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World’s Best Day Hike Amongst Volcanoes – Tongariro Alpine Crossing

World’s Best Day Hike Amongst Volcanoes – Tongariro Alpine Crossing

It’s going to be 19.4 kilometers, about 6 to 7 hours. Lets do it! can you continue past this point, like this sign says? YES! I can, you can, and Ryan can! Lets go! All of this, wow – still about five hours left! I won’t give up! Lets go! Its really cloudy here, we’re high up in the mountain thats why there is a lot of cloud coverage. This area has lava, like from a volcano. We will be seeing some ice. Starting to get cold, I need to cover my face to stay warm. Ah, less clouds up here. We’re finally walking on the top. See all the ice, it is really cold up here! We have to go all the way down, its really steep – wow. Have to be careful! Beautiful views, worth the trip! See all of this! These are the Emerald Lakes. Several of them right there, the colors are so beautiful! You have to go up the Tongariro mountains and then down a steep incline to get to this place. So beautiful! We have so much more to see, three hours to go! Wow! The sun is out! YES! The lake right here, so beautiful! It looks like we could go for a swim. Too bad it’s definitely too cold to go for a swim here. See the beautiful view, we’re almost to where we parked our car. Almost there! We’ve made it back! Six hours, wow. The experience was worth it! Just like before when I biked to the top of the mountain I was exhausted, but I felt good that I did it! Its the same here, I made it across the mountains saw the beautiful lakes… and got to reflect as I walked through beautiful nature. Now, it’s over. Let’s get out of here!

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