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Who Is The Best Mountain Bike Rider In The World? You Decide… | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 99

Who Is The Best Mountain Bike Rider In The World? You Decide… | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 99

– Welcome to the Dirt Shed Show where we love to talk about
all things mountain biking and celebrate your riding
for your contributions of video, photos and comments. – Yep, it’s Friday and
this is the Dirt Shed Show. – Let’s do it. (rock music) – Right! This week we’ve got an
exciting project on hand. We’re going to decide who is the world’s best mountain bike rider. Now a bit of news we’re gonna
get to in a little while got us thinking about this. Richie Rude has just signed
for Red Bull, the EWS Champion an incredible all-round rider. Someone who if you took
him anywhere on a bike, he’s gonna impress you. – So he’s been Junior Downhill
World Champion, EWS Champion, however, this isn’t just about results. I’ve seen some amazing
videos of him, that raw one, the Red Bull one with him
skidding around, that’s so good. – Yeah, very capable. – Oh, exactly that, and it got us thinkin’ there’ve been some amazing
champions over the years. People like Dahle,
Chausson, Tomac, Minnaar, but, we’re talking about
all-around best mountain biking, not necessarily results-based. – Yeah, they’re legends,
and it’s all about results, but who is the greatest
mountain biker on the planet right now, at all of it. That’s what we wanna know. – It’s a toughie. – Yeah, well there’s
some great candidates. I mean people like Danny
Macaskill, obviously. Definitely one of the most
popular mountain bike riders in the world. Nino Schurter, the
opposite end of the poll. Fitness but still great biker, and is he the greatest
mountain bike rider? – One name that pops up
to me is Jared Graves, he’s been an Olympian BMX-er, he’s been on the podium
at downhill world champs, he’s been Four-Cross World Champion, and Enduro World Series World Champion, so that’s across the board. – But I gotta rein you in there, Neil, because you’ve got off onto the results. – That’s true. – Who is the best right now? And I don’t think in all
honesty Jared Graves, as good as he is, is the
best in the world right now. – So let’s pick one rider,
put him on a trials bike. Go and do that. Hit some jumps, can you do that? – Yeah. – Race downhill, can you do that? – Yeah, so in our minds
we’ve gotta put that rider on all those things and
can they handle it all? If they can, they should be on the list of who is the greatest mountain bike rider in the world, right now. This is excitin’. And we’re gonna make this
decision between us and you. And then next week in our
hundredth Dirt Shed Show, – One, oh, oh. – 100 Dirt Shed Shows,
we’re gonna announce the world’s best mountain bike rider. I cannot wait. And there’s only two people
who can help us with it. – Who’s that? – Well, one of them is a
coffee-drinking champion. And the other has set tinder alight! – I think I know who you mean. – Ladies and gentlemen,
to announce our nominees for the best mountain biker in the world, is Scotty Laughland, and Blake Samson. Not necessarily in that order. – Thank you very much. – Martyn, thank you Neal.
– Thank you. – Yeah, we have got 10 amazing nominees. Five each, Blake has five, I have five. And we’re gonna get straight into it. – Please, this guy’s had
bears in his front room, his garden is insane,
it’s Brandon Semenuk. – OK, but what about
someone who can balance on the edge of a dam? Oh, dam, it’s Fabio Wibmer. – Woo, young gun, dark
horse himself, Martin Maes. – But then, at the opposite
end of the spectrum, there is a master of
Enduro, it’s Richie Rude. – Cool. This guy takes his bike
where no one wants to walk, or jump off, it’s Danny Macaskill. – And then you’ve got Chris Akrigg. Similar to Macaskill, but
slightly different style to those edits, and still so rad. – Yep, this next guy, he
wears the Olympic rings around his neck, don’t
know how he does it, Nino Schurter. – But then, you’ve got the
downhill World Cup Champion, Danny Hart, three World Cup
wins to his name last year. – But it’s not all about results. – But his bike handling is something else, and Rob Warner once
said, how can he sit down with balls that big? – I wouldn’t. Next one, is from the
man down under, foot out, flat out style, Sam Hill. – Oh, I do like Sam Hill, big fan. But then, to finish
it, Brendan Fairclough. – Aw, countryman. – The style master.
– Yes. – You know, he’s a World Cup rider, – Yep, style. – He’s been to Rampage,
he can do dirt jumps, he’s got everything to his name. – He’s got the whole package. – And that is gonna be one hard decision. It’s up to the viewers to vote. – Yeah. – It’s our opinion, it’s comments. We’re gonna let you know
on the 100th Dirt Shed, who the best mountain
biker in the world is. Stay tuned. (rock music) – And now it’s time for some news. Neil Donoghue, – That’s me. – What has been happening
in mountain bike this week? – Well, Red Bull has signed
two new athletes this year. It’s quite a badge of
honour actually, isn’t it? So young British
