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Who Can Crochet the Best Pinterest Craft?

Who Can Crochet the Best Pinterest Craft?

What uppp! so today I’m actually doing
something special we’re gonna be doing a craft off me versus Romney and for those
who don’t know Romney’s actually the one that it’s like taught me a lot of the
stuff that I’ve shown you guys how to do so it’s kind of like a teacher versus
student thing so who’s gonna win teacher or student and also I don’t know if you
guys realize but it’s been a while since I posted and that’s because about a
month ago I got a concussion (ouuuuch!) So that sucked.. but..but it gave me a
lot of downtime and actually learned how to do a new thing and learned how to
make this and I’m super stoked about it and I’ll be showing you guys that in a
second so good so today we’re did something
special and I have a special guest this is Romney she’s never wanted to be
my videos before (I’m changing my mind already) but she came with the cool idea and I’m let her explain it. GASP* I forgot what my idea was.. OH NO! We don’t have a video for you guys anymore
oh my idea is we’re gonna do a craft competition where we both have the same
prompter theme and we’re gonna have the same amount of time and we’re going to
have to see who’s this better and you guys gonna be the judge we also asked
you guys on Instagram post bullshit toast you’re a menace dude he’s never
loved us more I scared my gosh you have footage of real fear of it gonna do a
video where we have a crapping competition to see who does whatever ami
just explained this but we asked you guys for prompts saying what should we
do did you say crappy petition what a
sweetheart thanks mom hold it hold it you sir
what I see your skill ooh I kind of like that idea
pimp up a thrift store fine painting clothing um I do like that another issue
is Romney has to leave in like five hours so we kind of wanted like a
quicker craft sock puppets that would be funny
pottery could be fun something with clay mm-hmm
a baby big beautiful baby growing a mustache that guy knows what’s that oh
yeah you should put that out earlier do your best week haha which one’s better anyway who’s who’s around me who is the
Romney that’s not who is that’s who’s like who does she belong to there’s a
lot of embroidery another suggestion for a baby
yes we got it booty class go be a fun video that would be fun
shrink Edie’s may be fun that wouldn’t take too long I can’t think of anything
I can do in an hour so two hours is that what our time what’s gonna be kinda time
lips that’s it so yeah let’s go to like Hobby Lobby and
look at craft kits mhm and then if you don’t like those then first or if not
that then we’ll pick like a clay or embroidery go they’re just more easy this is no that sounds yes of work this
is no an ASMR channel sorry sorry sorry sorry let’s go what do you decide on it’s knitting
right not knitting and alder knitting he’s gonna accidentally mitzva actually
learn how to knit we’re crocheting and that wasn’t even a suggestion I’m pretty
sure that was it you know she was suggested that spins computers are gonna
get dizzy powers how are you here our viewers so why she goes I have to decide
what I’m gonna knit and what color so serious that timer for 10 minutes all
right let’s go so far I’m thinking sock it’s gonna be
best maybe I just knit up any pattern we’ll see and we’re gonna try to make
like a little sailor beanie I think that would be fun yep that’s that’s forward
and Ryan new sock was sock seems like too much man no okay I think I have all
my clothes I want me to go pass this off to Romney my looker will I expose oh no you can
look I don’t have I don’t have anything planned so now it’s your turn now you
only get myself ten minutes so okay this footage might be insane cuz I don’t know
how to work this thing oh my gosh could you imagine great oh no we’re too
many options hey those are the colors so so Romney’s going right now I think it’d
be funny if I bought something like this and then just said that I made it so we
might do that you’re learning how to knit or crochet I’m watching it so I’ve
been crocheting for a while ago she ate a baby Yoda I got really good at
crocheting long flat rectangles a K scarves
she created my my pizza yeah I appreciated him it’s a blanket and it
was really really hard but but I’m not confident in my ability to finish this
terrible on a cooking show this dressing out on is stressing out this is fine I’m
stressing high school Lele Lele Lele after getting on the stuff I got this
little white border thing just to separate our workspace so I think you’re
good to start though oh you’re cheating not you don’t know what do you know what
I don’t you did okay just wanna start I guess
okay Mike said go am I gonna be a lot of with you my progress I get that
so ramen was making like a little leopard personing so she just like
sketched out kind of her design what she wanted to do what colors to go where and
