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WORLDS Most Expensive Box Fort PRIVATE JET (24 Hour Challenge)

WORLDS Most Expensive Box Fort PRIVATE JET (24 Hour Challenge)

engine be painting your car windows hot by
cutting a little squeegee man come on I was tweeting a new whatever they know
much money I got little squeegee we’re gonna have to take it from the top my
watch I got my squeeze I got my Louie I got my ez I take some time on my private
jet I’m getting out you little squeeze gettin out of here I’m so sorry but you
don’t have a private jet look at my private jet
I’m little squeeze I have problems yet I want a custom private jet something that
no one else has I want it built from the ground up a little squeeze okay fine
little squeegee we’re gonna have someone make you a private jet I’ll call them
this afternoon I prayed here and more from those
squeeze got some casters to do hi this is Papa Jakes box for building services
and box sports how may I help you you want you want us to make private jet
for the little squeegee ah yeah yeah yeah we could we could totally
build a private jet like like one that flies in the air mm-hmm like a real
plane yeah again oh that’s no problem at all I can’t believe the little squeegees
chose us to build him a private jet no we we built lots of planes certified
yeah no we are certified okay yeah no we’ll uh we’ll get that built for you
right away and and have it ready for little squeegee okay all right thank you Logan get down here right now Logan
you’re never gonna believe this but little squeegees manager just called us
and he wants us to build him a custom private jet one who’s little squeegee
and two we don’t know how to make planes don’t know little squeegee is the
biggest thing in rap right now what do you mean we don’t want to make plays
we’ll just make a box for play and add some wings of propeller I mean please
aren’t that hard to make Jake please take a lot of engineering skill
millions of dollars we don’t have either of those well what about the plans we
made when we did the box for playing video those things flew like amazing
which make a bigger version of that they did not fly amazing they all crashed I
know it you know this is gonna be different that okay we are gonna make
the most legit box for private jet it is gonna blow little squeeze away trust me
this thing is gonna flop uh-oh what’s going on everyone it’s papa jet here and
today we are gonna be building a box for private jet j-jake this is not a good
idea it is an amazing idea because we are gonna be building not only a box for
plane I want to have the most luxurious plane that has ever been known to man I
want a bed in there a fortnight’s station an awesome cockpit where we can
take off and fly this thing is going to be legit I got some first things first
we’re gonna need our cardboard for this project cardboard this is gonna
hopefully be enough to build our private jet and before we make this private jet
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hello eful for any project like this I always like to start off with the design
as an architect at heart I like to come up with the base plans so we know
exactly what we’re building here we have a hot dog and that’s pretty much it so
if we can make this out of cardboard we got ourselves a private jet
Jake Pat is probably the worst drawing of a private jet I’ve ever seen I forgot
the back little that’s the private jet alright let’s start building this guy’s
check out the start of our box for airplanes it’s so legit so when you’re
actually sign here you feel like you’re in a real
airplane now as you can see we’re in the hot dog phase of the airplane
architecture but it still needs some wings as well as a cockpit where we can
actually fly the thing and the door to getting this is an epidural yet and a
roof cuz you need you need a roof on play in case it rains but they’re
probably planes that are actually smaller than this little squeegees
private jet is looking pretty sweet oh dude the inside looks amazing just cut the door and now we are
officially inside the airplane dude this place is so sweet
so this is gonna be the divider between the pilots cockpit where you actually
fly the plane and then all the back here is private jet territory we’re still
working on the roof we still have to fill in the entire thing and obviously
put all the cool bells and whistles in this we can actually take off and fly
the planes but this place is looking so sweet man this is like bigger than an
airplane look at room there is okay guys – the moment you’ve all been waiting for
the box for private jet is officially complete as you guys can see it from the
outside isn’t really where we spend most of our time most of her time was making
the inside super awesome and one thing I want to point out loking I don’t know
about you I’m not really big on aerodynamics but these wings they don’t
look like they’re gonna give us much lift here buddy yeah they will
alright well I’m a little bit nervous to take this thing off but I got my pilot’s
helmet here why don’t we go jump inside the private jet will show you guys a
little tour of what it looks like so first things first
door opens up like so drops down and you get right on in you know it’s private
jet you walk right into the plane and welcome to the private jet check this
out guys how sick is this we’ve got everything in here that you could
possibly want we’re gonna get into all the cool stuff that we got back here
once we’re up in the air but the first thing we got to do is actually fly this
thing so look once you get in we’ll close the door here now the lighting is
changeable the jet comes with meals it also has an entertainment system guys