downhiller, Tahnee Seagrave, and the young American all rounder, we’ve just been talking about him, Richie Rude. – Yeah, Richie Rude, was in an interview on Red Bull Bike, actually,
and in that interview he stated that he wanted
to get a clean sweep on one of the weekends at EWS this year. Which is pretty ambitious. – He’s very good. – Yeah, and probably one of the reasons why Red Bull would sign him. – Yes, I would say so. Also, the legend all around rider herself, Tracy Moseley who’s a former multiple time World downhill champion and EWS champion, has been racing fat bikes. – Yeah, you must love this. – Cool, very cool. – The snow bike festival in Switzerland, looking good on the fat bike. – Very cold. Said that her water bottle kept freezin’. – Oh, doesn’t sound like much fun to me. – Sounds like fun to me. – You would think that. – Yes, also the Atherton’s
downhill team Trek Factory Racing has signed two new riders, well should I say, one has come up from their Junior Academy, Kade Edwards, and they’ve got Aussie rider Graeme Mudd, who got eighth last year at Cairns. That’s quite interestin’,
didn’t see that one coming. – And to round off, here’s
what’s been happening on the channel this week. And it starts out with
our video game of bike, the last one we done, and Scotty Laughland is in a lot of trouble. – Pedalling! – For pedalling. Come on there, see he
got into some trouble. Neil Gooders says, if Scott
wants to learn how to manual please click here. – Yup. – And Herkus Rudzinskas says, I died when Blake yelled
at Scotty for pedalling. It was great. – Pedalling! Nice work, boys.
– Yes, clearly not a manual. – Um, yes, another one from
V1D300, Scott, stop pedalling. – Sorry, dude. Definitely a theme with these comments. – Yes, and Neil you’re
gettin’ a lot of love for takin’ the win in that game of bike. – Aw, that’s my first
one that I’ve won there. – Yeah, Sultanabran says,
that was a great episode! Good stuff Neil. – Ah, thanks Sultanabran. – Bobafett MTB backed you up. Yeah, same goes for Neil. – Well, Blake clearly has
still not forgiven Scott, ’cause in our warm-up
videos from this last week, has to take him on to the next level, he tries to take Scott out. Check this out. – Went too mot. (bike crashing) Gee-yah buh. Uh! – And on last week’s Dirt Shed Show, I’m in a little bit of trouble
because Hollis Prince says when he saw the tyre operation
motivation, he thought I’d actually had some kind of operation that was gonna motivate. – Oh. – But it wasn’t that,
– Crosswires. – See I was just trying
generally to motivate, so I’m sorry to have let you down there. – Did it work? Are you motivated? – Yeah. – [Man] No. – Bar ends, bar ends. This is coming back to your low show. Do we like bar ends? – No, we don’t. – [Man] Bar end. – That’s a swear word in the Dirt Shed. If something’s bad, it (beep). – Peter Wood says the
motivational thing was great. So he’s motivated. And yes, ban bar (beep) ends,
totally horrible things. More fun. Patrick Gill, I agree with
Martyn bar (beep) ends suck, they remind me of roadies. Harsh. Malcolm Harvey, bar ends
(beep) obsolete, flawed design. Supposedly assist climbing, but
if you get out of the saddle to use them then you’ll unweight
the rear and lose traction. – And Neil let me just finish with saying, they make you look like
you’re drivin’ a bus. – Bus. – We’re riding bikes, not bus drivin’, (beep) (rock music) – Progression sessions, the sessions where there’s progressions. – Well, the first one
comes from Joe Bellar, and he’s riding a dyno
track that he’s made himself with his local crew. – Yes. – And it looks like a lot of fun to me. There’s a big jump in it. – Great trail! – Yeah, it is. Big case as well. (people screaming) (metal crashing) – [Woman] Uh! – Right, I’m going over to Hoot Cochran who’s been practising his wall riding, and he’s progressing very well, actually, on his second attempt he
really hangs out there for quite a while, he’s
pushin’ his luck there. – I like this. – Tyres peeling away a little bit. And now we’re going over to Jamie Forsyth who has been practising this hook on his trials bike for ages. Obviously a budding Danny
Macaskill coming on, his trials moves are
definitely progressing. Some lovely clips of his riding here. Nice little drop off. I used to have some
pallets in my back garden. – It’s course up, isn’t it? – A great way to progress actually, If you want to, I mean if
your trials riding forward get some pallets, just
put them in your garden, and you can all sorts of things with them. Thank you Jamie for sending that in. If you want to get your videos progression into this session, see what I’m doin’ with it? – Send them
– Sort of rhymes. – To Dirt Shed. – [email protected] (laughs) (saw buzzing) Hack and bodges, and this week we’re
startin’ with Kenny Wallace. This is brilliant. Can you see what it is? – I can guess what it is, some lights. – It’s some lights made of plumbing tubes and bits of electrical wizardry. – Yeah. – Now this was actually
from quite a way back, Kenny made these, they’re race-proven. He did the Strathpuffer 24-hour Race in the north of Scotland with them. – 24-Hour race with ’em. – Now the technical details. A thousand lumens of power
and 15-hour battery life. – And that looks like