I just learned how to crochet on that little book theme it took for ever yes
we have like a half an hour left me I assure you if my fingers so much then
yeah right so I just here for a half an hour is far too ambitious
okay and we’ve really underestimated how long it takes to crochet but maybe we
finished it spaghetti I love mind I really like mine but my
whole body it’s we need breaks how could they do it and project for anyway
wait whatever you’re supposed to get oh I think yours is gonna be a purse or a
satchel of some sort yeah the talk of zippers gave it away well your touch of
Hoops gave away that you’re doing something on the hoop yeah I’m guessing
a hat yes like a finished thing though you love it I lied
I won’t even do this it’s oh yeah my good sweet I’m never doing okay hey hey
crafting now look you talk too bad cuz I’ve to teach of fiber arts class
tomorrow I guess who won when I got finished had
just a reckoning this was supposed to be a hat for me what did you like better
hat service you decide but I will defend mine that mine was a very complicated
pattern and I think I did a really good job you did and what you go home so you
can sleep and go teach class tomorrow yeah yes so hmm just so how do we set so
we’ll say by dorami thanks for coming on the show wasn’t that fun fire on me all
right have fun at work you’re already clean up
so Rome and Eve but I wanted to try my hand at crocheting it’s like it uh teach
you guys in the future so I thought I’d try out the yellow again so I just made
a slipknot and followed some directions I found online to make like a ribbed
beanie but it wasn’t working out well so just unzipped it broke it whatever and
thought I’d try again using that purple stuff and I use a smaller hook that was
made out of metal and that seemed to help a little bit and kept adding layer
after layer until we had a hat or what looks like a hat and you might be a
little small but I thought it’d be cool if I added a little woven label on there
so I made a little loom out of cardboard and some pins and then just like using
embroidery floss I did everything I would do on like a normal sized loom I
get it on one of my past videos you can check that out if you want I make some
weaving stuff but this is pretty fun as cool to do like so small if I were to do
it again I’d probably make my warp thread a little thinner but still pretty
pumped without turnout then I just fold it over the edges and sewed those down
and viola got a little woven catch now I
just needed to sell it on to the beanie and I did that super sloppy bird
sloppily I did it sloppily but thought I was doing this and just like the one
before woof it’s really small but it’s cute and I don’t know pretty pumped
I actually how it turned out for make my first time and also I wanted to show you
this one because it’s so small and I didn’t realized how blur the footage was
until I started editing it and I feel like everything you guys just saw
probably about a month ago but like the day after filming I actually got a
concussion I feel and Brian not great I’m gonna give you a color I want you to
remember that okay okay what’s your color
remember know when I’m concuss and I’m so sad I’m not really sad but I’m just
we keep on saying this Amy over again like was he cool because I’ve been
concussed before have I been confessed before I don’t know it was cool it was
cool I already asked what I do for a living because I feel like I’m an ass
that a bunch of times – what do you do I don’t know
videos or something damn it my colors purple yeah and I’ve gotten concussions
before but this one was like probably the worst one I’ve ever gone I was out
for like 45 seconds I guess my eyes glazed over and like breathing heavily
and I don’t remember any of it really but I’m almost back hundred percent you
still get vertigo and it feels like there’s this carnival that comes to my
hometown like every year and there’s this ride called the zipper and it’s
kind of like a Karis will curious well I don’t know if that was cool but then
also the finger you’re in like spins as you’re going though sometimes that’s
just what it feels like it feels like I’m just like doing backflips when I’m
really just like laying down so that’s fun but the doctor told me to stay off
screens and everything so I actually learned how to knit it’s been did some
shoes some vans and Romney predicted a she said I was gonna accidentally learn
how to knit gonna accidentally Mitzvah I didn’t learn how to knit and I totally
did this was the first one I did it’s super huge are usually thin yarn so it
took forever but I got more detail and then I did this one after with the
thicker yarn so it’s quicker and also I made it smaller so actually fits my foot
and all for sure show you guys how to make this in the future video so cool so
guys I’m try to get back on the grind and get more videos out so don’t forget
to Like and subscribe and I’ll be showing you how to do this sock puppet

100 thoughts on “Who Can Crochet the Best Pinterest Craft?”

