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When People Find Out You Can’t Swim

When People Find Out You Can’t Swim

(upbeat instrumental music) (ambient music) (group groaning) – Ha ha suckers! – Hey, you know we should go to the beach. – Oh! I call parasailing. – Lets scuba, right? (sighing) I want to try and find the Ty-tain-ick. – Oh! I’ll book us a deep-sea dive, pronto. – Actually guys, I don’t know how to swim. – What?
– What? – What? (yelling)
(whooshing) (glass breaking) – Oh, oh! I could teach you. (dance music) – Do you teach?
– No. – Whenever I say I don’t know how to swim, people are always saying the same thing, “Oh I can teach you. “Oh have you tried this thing?” – Come on. No way that’s true. Have you tried floating? I can teach you. – No I don’t know how to float. – But floating’s easy. Does this make it any clearer? – No. – Does the pool upset you? Are you gonna scream? (dance music) – No, because I don’t know how to swim, but I’m not afraid of water. (imitating ghost) – Well, what would you do if you we’re on the next Ty-tain-ick? (dance music) – It’s Ty-tan-ick, and
most people on the Titanic died from hypothermia. (dramatic music) – Does this freak you out? – No, ’cause again, I
don’t know how to swim, but I’m not afraid of water. – Have you taken a class? – Yes.
– From me? – No, Katie, you would know
if I’d taken a class from you. – Oh, smart girl. – What would you do if the pool were 100 feet deep and
I just pushed you in? – I would drown. – What would you do if this pool were 1,000 feet deep and
I just pushed you in? – I’d drown.
– See, right there. It’s a survival thing. If you were on the next
Ty-tain-ick, you would die. – Most people died on the Ty-tan-ick, and it would probably just be easier if you didn’t push me into pools. – What if if gave you a class? (groaning) And I put you in the shallow end. – Okay. – And then we pushed you in the deep end. – You’d probably just
start swimming like magic. – No, that’s not how anything works. – It could. – Are you sure you’re trying it right? Because if you start kicking, I’m pretty sure you’ll
just start swimming. – Guys, this isn’t working. This isn’t helpful at all. Swimming is just a thing my
body doesn’t know how to do! – [Group] Whoa. – How are you doing that? – What? You don’t know how to fly? – [Group] No. – Okay, what are you, like afraid of air? – No. I don’t think so. – I mean, if you don’t know how to fly, what do you do in the sky? – I just stay on the mountainous side. – Okay, but if we were on a plane and I pushed you out,
what would you even do? – Let’s not do that. – Guys this is crazy. Flying is so easy. All you have to do is just fly. – Oh no, I think I am afraid of air. (electronic beeping) (heart beating) (electronic whirring) – Hi, I’m Raika from College Humor. Click here to subscribe, click
here for other fun stuff, and thank you so much for watching. I love my job and I’m definitely
not trapped in this video. (percussion music) (exhaling) (glass squeaking) Things are great.

100 thoughts on “When People Find Out You Can’t Swim”

  1. Swimming is actually instinctive, in most animals, and that includes humans, so you can't not know how to swim, but you can simply be bad at it. Most animals, again including humans, are very buoyant, and can just float, so swimming is mostly just pushing water out of the way and floating. Now fish have this thing called a swim bladder and that can control their buoyancy, and swim like that.

  2. when i stand on the pool and jump i go in the water, but then i almost drown and when i jump up agian and go back down in the water i almost drown and it keeps on happening

  3. I can't even ride a bike without falling off. And im saying this because my 7 yr old sister can ride it properly

  4. Actually my bffs great grandpa threw her grandma out of a boat and she randomly started swimming because she didn’t wanna drown

  5. When you don’t know how to swim and your friends make fun of you all day! Instead of teach you how to do it!!😟🤪

  6. non white people being bitter about not knowing how to swim. that's your own fault love, your's and your parents', not western society's.

  7. You don’t need to be a swimming instructor to teach someone how to swim, you just need a pupil with the right attitude and that doesn’t think that swimming is some magical and impossible thing

  8. As an Australian I’ve only ever met one person who couldn’t swim and everyone was so shocked and he was bullied so bad (we were eight) he signed up for lessons to learn how.

  9. i JUST understood that the last line from Zac "oh no i think i am afraid of air!" is probably a reference from their gluten video when Zac was the hypochondriac

  10. I do kind of relate to this and that I can't swim with paddles it just pulls me backwards underwater never learned and now I've just prioritize not drowning over learning this specific tool but I've never had that problem with my own body

  11. "what if a kid started drowning"
    "Well if a kid jumped out of a plane"
    Such a f**** stupid analogy I just can't get over it I know it's for a joke but it's still so bad

  12. Not gonna lie, I actually almost drowned 4 times in a pool. (Separate times.) Everyone is like this. I only know how to hold my breath a long time.

  13. Back in the mid 90s my parents put me and my brother in a YMCA summer camp. They literally had a guy on the side of the pool whose job was to line us up and throw us in one by one near another guy in the deep end. We all learned to swim that summer. Come to think of it, I fell out of several trees that summer too. We had a great time and no one died.

  14. Ok but seriously though swimming and riding a bike are basic life skills, if you can't do them you should be judged

  15. man i wish i learnt to swim when i was older as i cant remember the first time i swam and i think that would be a fun memory to have.

  16. when i tell people i don’t know how to swim they either laugh, look at me confused and ask me why i don’t know how, or they say they can teach me. to that last one i always just respond, “if the last 4 certified professionals couldn’t do it i don’t think you, a 13 year old kid can either”

  17. If you think about it it’s like writing with the wrong hand it’s impossible for people that don’t already know how to do it but for the few people that learn or just know it’s super easy

  18. Like really though? She can't swim? I'd understand if she's literally never swam in a pool or ocean or whatever but it's not like learning how to read it's basically instinct. Swimming is not hard, just flatten your feet and palms and swipe at the water.

  19. To be honest the way I learned to swim was because my parents threw me in the deep end and made me swim to land ( I was 7)

  20. While I do understand that is hard for some people (unpopular opinion warning), most people have the ability to, and just haven’t put in any effort. Whether it is because of lack of time, just wanting to be special, or etc, it’s not because “you just can’t”. Humans evolved to survive, not die because “I just can’t”. If you can’t, learn, and ONLY after trying pretty hard can you say you can’t. I think the video is a little unfair because the person just so happens to be actually unable to ( I think?) and most people can. I am a pretty good swimmer and have so far shown SIX different people how to swim, who “couldn’t”. Sometimes it’s just a mental block, and it stinks for your friends to have to not be able to go to the beach because of you. This is my opinion, and if you disagree, do it in a respectful and well articulated manner 😀

  21. You don't have to know swimming for squba diving…. I know plenty who don't know swimming but had squba diving experience…

  22. I didnt leave the house a lot in my childhood, as a result I dont know how to ride a bike or swim. You would not believe how much people flip their lids about this

  23. Me:mom can we get "what happens when you tell people you can't eat gluten"?
    Mom: we already have "what happens when you tell people you can't eat gluten"
    What happens when you tell people you can't eat gluten at home

  24. Ok but you’re just moving your body in a motion to keep your head above water. I just don’t see how the concept is that hard.

  25. But scuba diving, ppl who can't swim would survive bc it's just moving ur arms and legs. U won't drown cause u have air. U really do just need to kick

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