kitchen down lights to me. – Yeah, and this was back in
the day when LEDs didn’t exist and a set of lights like this would of cost you about 400 pounds. (cash register ringing)
– Woo! – This is one of the best hacks
and bodges I’ve ever seen. – That’s a hack. – Thank you, Kenny!
(picture frame smashing) – The next one, Smash,
comes Nicolas Anderson, and we’re talking bar (beep) ends, not these bar ends. But, this sort of (beep) bar extenders. Now he’s a machinist, and
he’s machined these things to take his bars from 690
mill up to 780 mill bars. – Oo, that’s wide. – Is that safe? – I don’t know what I
think about that, Neil. – Do we know an engineer? – We do know an engineer. Is that safe, engineer? – [Engineer] Um, no. – No. – It’s clever, clever. It’s a hack stroke bodge
if it breaks, I suppose. – Bodge if it breaks. – Hack if it doesn’t break. (picture crashing) – Love it, love seeing
your hacks and bodges. Ingenuity in mountain
biking is a celebrated thing in the Dirt Shed Show. Send ’em in to [email protected]
and we’ll take a look, and enjoy them and show them
to everybody in the world. (rock music) It’s time for the caption
(popping) contest! – Well, I’ve made tea and coffee. Coffee for you. – So, bing bong! Thanks, mate. – Take the nice.
– What I’m bringin’ digitally. I’ve brought tea, but
digitally I’m bringing caption. – Yes. – ‘Cause Neil and I were in the woods. Neil’s semi-naked. – [ Man] Oh, My God! – There is a reason for this. – Well, he just wanted to get naked. – Legitimate reason, not just. – I’m finding what the
reason for that could be hard to imagine. – But I think Spain was really hot and he just got really warm. – I’m gonna, now this is
for the caption obviously, we want to see your captions
in the comment section down below to try and win, I think we’re gonna win a bottle. So you can win this bottle
with a good caption. I’m gonna start it off with, how ’bout this one? Blake discovers something even
rarer than a red squirrel. – A sexy Neil. – Talk about red squirrels, that was good. – Got anything Scott? – [Man] That wasn’t good. – That wasn’t good. – Try and win this bottle in
the comment section down below with your best caption. Let’s hear it. (rock music) Right, let’s make some movie stars, it’s time for viewer edit,
so you guys out there been makin’ films,
Blake, what have you got? – I got Louis Johnstone, he
just made this brilliant edit. It’s amazing, it’s like doing a crate, look, check it out. – I like it, like it. – It’s his home, it’s where he grew up. – Here’s where he grew up, yeah. – Got a good wheelie on ’em. – He has hasn’t he?
– Yeah. – It’s good filming,
whoever filmed it was– – Yeah, it’s nice, mate. – Put together. – Zoom. Nice. – Like it, like it. – I’ve got another cool
one here from Oliver Reese, and it’s called a short film of my bikes. And this looks familiar to me. I’m sure this is filmed near
us, GMBN towers, in Bath. It’s very autumnal, leaves everywhere. Got some drone shots in this. – I love drones. – Drone brings a video
to life, doesn’t it? – It’s a very cool edit. – Very good. – Like it! It’s good standard this
week on viewer edits. – What did you get now? – I’m jumping to this one here. Something I’ve never done,
Roger Kroner has sent this in. It’s a night ride in the snow. It was actually in Uppsala in Sweden. And he goes out on a winter night ride. I’ve never done this before,
don’t know if you guys have, but it looks pretty creepy out there on your own. – Looks cool. – It’s something I’ve never
thought before about doing, so it’s a really good viewer
edit, nicely put together, and has made me think. That’s what all the best
movies are meant to do. So if you’ve done that,
you’ve made a movie and you want to get into viewer
edits and be a movie star. – A movie star. – Who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t want that? You might get an Oscar, you might not. What you will do is get
a lot of love from us. Send it in to [email protected]
and we will take it apart, critique it and give it five stars and all that sort of stuff, right here on the Dirt Shed Show. (rock music) – OK, so welcome to tech
of the week this week. And what I’ve got for you
is brand new bike from Norco now this is a trail bike,
so it’s got 140 millimetres on the rear, 27 and a half inch wheels,
and then their 29-er version has got 130 millimetres. Now what makes this a
little bit special though, is they actually offer
it in an extra small, and there’s one guy in particular that this is really suited
for, it is of course, our good friend, Jackson Goldstone, who we rode a load with in Whistler. We’re gonna ask him
some questions about it. Hey, Jackson, good to
be able to talk to you, and the first question I’ve
got for you about the bike is, tell me how stoked you are on it. – How stoked I am on this new bike? It’s crazy. Like probably one of the
nicest bikes I’ve ever had. – How long have you had this bike before it’s reached production
and is now for the public? – I got this carbon frame
just at the end of October, and I’ve been riding it ever since. – How much input did you
give Norco when you were developing the bike with them? – I didn’t really have that
