William expereinces first kiss at his first swimming pool [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.26]

Good morning. (It’s a peaceful morning at William’s house.) Did you sleep well? (Good morning.) (Falling) William. (Bumping) (A minor collision occurred.) (What is going on in the morning?) What is it? No, no. (He is about to cry.) No, don’t cry. (Sam uses a special method.) (Sam imitates a motorcycle.) (It’s chaotic.) (The sound feels real.) (He is about to stop crying.) (Should I cry) (or should I smile?) William. There you are. There you are. (William found his smile.) You have so many facial expressions. All of his facial expressions look lovely. You’re okay now, right? (Ringing) (Taking away) William. (I will catch it.) Determined to catch a toy, William stood up. (Enthusiastic) However, it’s quite far. Will William be able to catch it? (He reaches out with his hand.) Wait a minute. Wait a minute. High-five. William, high-five. (He’s the only one who is satisfied.) (I wanted to catch a toy.) Since you did a good job, I will bring a prize. (Sam leaves.) (Staring) Sam wasn’t considerate. He left the toy far away. William, what are you thinking? (Step 1, he purses his lips.) (Step 2, he flexes his hands.) (Moving up and down) (Step 3, he rebounds.) (His hand calls for the toy.) (Heave-ho.) Babies his age are prone to escape. (He succeeds in escaping the bed.) Why did you come out? Why did you come out? (He is put inside the bed again.) William, what does your name mean? It’s the name of a king. (Is that a crown?) Congratulations. I will make you something fun. It’s to celebrate your 200th day. It’s trendy to take such pictures these days. (It’s baby picture in costumes.) William, I will make you something fun. (The crown is uncomfortable.) William. Can you hear me? Can you see me? I am here. Where am I? William. William, where am I? Come to Dad. (He is freed.) There you are. You didn’t see me. (It’s time for a transformation.) William, you are Korean. You will dress like a Korean king. (He wears a king’s gown and lies down on a King card.) William. Hey. William’s King card is complete. William. (He doesn’t look happy.) What is wrong with your face? I look cute. What is wrong with your face? (That’s your face.) (He becomes a diver in the next picture.) ??Under the sea ?? They decide to dive like in the picture. Sam and William visit a swimming pool. (The Hammington family is here.) – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – William is here to learn how to swim. In Australia, swimming is a matter of survival. Everyone must know how to swim. William must learn how to swim no matter what. (He becomes energetic as soon as he enters water.) (Flapping) (After adjusting to the water,) (he enjoys the scenery.) (Let’s learn how to swim in earnest.) William, you are in a good mood. You are in a good mood. It’s okay. (Breathing out) William has adjusted. He’ll learn how to swim now. He will practice kicking first. (He is kicking already.) Support his knees with your palms. Push his calves with your thumbs so that he can stretch his legs. Help him move his legs up and down. That’s how you do it. (He is kicking perfectly.) (He even waves his arms.) – William. / – Kick. William, it’s a water gun. It’s a water gun. (He’s startled three seconds later.) (Was he badly startled?) What is it? (Smiling) I want to show him how I swim. How well does Sam swim? (Surprised) (Diving) (He makes a tsunami.) (My goodness.) (Faltering) (An elephant seal appeared.) (It’s hard for him to catch up.) (The elephant seal shows a freestyle stroke.) (My goodness.) (This is swimming for survival.) Next is survival swimming with dads and children. (Dads learn backstroke with children.) Kick. Let’s go. In one, two, three. Lean on your back. (They are doing pretty well.) (Crying) (Someone save me.) What is it? It’s okay. Hey. You swam with Dad. You’re happy, aren’t you? (William smiles because Sam is happy.) (That’s right.) – In one… / – In one… Sam has been waiting to teach William how to dive. (Children dive.) (That’s it.) (She is especially good at it.) She keeps her eyes open and breathes out from her nose. (Envious) Ma’am, how old is your daughter? She is 20 months old. How can a 20-month-old dive so well? You did great. How long has she learned swimming? It has been a bit over a month. – A month? / – Yes. Did you hear that? It takes a month. You are seven months old. Let’s learn quickly. High-five. (They make up their minds with a high-five.) Kiss. (You can do it.) (She cheers on enthusiastically.) (Flustered) It’s a good thing. William, did you have your first kiss? It made you happy, right? It made you very happy, right? – He won’t understand the instructions. / – No. Give him time to adjust to water. Then count one, two as you dip him in water lightly. Before you dive, hold him up high. Then submerge