14 thoughts on “WINTER PARK: Winter Park Express Ski Train”

  1. When I was a kid learning to ski with Denver's Eskimo Ski Club at Winter Park (circa 1960's) a round-trip train ticket and a full day lift ticket cost something like $4.50 !

  2. 1:35 OMG, Gemini Express! Man, I miss that ride… I've been to Winter Park twice to ski. I did see the train pass by while I was skiing. This year, I'm going to Aspen Snowmass to ski

  3. It’s late in this season but I am definitely doing this next year. I’m not one who likes to drive in the snow anymore.

  4. Great video! My wife and I have 5 days at Winter Park and 4 round trip tickets on the WPE (Ski Train). One of our trips is an overnighter.

    This is our first season with the WPE and why we didn't do this in the past is beyond me! It is such a great and quick ride! Now the afternoon train is commonly delayed because of the California Zephyr and increased freight traffic on that line. But I still don't miss I-70 one bit!

    You cannot get any closer to the lifts!

  5. Locomotives are only at one end, the one outside the clean white "tent" over the tracks in Denver station. On the other end is a cab car, engine-less, with controls for driving the train back to Denver, with locomotives pushing @rear. Common practice to avoid turning train or running engine around the train. Sometimes the cab car totes baggage, thus it becomes a "cabbage" car.

  6. Never taken this train in particular but have taken the California Zephyr many times which travels over the same tracks. This is defiantly one of the more beautiful parts of the zephyr line.

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