someone to help them though unlike this guy. This whole ass video title is depressing

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