him before you take him out. See if William opens his eyes. I don’t teach him anything else. – He will learn by himself? / – That’s right. He will learn how to dive by himself. In one, two, three. Dive. (How will William’s first dive be?) (He opened his eyes a little bit.) (Confused) Check if he opens his eyes. I see. I submerge him in water. – Only William goes underwater. / – Okay. Are you ready? In one, two, three. (Diving) (A lot of bubbles were produced.) (William, are you okay?) Hug him. (You were too rough.) It’s okay. I didn’t see if he opened his eyes. You did it too quickly. Don’t do it so quickly. Extend the time little by little. Let’s try it one more time. Are you ready? In one, two, three. (He opened his eyes.) (Hitting) You hit me. I deserve it, right? (Let’s stop now.) Do you want a demonstration? In one, two, three. (His attention is piqued.) Did you see that? (Please do it again.) Look at me. In one, two, three. (Pushing) (He is moving his feet, too.) That’s right. (He succeeded in having his cute revenge.) Hey. (Approaching) What about this? (Desperate) (William is eating cheese.) (I want some, too.) (William is so cute when eating.) Why are you here? William doesn’t want your food. (He falls to the floor.) (Disappointed) Does it taste good? You’re eating so much. Hey. (They have a guest.) – Hello. / – Hello. – I heard a lot about you from Dongho. / – I see. He’s a pet-training expert. Having Asel and Suho in the same space was causing Dongho some difficulty. We have William, Mandu and Gaji in the same space. I want to be a good dad to everyone. That’s why. (Whenever William eats,) (Gaji and Mandu want his food.) There’s been tension between William and the dogs. (He doesn’t smile at them.) Will they be able to become good friends? (Will they become good friends?) Many people around me told me not to keep pets when we have a baby. Keeping pets gives the baby emotional stability and a sense of responsibility. It does more good than harm. I’ve lived with dogs and cats all my life. I’m actually not worried about having pets. They seem to be nice dogs. – Yes. / – Mandu and Gaji. They’re well-disciplined as well. I worry about Gaji a little. She’s tried to bite William a few times. She has? When he touches her ears, she acts as if she’s going to bite him. There’s something you should do every once in a while. Touch their tails now and then. It’ll make them less sensitive. I’ve been observing William, Mandu and Gaji. You’re creating a hierarchy among them and keeping them from each other. I’m doing that? Yes, you are. (Shocked) Let’s go back to 10 minutes ago. I’ll finish up here. William. (He started observing them.) No. William. (Sam gave food only to William.) No. Don’t do that. (He pushes Mandu and Gaji away.) (Is there something wrong?) I noticed that when you feed William, Mandu and Gaji get no snacks. You should bring food for everyone. What’s in your hand? Everything in your hand is always a treat. And you’re giving it only to William. That’s why they want to steal it. They wait for you to disappear. When you’re away, they lick William’s mouth. So when they lick William’s mouth, it isn’t because they like William? William ate something tasty. They want to find it. Right. I haven’t given you anything to drink. Just a second. – Thank you. / – I’ll bring something to drink. (He continues to observe them.) When Sam leaves, Gaji goes to where William has been. (Look at that.) (William was here a moment ago.) (Gaji examines the spot.) – Here you go. / – Thank you. Gaji is examining William’s seat. William received your attention and got food at that spot. He wonders if there’s anything left. He’s checking the place. (Wherever William is,) (Gaji follows.) Are you cold? Did you fart? I hope the three of them will become friends. But I don’t know how to help them become friends. There’s something called “Mealtime education”. You need to train them all the time. Can William give them some food? Let him hold the food in his hand. – Gaji, here. / – Gaji. – Gaji. / – There you go. (Awkward) – Tell them to sit down. / – Sit. – There you go. / – Sit, Mandu. When they look at William, give them the food. Then they won’t try to bite William’s hand. They’ll be careful. (Gaji is careful.) They’re being complimented while William is there. When William starts to walk, they’ll follow him around everywhere. There’s one more thing. Sleeping next to each other is the best way to become friends. All right. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. / – Thank you. Thank you. Bye. (Thank you.) You can become friends with Mandu and Gaji now. I feel so sorry for Mandu and Gaji. I didn’t think about that before. I think I can do better now. That night, Gaji and William slept next to each other. I hope you guys will become good friends.

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