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  1. The year after she disappeared I read an article in USA today (I think) that a lone beluga was seem swimming in newfoundland with same characteristics as wilma

  2. My 5 year old and I are watching all of your videos! we live very close to Guysbourough (about half an hour away. love watching this!

  3. she was probably taken to an aquarium or sanctuary or research facility. I'm sure she's fine and living a safer happier life somewhere. it's really not good for her to have that much human interaction with nobody to regulate it.

  4. Most likely the nova scotians in Chectabucto Bay will need another water route from beluga habitat to connect to the bay, so wilma can have additional belugas come south for the summer and even have offspring if they get romantic with the pod and even make the bay wider for them.

  5. hey jonathan if your seeing this im just gonna say that your channel is amazing! your definately one of my fav youtubers your videos made me want to be a marine biologist so keep on with your channel!

    (yes i commented in your georgia aquarium vid about. the manta kid)

  6. I actually truely believe she got killed by a propeller, since that has been the fate for many whales that interact with humans. People are dangerous to them, even when we don't mean to harm them.

    Edit: by the way, many of the scars she has are from boat propellers, not from scratching

  7. Do you still make videos? If you do, can I see only the ones and when I'm done, will watch 'em over and over and over and over agian.

  8. I'm surprised that the researchers didn't tag her. They probably thought it's unnecessary for a resident whale. Seems like a rookie mistake.

  9. Hello I,m Wilma and I am fine, don' t be sad. I found new company and I am mother now. I'm swimming with my children, husband, friends and people again. See you soon again and love you so much! <3 Wilma 🙂

  10. although i've conflicting feelings on the matters of tagging our friends in the wild…. she shouldve been tagged. Im surprised she was not. could possibly have helped us gain insight as to whether or not our interactions, such as they were, affected her and her ability to thrive.

  11. I truly hope shes okay. And if shes not here, shes in a better place. Love you Wilma ?

  12. That was so sad i nearly cried when she vanish. I thought she was attack by a shark or a killer whale.

  13. OMG damn these so called scientist haters. She obviously chose to interact with people so why don't these supposed intelligent scientists study that and see why? It is still a natural occurrence even if rare. It's not like humans are separate from or above nature. Book smart yet still so darn utterly oblivious and needlessly judgmental. Stop trying to control the study. They are supposed to observe and study… but noooo they have to stick their noses into the study… really?
    I'd say the most likely story is that she did come into maturity and in the process found herself a great pod to frolic the seas with. That's the happy story in my mind and I am sticking to it.

  14. I don't understand why any body and/or any institute returned/helped her to get back to where she should have been for over 6 years?

  15. I just hope she just found beluga friends and not nothing bad hppened to her☹Wilma just melt my heart??

  16. I have a picture of Wilma and myself when my grandfather Jim Johnson was diving taking pictures great memories!

  17. That would be cool if the ocean was full of them. Go to the beach and play and swim with them. Rather than worry about getting attacked by a shark.

  18. curious to hear your thoughts on the current ongoing similar situation with a beluga in the thames https://news.sky.com/story/beluga-whale-spotted-again-in-river-thames-11509100

  19. Sounds as though she reached sexual maturity & went in search of a mate, which of course belonged to a pod. I believe that she is well & with other Belugas, the best outcome for her. Cheers Wilma.

  20. I didn't expect the sad disappearance. I hope Wilma is happy wherever she is. It must be hard for her human friends not to see her anymore. Thank you, Jonathan and team!

  21. I think any person with a shred of humanity wishes also that she just decided to go home, though it wouldn't surprise me if the researchers had a hand in it

  22. Too bad somebody couldn’t transport Wilma to another location where there’s other beluga whales to keep her company and away from all of the danger she’s in now. And unless I’m mistaken because somebody didn’t care enough to do this she ends up dying. Very sad indeed. Hoping I’m wrong though.

  23. I'm in love ? I'm hopping she went back to the artic to! God is a wonderful GOD TO CREATE SUCH A WONDERFUL CREATURE!

  24. Oh my gosh Wilma is sooo cute. Would it be illegal to make tours for locals to see Wilma? You guys make great stuff keep up the great work!!!

  25. I hope she is save and happy I really hope that but is sad not to know what really happens to her the answer to that question probably nobody will never knows.???

  26. Since the "Researchers" seems to have a problem with people interacting with the Whale, I wouldn't put it past them to take drastic measures (ie move the whale to some place else, whilst nobody was up.)

  27. I dove and swam with this whale, Jim Johnson was my father. We spent months playing with her, rightly or wrongly, she was a very social whale, she would chase you around underwater…I suspect she was shot and hauled out to sea…there were fishermen who wanted her out of the bay.

  28. It's so sad that's she's alone there. They should introduce a few male and female Beluga's every few years to that place until they become a "native" species, maybe they'll migrate to Newfoundland so I could see them haha

  29. Béluga magnifique, Jonathan trouver un ami pour Wilma ce serait formidable. Wilma pourrait avoir des bébés, essayez de faire venir des bélugas pour que Wilma si jolie et gentille continue à vivre dans la mer mais avec des animaux BDE sa race, fantastique la nature, cet animal n'aime aussi les hommes et cette vidéo m'a donné espoir que il y a bdes chances pour nos beaux cétacés puissent s'épanouir librement sans être dans ces parcs aquatiques. Merci de vos efforts. J'aimerais aussi être sur un bateau et pouvoir caresser orcas, bélugas, dauphins etc je suis portugaise, à Porto Portugal et la mer est à côté BDE chez moi. Tous ces animaux doivent rester dans sont habitat. Ils sont magnifiques. Il faut les protéger.des prédateurs des piscines aquatiques. Merci. Isabelle

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