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This is where Daniel and I are staying. We’ve arrived in Oberstdorf. Germany It’s a nice and big room Not too shabby As per usual, I’m staying here with Daniel It’s always either Axel or Daniel, who I am paired with. Here is The bathroom Now I’m just going to go for a quick jog And after that I’m going to stretch That’s all for today 11:45 14:45? 11:30 we’re going back home. I’m currently standing in the toughest slope of the course Which actually is really nice. The previous course, the one that I’m used to here in Oberstdorf, it ends down there somewhere and goes back around to the stadium. That course was 2.5 km, and was really quite awful. This course is 3.75 km and is looking great Better than expected. It’s really beautiful up here Up in the mountains This course is turning back around Well, after that small climb The real courses, for the World Championship, will continue on even further Which will make them very damanding. But as mentioned The courses exceeded my expectations Tomorrow could be a fun day. It’s nice to finally get to do a 30km race again. I like it when the races are a bit longer It usually fits me well Hopefully we’re in good shape tomorrow Today I’ve tried out some skis, as always and I’ve also done some shorter intervals I did 2 x 4 min classical, and 2 x 4 min skate I took it rather easy Threshold speed Just to get the lungs pumping Hi! Spitsov I should’ve brought Nilsson, who knows russian. I made a blunder in the vlog from tour de ski. I said spasiba, which means thank you. I meant hello The carbohydrate intake has begun But I need more than just a packet of raisin No. I’m just back from dinner It’s important to eat extra before longer races Especially 30/50 km ones. But it’s even more essential to consume enough fluids I try to drink a little more in preparations for longer distance races So that I have my depots filled up. If you add some salt to the water, the body will absorb it slightly more efficiently. So that it all won’t just flow through the system Other than that, the focus is carbohydrates Seeing as it is the primary source of fuel when racing We had for example spaghetti for lunch with some chicken I got myself anopther plate of spaghetti afterwards As for the dinner, we once again had pasta Namely, Gnocchi A lot of foucs on carbohydrates So that the fuel tank is filled to the brim, which is nessecary for the musles to be able to work Other than that, it’s quite simple You just have to make sure you don’t underconsume Maybe it’s of even more importance in before a 50 km race. Now it’s time to relax, watch a movie And then, tomorrow it’s time to race. Hopefully the body performs. We’ve got 18 minutes left, before the race commences. In preparation for the race, I usually have the hydration belt filled with sport drink And I try to drink it all up before start. I’ve got some gel too. Which I’m going to devour right about now. I had a proper breakfast, in the form of oatmeal, juice and some sandwiches. And we’re topping that off with some gel. Which oughta do it. 3 hours later. I feel really agitated, and fed up. Another race ruined, I guess you could say. The skis weren’t really competetive in terms of grip and I didn’t really have any grip towards the end. The last two laps of the classical section that is. Which unfortunately made it impossible to keep up The skate segment felt really good however. My body felt really good. But it’s hard to achieve anything from that position. It’s impossible to catch up, when the gap is of that size. 16th place… Which was below my hopes and expectations for the day. It’s really frustrating to compete on a day like this It’s going to be nice to go back home tomorow I’m actually going to Bruksvallarna For a brief training camp In order to get myself ready for Falun. But the snow is really lacking there I don’t think they will manage to host a 30 km race, interval start. I have a hard time believing that they will Which also is a bummer. A form of competition I cherish. The race I’ve been looking forward to the most, probably won’t happen. But we’ll see. Snow is unpredictable. Today is Sunday and were headed back home in a moment. I’m just out on a stroll My plan was to go for a jog, but I didn’t have time for that. In any case I wanted to get some fresh air before the day long trip back home. Here’s the hotel where we stayed. There are trees in the way But as you can see the hotel is quite large Spa Hotel We stayed here together with the russians. About 3 km from the arena Really close The second biggest vlogger of the national ski team. Let’s go To München Daniel is the biggest vlogger. Hello Time to get some food before we take off Let’s see what they have to offer. It’s now Monday and I’m back home. I’m out exercising Two hours of skate in the morning I didn’t have time to squeeze in a session yesterday, because of the traveling. My plan is to have a bit heavier sessions this week. And partially next week aswell Well That’s about it. This vlog has to get uploaded, asap. So we’ll end it here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! See you next week!