much input at the start because Norco did such
a good job first try. But we did find a little
bit of small changes, just like where brake cables were rubbing somewhere around here. And a little other changes like that. – What’s your favourite
features of your bike? – My favourite feature on the
bike is probably the carbon and also the internal brake routing. These brakes will do. – What is the biggest jump
you’ve hit on this bike then? Tell me. – The biggest jump that I’ve
done on this bike was probably the ones at Whistler,
the cram-ah-cul pits, they’re like 17 metre long
and is that like 45 feet? I think? Something like that, yeah. Pretty big. – And then finally, what
projects have you got planned for the remainder of 2017? – I’ve got a lot of
projects planned for 2017, starting off with going
to Joyride 150 in March, and then second we go to
Sea Otter Classic in April, and then there’s a whole
bunch of just kind of races around Whistler and province that we’ll be doing as well. – OK, so I this week’s Dirt
Shed Show, you guys have got two bits of tech. SRAM having along some brand new wheels. These are called the Roam 50s. Now as a carbon wheel set,
you’ve got bladed spokes, really fast engagement, and
then something that I’ve really grown to love is wide internal rim width. These are 25 millimetres,
and what makes it interesting is the fact that there’s
a 29-inch specific wheel. That is correct. 29-inch specific. So it really shows that SRAM
are starting to developing those bigger size wheels,
believing that that is where the trend in the market is going. And I’ve got to say, these
look pretty cool wheels. The best part is that you can get decals to match your bike. You’ve got six different colour options, and you can customise it
when you buy your wheels. (rock music) – [Crew] Oh! – Quite an entrance! – Tell you what, and that
has got me in the mood for some fails and bails. And this first one is from
Craig and his mig sign. I think that he needs to do
his helmet appropriately. – Let’s see it, let’s crack it open. – They’ve got quite a
bit of pace going on. We’ve ridden this trail together. – Yes, I think I’ve
nearly crashed right here. – Oh! – Oh, man. – And he crashes as well. – Oh, my word! – His helmet came off! Hate to see a helmet come off. I’ve never had that happen. – Have to watch how to
fit your helmet properly. – He needs to, he definitely needs to. Well, I guess your intention
was to get us in the mood, but I don’t know if it
has gotten me in the mood. – I’m in the mood for more.
– That’s vicious. Alright then, go on. Von FT. (rock music) – [Man] Oh!
(beep) (rock music) (boys laughing) (rock music) (bike crashing) – [Man] Whoa! (rock music) (girls screaming) (rock music) – [Man] Oo. (rock music) – [Man] Whoa. Fall good? Doin’ all right? – While we love seein’ your crashes, we don’t like you having
them, but we’ll take a look if it has happened. So send them in to [email protected] and you could star in the
most unfortunate place in the Dirt Shed. – Or the best place. – Or the best, or the best. Let’s put a positive spin on it. Let’s get straight into Instabangerz. Blake, start us off. – I’m goin with Sam Reynolds, he’s out in South Africa and
he’s doing his thing, dark fest he’s building it all up, and
it’s all on his Instagram. Massive jumps. – Massive jumps. – Well, they’re sort of mid-size for me, but they’re quite big, quite big. – My instabanger is not
mountain bike related, it’s motorcraft. However, I’m a big fan as a lot of us are, and it’s Ken Roczen,
who is a big super star massive crash last weekend. He dislocated his elbow, his
wrist, and broke his radius, and he’s already on a spin bike, after three days of rehab. – But four surgeries to
go to be back on the bike, so he’s got a long path. Mind Doctor Ashton? – Well, as Doctor Ashton, I would suggest that he drinks a lot of tea, maybe try some– – How about milk? – Phone apps, phone apps
for that kind of injury I tend to find, because
they get your thumbs going. I don’t know what I’m talking about. – Top of us. – What’s your instagram, Scott? – OK, my one goes out to Fraser McGlone. Now he’s a privateer, he’s been on the Narco
Factory racing team, and he’s had some top 30s I
think in World Cup downhill, but he’s got a new ride for this year. He’s bought himself a brand new IT, so check him out, give him a follow. – Is that a fact? – Yeah, most Scottish name ever. – Yes.
– He is Scottish too. – Scottish McGlone. – Scottish McGlone.
– He’s very angry. – Very angry, very angry name. – Angry Scotsman. – Angry. My Instagram to finish bangers this week is a bit of a curve ball for you guys. It’s slumworm, who is a
bit of a street fixie rider doing this amazing
manual down this street. Absolutely incredible. – Was he pedalling? – There’s no pedalling in this one. No pedalling, he’s doing
it all on stump pegs on the back of his bike. It’s pretty cool, check it out. – Does he have a beard? – No. No, so he’s not really
a fixie rider is he? – If you don’t got a beard
you’re not a fixie rider. (rock music) OK, so who’s out to shout? – Scott. – I’m exhausted in the shed this week. It’s a hard one, isn’t it? It’s tough. – Yeah, so who you shoutin’ out to? – I’m gonna shout out to Danny Macaskill, friend of the show, fabulous rider. – Friend of you? – Ah, great friend of mine, love the guy. And just think this is