look at how much room is in here I mean there is a lot of room in this place I
can’t do a somersault but if I could you know I could do one in here but let’s
let’s get this plane up in the air so we gotta go to the cockpit
all right into the cockpit we go you check you know looks it’s already taxi
we’ll go to my side whoa it’s a little cramped inside the planes
cockpit this is really really tight it’s it’s a small private jet so once we’re
in here we’ll shut the door of course we had little squeegee back here we
wouldn’t wanna wouldn’t want to trouble him with all of our pilot talk but
they’re taxing us up to the runway here so look and helmets on well I don’t have
a helmet you know oh why would we need a helmet this plane is
literally made out of cardboard Logan kind of hoping that takes off okay let’s
uh let’s start the engine here engine start okay we’re good to go
Logan do you want to check the controls there make sure we’re all mapped out
yeah sure checking the controls all right I’m
giving her a little bit of gas Jake we don’t even have seatbelts yeah we didn’t
have time to install the seat belts Oh all right take your control panels there
how are we looking we’re looking good so far
I play it’s holding as it should be all do
that view that is a nice view oh man this thing is flying alike it should be
like a box were made out of cardboard I get it take us up here over the water
I’m gonna power down the auxiliar edge in there and Bonnie you said it’s a
course I’m thinking man why do we have to bring this back to those squeegee
right now why don’t we enjoy its little test run here why don’t we go in the
back put this thing in autopilot and enjoy a little bit of private jet time
yeah I don’t see why we can’t go check out the back okay we’re all set for
autopilot I’m gonna make sure that the engines are cycle what what are we
seeing right now I think we’re flying through the clouds I mean I mean the
autopilot should be able to take over here I’m sure everything will be fine
you know just gonna watch just gonna make sure that this stays as is all
right engines are on no one’s gonna turn that off and as far as I can tell we’re
just sailing for the skies here so when we go back and check out the private jet
all right goodbye cockpit for now so we do have an emergency jet pack in case
anything goes wrong nothing’s gonna go wrong look perfectly fine okay all right
here we go this luxury flying flying up in the sky and join a nice bed here got
the fur blankets now we do have a snack bar for a little squeegee Jake no no no
you can’t touch it Jake these are for a little squeegee gummi bears on a private
jet stop eating little squeegees Doritos so
in the back we have an Xbox setup with all your favorite games and
complimentary Wi-Fi so guys we can literally play fort night while flying
through the air while lying in bed while having little squeegees Doritos often
come from phlegm no you have to deal with there’s a little bit of turbulence
here in there what’s going on I don’t know that’s the
emergency like we should never put this on there must be something wrong with
the front-engine going on Mayday Mayday Mayday over this is little squeegees
private chat we were having some serious plane problems things shake it up like
crazy I don’t know what’s going on check your control panel everything looks fine
on my end see he’s getting really puffy I don’t
know what’s happening I have an idea it’s a little crazy but it might just
work what if we turn the plane off and on it works all the time with my
computer to fix problems like this Jake this is a plane my computer I’m a pilot
Logan I know what I’m doing Logan if I know how to drive a jet ski I know how
to fly a plane all right I’ve been to all the engines
off three two one it worked people you can regain control on the play that
was way too close city right all right well let’s uh let’s
see if we can land a stick should be coming up on the runway just
here engaging landing gears right now all right powering down the two external
propellers okay we did it going off at 5 n save the plane Dan to experience a
private jet all in one pretty good job building this thing
it’s definitely luxurious and I think we’ll what was his name little squeegee
Logan it’s the biggest thing in rap right now come on little squeegee is
gonna love this thing all right guys water looks pretty good back here
little less Doritos they must have been blown off and all the turbulence here
hello those screeches come right now okay yeah
yeah I will be ready I was coming right now to see the jet my money back to squeeze money huh we’re
so glad you like it 20 million don’t squeeze guys all right
here squeeze always got money on them you know that now this private jet you
make for those squeeze your safe right I mean this thing looks like it’s made out
of cardboard uh no yeah no no it is completely safe I mean this is it is
cardboard but it’s reinforced you’re good to up to 30,000 feet in this thing
we had absolutely no problems right Logan yeah all right guys well I guess
this is where we are gonna wear you go little squeezes want to say if you ain’t
stop the little squeeze if you ain’t like a little squeeze you ain’t part of
the squeeze Network squeeze is taking over 2019 little squeegee is the only
rapper in the game right now little squeeze out it comes cleaning your car windows hi

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  6. So I’m a student pilot and also a flight simmer and I just have to say, I was cracking up when you were talking about the pilots stuff. You sound like if you knew what you were doing when you didn’t really. Lol

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