  1. Romney is so adorable, please make more videos together!
    Also, I'm gonna have to vote for Romney's rectangle. The pattern was beautiful, please just finish the project so we can see the purse vision

  2. I learned how to crochet a few years ago, and I’ve been doing it off and on ever since. My first project was a sleeping mat/ yoga mat (not that I do yoga) but it was made from plastic grocery bags. I looped them together into a strand and used a big ol’ wooden hook. It was all just single crochet, but it really helped me build muscle memory for things like grip and yarn tension. It’s physically hard to do since there’s not really any give in the plastic, but it is a lot of fun and it gave me some ideas for future projects. I even made plastic shoes kind of like the shoes you made, just a lot less detailed.
    But… yeah, you should try some different materials if you want to get some new ideas.
    Ps: I laughed out loud (not just exhaling through my nose, like full wheezing fit) when you took off your hat and added the “WOOF.” Audio clip.

  3. Locke and Key was pretty fantastic! I highly recommend Ragnarok if you haven't watched that yet. Btw, super glad you're feeling better. ✌️

  4. I feel that way too. I’m laying down and I feel like I’m on the ledge of a building.. a good tip is to practice relaxing your body because sometimes when we go through things we tighting up our muscles and are not even aware of it till you feel a. Exhausted or b. Like your doing physical flips. Please practice body relaxation and become aware when your are tighting up. Especially neck, shoulders, back,etc.. sorry your going though that.. it gets better

  5. Oh hell no I hate the zipper! Scariest moment of my life was on the zipper. I was probably like 6 and was riding with my older sisters friend, and there was no seat belt, but a bar. And as It was spinning us all around I was banging around the car. Luckily my feet were just long enough to to get wedged between the back, and the bar, otherwise I would have been upside down. At the little latch/lock on the door was super rickety and looked like it was about to fly open at any moment

  6. Lol I suggested crocheting/knitting something and when I saw your ig stories I knew you’d be doing it! The knit vans are fresh✨✨

  7. I watched a video from Rose Anvil right before this and I got really confused because you have the same looking cat and then I realized it’s because it is the same cat lol

  8. Dude that patch is badass! I’ve been crocheting for about 20 years my grandma taught me when I was 8. It’s fun what you can, make keep going! Ok bye!

  9. glad youre alright man!
    A hooker plays with balls, carries a 9mm, and loves WIPs and Chains. Your yarn work is dope, keep it up

  10. I loved watching you and Romney making things but I noticed you were watching Locke and Key in the background and I want to know what you thought about the show! I loved it and want more episodes!!

  11. Thanks for making this video. Sending y'all positivity and support. Romney I love your crocheted cheetah print. I am super inspired. Bryan, great job learning to knit and crochet. Also I really loved the patch you added to the hat. Now I want to make patches! ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Next time if you do a video with Romney, you could maybe give her a go-pro or (similar timelapse camera) to use, pointing down at her craft project. That way she can craft where-ever, and for however long and she doesn't have to stay at the table. And then you guys could do the competition over a longer length of time. That could make it easier on yinz. 😉 ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ And I love love love the knit vans. If you do more knit/crocheted shoes, I recommend making a plaster cast of your foot that you can craft around. Thanks again for making this!

  12. if you buy a bigger circle loom you can make a beanie that fits your head, and if you buy that one that looks like a rectangle you can make a scarf

  13. I've been knitting for almost 10 years and I can only knit hats, scarfs, fingersless gloves and mittens. He has a concussion and knits a shoe??? How did you do that

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