a really great video. It’s a normal day out for Danny Macaskill. It’s worth lookin’ at
just to see how different his normal day out on a bike
is compared to everyone else. It’s worth takin’ a look at. – Was there a barbed wire fence involved? – All sorts of things that
you shouldn’t ride bikes on, basically. – Mine is a week in the
desert with Dan Berrecloth. Pretty interesting. – Wow, I haven’t seen that one. – Just after Rampage, went
for a ride in the desert. Came out tight. Really cool. – And we haven’t seen as
much of him as we used to, so it’s nice to see some. – And that’s gonna be
good preparation for you going to the desert in Chile. – Makes me warm. – Start limbering up, getting
you ready, gettin’ you ready. – Have you been training in the sauna? – I haven’t been doing any
training at this point. – Got to win that race. – Win. (rock music) – This is my bit, first try Friday. – I’ve done one this week, Blake. – Have you? – Check this out. Hello Blake, I’ve got a
first try Friday for you, and I’m actually a bit scared of it. This big rock roll. – You made it. – I’ve got one I actually filmed. I met Adrian and Alex on the trails and they were stoked on
GMBN, the whole thing, and I was like hey guys,
what about this jump? They had to hits it and
they did first try Friday on this massive double
at the side of the track. So check it out. Here’s Adrian and Alex from
Alhaurin in Malaga, Spain. – That’s a big jump. – That is a big jump. Big jump, hoo! – That was sick. – That was a good one. – I think they out first
try Fridayed both of yours. You’re all in the club. – But those guys are in the club as well. – I’m not, ee’re not in
the first try Friday. – You gotta do one. – You need to do one, yeah. – Join the club. – And if you would like to be in Blake’s First Try Friday Club, then send us a video
of you trying something for the very first time, and
we will air it on a Friday. Do you get what we’ve done there? – In the shed. (rock music) – OK Neil, it’s time to
get into the bike vault. – Yeah, get them hats off. – And I have a bit of a bike vault party. This bike, oh I love
this from Kevin Adeline. – Hand wall tyres. – Those borks, those colours. – Super nice. – Super nice. And he says it’s a little
Chicago urban dirt bike. – Nice. – Kick it off strong this week. – I love that. – Big bikes to start with. Love that shelf, I love the
bike across the trail like that it’s got a lot of attitude. Gino Orticchio, it’s
a lovely looking bike. – It s lovely. – And what is that, is it a scar? – I’m gonna give that a nice. – Nice. – Nice. – All right. – Gino always going from orbit. – Right, Robert Bricklebank,
out in the snow. That’s nice. – Nice. – I mean we wouldn’t go more
than that at this point. – No, nice, nice. – Ah, super nice. – What, not even bikes. – There’s two bikes there. – No, they’re not bikes. – They’re super nice. – Colin Barnes you’re
having a laugh with us, you don’t get arty with
us, they’re not bikes. – Ah, there’s an animal in the background. – Is that a goat? – I thought it was a zebra. – That’s a Wildebeest. – Elephant. – Horse. – Giraffe. – It’s a horse. – Gabrielle Parades,
what we givin’ it, lads? – Nice. – Super nice. – Just nice. – It’s a cool picture. – That’s nice. – Nice.
– Nice. – Oo, nice ass. – I do like these shots from the back. – Nice. – Peter. This is sharp. – Super nice from here. – Super nice. (gears turning) – Good vault. – That was a good one. – Started off well.
– Really good. – And I feel like we
really gave them all time. We really thought about it. It was a very thoughtful bike vault. Loved seeing your bikes, we
absolutely love seein’ ’em. We look at all of ’em, we
put as many in as we can. Forgot about my hat. – You’ve got hat hair. – So send ’em in to [email protected] and we will put them in
the vault and take a look. (crash) Right, comin’ up on the channel this week. Let us tell you about it. – Oh man, on Saturday, it’s five tips to buying a brand new bike, and then Sunday it’s a good video. – Oh, it’s free rider versus racer. – I’m a racer. – I’m a free rider dude. – On Monday it’s a
regular maintenance checks and then on Tuesdays something
everything mountain biker has said. – And on Wednesday it’s
something every rider wants to be able to do, it’s how to one eighty. And then on Thursday, of
course, it’s the regulars ask GMBN, we’ll be
answering all your question. – And on Friday? – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! On Friday. – 100th Dirt Shed Show. – Oh my God, yes, it’s the 100th. – That’s it for the 99th Dirt Shed Show. – And it was a good one, too. Enjoyed that. – And if you want to watch
some more videos from GMBN, which of course you do,
then click right here for how to take your mountain
biking to the next level. – Click over here for the latest game of – Ah-ha! Pedalling! Pedalling. Pedal. – You can click just here to subscribe and you’ll get a brand new
video every day of the week. As a promise, you’ll love it. – Make sure you do it. – And if you liked it,
give us a thumbs up like.