  1. trasig at det ikke helt gikk veien på lørdag, men har troa på de neste løpene! 👌🏻💪🏻kjør på, hilsen 🇳🇴

  2. Är ju inte i din sits direkt Jens, men om jag var i din sits skulle jag bojkotta tävlingen i Falun och sätta ett statement att det inte är okej att korta ner tävlingar + att göra om den till masstart. Helt otroligt att man vill fortsätta hålla en tävling på Lugnets nöd-slinga på 2,2 km, när Orsa Grönklitt har både 5 km och 10 km elitspår öppna.

  3. Hur ser energiintaget ut under loppet? Är de "lagligt" med langning? Finns de speciella zoner för detta? Vore kul och se tävlingen från den sidan också!

  4. ставлю лайк , шведов уважаю во многом – замечательный спорт , музыка , политика и т.д. , спасибо !!! , только в россии власти уничтожают всё и вся .

  5. It's totally OK to experience that post race bummer feeling, and you might feel that way even if you did well! But, how about trying this: Give yourself a deadline for feeling those post event regrets, and then end the regret "period" at that time. Take a shower and use your favorite soap to wash off any "residual bummer" then get on with being happy again by immersing yourself in your activities. Best of Everything to you Jens, and everybody else who may be reading this, from xc ski racing fans in the UP in Michigan USA.

  6. Tja Jens! Riktigt kul att följa din vlogg, jag har nyss börjat följa dig och man längtar tills nästa vlogg kommer ut för att du är så bra i spåret och utanför spåret också.
    Jag kan inget om längdskidåkning så jag undrar hur ofta du tränar på din teknik, din utveckling, hur ser den ut enligt någon tränare osv? Tyckte det var riktigt tråkigt att du hade så pass dåliga skidor på den klassiska delen i helgen, jag satt i soffan hemma och tänkte att nu blir det åka av och så faller det på något du inte kan påverka själv, det va tråkigt. Men men ”tappa inte sugen för världen är redan full av tappade sugar” 😉

  7. Bra jobbat Jens, jag har aldrig sett en video på youtube med över 500 likes och 0 dislikes.
    Tro mig, jag har sett många videos.

  8. Bra vlogg som vanligt. 16:e plats var väl bra med tanke på att skidorna inte var i toppskick. Fast känner du att du kan komma topp tio och inte gör det pga skidorna så är det ju inte så kul.

  9. Grymt stora steg du tagit i år, bra jobbat! Sen känns det som materialet strulat ända sedan Davos med något enstaka undantag. Vi i Falun har kämpat med +5-8 grader hela januari. Idag vare duggregn och blött. Ser
    Bättre ut med kyla nästa vecka men det gör
    Ont i mitt skidhjärta att inse att tävlingarna inte blir med
    Förutsättningar. Som sagt 2,2 km rätt smalt. Masstart kommer på herrsidan bli dåligt. Det kommer
    Bli kritik och det är tråkigt, några ryssar, Iversen och Klaebo kommer blockera i front och ni andra ligger och blir frustrerade bakom.

    Som Faluson gör det ont

  10. Trist när materialet sätter stopp för prestationen men du gjorde en riktigt fin skatesträcka! Kul med matinslag och att få följa med på uppvärmningen uppskattas alltid! 😊😊

  11. Ta tillbaka Grip och gamla vallargänget, fattar inte hur de kunde sparkas allt var ju mycket bättre då, nu tycker jag synd om er.

  12. Fristil körde jag alltid bara med glidvalla när jag tävlade. Klassisk stil kan det bli knepigt med valla ibland.

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