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Will Ferrell Got Lost While Skiing in Switzerland

Will Ferrell Got Lost While Skiing in Switzerland

-I wanted to ask you.
-Yes. -There’s sort of a very
memorable bathroom scene in the film.
-Oh, yes. -And you actually posted a photo
of — this is Austria. -It is. This is where
we shot “Downhill.” -Whoo!
-Whoo! Yes! [ Laughter ]
-We have an Austrian. -Austria!
-Whoo! -This is an actual sign
in Austria. -It is, in fact.
-This person’s gonna regret “Whoo-ing.”
[ Laughter ] Those are things
not to do in the bathroom. -You’re gonna have to
zoom in on this. -Yeah. So that —
That’s a real weird one. -Little tighter.
-Not like the crouch on the top there,
and then — [ Laughter ]
…and then that just seems like, what do you —
-Yeah. -What do you think
the message is there? -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. “Please do not give [bleep]
to this bathroom.” [ Laughter ] And that is an actual sign.
-It’s a real issue in Austria. [ Laughter ]
She knows. -And she will know.
[ Laughter ] As she will attest to.
-Yeah. Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Did you —
I mean, it’s beautiful. -You can see,
I was really confused. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -‘Cause I wasn’t — I had never
heard of these rules before. [ Laughter ] And, anyway, I had to, like,
rethink everything. -Yeah.
I don’t think it’s confused. I think it’s, like,
your best-laid plans are thrown out the window.
[ Laughter ] -But I find that confusing.
-Right. -It’s wrecking —
It’s ruining your mind. -You have a whole day planned
that’s gonna end in a bathroom in Vienna —
-Yeah. Yeah. Did you get to explore?
It’s such a beautiful place. Did you get around, Will?
Did you see other parts of — -Uh, well, I — we got to ski…
-Yeah. -…every weekend that we were
off, which was incredible. -And we got to ski
while we were filming, too. -Sure.
-We did it all the time. -I got lost in Switzerland.
-Okay, so — [ Laughter ]
-No joke, yeah. -But the film’s in Austria.
-The film’s in Austria. -Tell what happened.
[ Laughter ] -But the one resort
that we were in, the second resort we were in,
called Ischgl, shares the border, and I —
there was little signs, like, “This way, Switzerland.”
I’m like, “Let’s do it.” [ Laughter ] So I’m by myself.
I’m skiing down. I was like,
“This is so lovely,” and… But I don’t see
a chairlift back at all. [ Laughter ] And I end up in a small town
in Switzerland. [ Laughter ] Gone for like three hours.
[ Laughter ] I have to figure out, like,
a bus and a tram. -And you had no money.
-I had no money. [ Laughter ]
‘Cause I’m not skiing with any. And the Swiss are nasty.
[ Laughter ] You don’t want to —
to get cornered by a bunch of Swiss,
chanting at me. -Bad people.
-Pelting me with Rolex watches. [ Laughter ] Hard chocolate candies.
[ Laughter ] -So very —
-It was harrowing. -Yeah, it sounds harrowing.
And you made your way back? -I mean, I felt like a big boy.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Quietly, I’m on a bus,
I’m like, “Do you know
how to get back to Ischgl?” They’re like,
“Yes. Just follow us.” And so I followed
this group of people. -Did you have —
Were you more worried about making it back or the fact
that you’d be gone so long that the people
in the film would notice? -I was panicked because I would
have to call production to come pick me up
in Switzerland. [ Laughter ]
Which, from where we were — is like a three-hour drive.
-Yeah. -So six hours round trip,
and then — -Yeah.
-…they would be bummed, and I would have
committed resources that were needed elsewhere
to picking me up. -Who is the better skier
of the two of you? -Julia. Yeah.
I’ll just say it. -All right.
[ Laughter ] -I’ll own it.
I’ll own it. -She’s very good.
-However, Nat Faxon, who’s one of our
two co-directors, is the best skier.
-He’s the best. -Yes, he is.
-Gotcha. -Yeah.
-And would the crew sort of say you’re all equally good,
or was the crew honest? -Well, if they were smart,
they would. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -But —
-You had to say that in front of the producer.
-Right. -Yeah.
-But actually, the crew were — We had the most amazing crew
because a bunch of them had to ski, of course,
to make this movie, and ski backwards
with cameras on their backs. -Yeah.
-Oh, man. -So, I mean, the whole thing
was just — -That would bum me out
if I was maybe just an okay skier
trying to do my part. -Yeah.
-And thinking, like, over the course of the film, “I’m getting
a little bit better,” but every time you go out,
some guy’s skiing backwards with a camera.
-Totally. -“I’m not good at this.”
-At all. -It does sharpen your focus,
when you’re skiing on camera and the guy’s skiing backwards, and having conversations
and pulling focus. [ Laughter ]
-Pulling focus. Talking to you in an ear thing.
[ Laughter ] -And just, like — and you’re
like, “Okay, don’t wreck. Don’t wreck.”
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, exactly.
-Yeah, it’s — it’s… -We’re gonna bring out
the writers and directors, Nat and Jim, right after this.
-Oh, my God. -And we’re gonna talk some more.
-Okay. -We’re gonna have a bunch of you
out here together. Julia and Will.

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  1. That sign was obviously put up as an afterthought, too… it's been stuck there because there have been 'incidents', not as a matter of course.

  2. So they actually pixelate, what probably isn't even genitalia so much as a squirt of pee ,on drawn stick men on american television. And here I was thinking this country couldn't get more rediculous.

  3. I can totally relate to Will's story about getting lost in Switzerland — I lived in the Czech Republic for a long time and was hiking with some friends before Czech had joined the Schengen area (so there were still border checks) and we were walking and not really paying attention and then looked around and said, "hmmm I think we walked into Germany" – this was before smart phones so we just had maps and compasses… when we got back to our cabin, we checked and indeed, we had wandered into Germany. One of the things I love about Europe.

  4. Google translated: For this quiet place, just a little word: leave this place as clean as you can so that the person behind can keep it just as clean.

  5. I've been to Switzerland, Will is right, they do pelt you with Rolexes if you screw up. They have great hash at the bar though.

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