100 thoughts on “Who Is The Best Mountain Bike Rider In The World? You Decide… | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 99”

  1. I think there should be an actual king of bikes competition. Fitness, offroad speed, climbing speed, tech descent skills, freeride, dirt jumps, tricks. The first two riders who come to mind for me are Brian Lopes and Jared Graves… and Graves is more competitive lately so he's the man. Richie Rude may be waiting to take the title.

  2. By the criteria they set, it kind of leads us to Brandon or Brendog. In head to head, Brendog wins the Dh, and Brandon wins Slope, so the tie breaker is Rampage. Brandon wins that one. Personal favourite is Danny though

  3. what is a good helmet for trailriding? I know it deoends on how much you crash, but there's probarbly some other factors that makes a good helmet?

    by the way, Neil, Scot and Blake you could learn a thing or two from Martyn, first of all, get them beards growing? it rules!

  4. if its about getting on any bike and doing something amazing then no one comes close to Chris Akrigg. trials bike, road bike, fixxie, dh bike, trail bike, dj bike, cx bike even kids bike he can do it all on any bike.

  5. I need help i'm searching for my first mtb. I am looking for a canyon spark or strive i have not much money cause i'm in school, wich bike i schould get? buget: 1300-1800fr when summer beginns

  6. 1. Brandon Semenuk
    2. Nino Schurter

    No one is pushing the limits more than those two! They're on opposite ends of the spectrum but both have mad all-round sklls.

  7. Rachel Atherton, Casey brown, Jill Kintner definitely is all around skilled. Aaron Gwin, fast and very smooth bike handler.

  8. have those Announcers with flash card to move a way from the pictures and videos so i can see them better

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