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What’s inside a Snow Globe?

What’s inside a Snow Globe?

(electronic sounds) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan. – And today we’re here
in North Pole, Alaska. It is not December, it’s not Christmas. All-year-round, Santa Claus
House is here, it’s operating. It has a great gift shop,
Santa Claus is in there. So, we are going to go and
see if we can find something that’s interesting that we can cut open. That’s a big Santa. – [Lincoln] A huge one. Is that the naughty list or the nice list? (jazzy piano music) Hello. – [Woman] In February, this
antler’s gonna fall off, the whole thing. – [Dan] Which one is that one? – [Woman] That’s Dasher. – [Lincoln] Dasher. Dasher’s not gonna have
his horn this Christmas. – [Woman] No.
(Lincoln laughs) – [Dan] Next Christmas,
hopefully he’ll grow it back. (Lincoln laughs)
Look at Santa. He has a big bum. (imitates camera lens zoom) Man, they have everything. It really does feel like Christmas, even though it’s not
even Christmas time yet. – And then over here, there’s a bit of Frozen stuff, I think. – [Dan] Oh yeah, these
are gonna be popular this year for Christmas. Snow globes with Elsa and Olaf. – I love this firetruck piggybank. Put your money in there, keeps it safe. And I love how shiny the wheels are. They’re just so shiny. Look at this one. It’s like in an old TV box. – [Dan] That’s awesome. I think a snow globe
would be a great idea. What do you think, Lincoln? – [Lincoln] Yeah, I think
we should get this one. – [Lincoln] I wonder what it–
– [Dan] That’s huge. – [Lincoln] I wonder what it does. – [Dan] Pick it up. Don’t drop it. (gears winding)
(music box playing) – Ha ha! Look at that, the Santa one moves with the trucks carrying Christmas trees. – [Dan] Wow.
– [Lincoln] That is cool. I’m sitting in Santa Claus’
chair and I’m waiting for him to come back from lunch break. – Alright, so we’re here with Santa Claus. And we are excited to
take this snow globe home and see what it’s made
of and see what’s inside. – That was looking, I wasn’t– – Thanks for letting us visit your house. – Thank you I’m glad you came. (jingle bells)
– Pretty neat place. – Okay, bye bye.
– [Dan] Bye. Okay, we’re out here at
beautiful Harding Lake in Salcha, Alaska and
we have this snow globe. We’re excited to cut this open. It is beautiful. Lincoln really wanted this
one that’s pretty nice. – [Lincoln] Yeah.
– So, it has the glitter, it has the flying Santa
Claus with his reindeer, which we met his reindeer
a little earlier today. And then also it has these
cars that drive around. So let’s try to cut underneath here and take some of it apart. And hopefully not break this open yet. We’ll save that for last. So, let’s get started on this thing. – Let’s do this. (fast techno music) – Go ahead and pull of that off slowly. Pull that off. – Oh wow! That was easy.
– [Dan] Oh my goodness. – [Lincoln] What?
– Look at that! – [Lincoln] Melted.
– If you look at this whole bottom, there’s
the motor and the sound, and it simply just twists.
(music box plays) You can see where it plays the music, those little metal parts. That’s where the notes are. And then it just spins
around that top part. And then when it spins, it
spins that plastic right there and makes the car turn
around and Santa fly. So if I take my finger and put
it in there and just spin it, – Oh whoa!
– [Dan] Look at that! Whoo Santa’s going fast. (laughing) Whoo! So there you go, if you look inside you can see the car and Santa going around. Wanna break open the glass? – I don’t know, I really
like how it works. (Dan laughing) – [Dan] Yeah, but we’re never
gonna know what’s inside if we don’t see what’s inside. – That is true. Can I just drop it? – [Dan] No, no, let’s
do it a little better. That would be fun though. – We just got a hammer. I’m just gonna tap it and
see if it’ll break open. So, see if it works. (tapping) (glass shatters)
(water splashes) – [Dan] Whoa! That got it! (glass shatters and water
splashes in slow motion) (tapping) (shattering) – [Lincoln] Gah!
– [Dan] Now what? (man stifling laughter)
That is no a safe globe. If this was kids playing with this, or they dropped it on the ground, there’d be glass everywhere. This is kids, you’re right. (shattering) (music plays) – There we go, first try! (laughing) – [Dan] Still works! Santa’s flying around with no–
– [Lincoln] With the cars driving.
– [Dan] And no sparkly water. (chuckling) – That’s what’s inside of
a Christmas snow globe. – Hopefully you enjoyed that. If you have any
suggestions of other things that we should cut open, just let us know. And if you like this video, like it below or add your comments. – Subscribe. – Thanks so much for watching. (“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” plays)

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  2. Es lo peor que he visto, un tipo enseñando a su hijo a destruir bellas obras de arte,ustedes no aprecian la belleza que existe a su alrededor, no les importa destruir el trabajo que fe hecho con sacrifico y esfuerzo. es relamente lamentable, muy lamentable. por personas como ustedes los estadounidenses tienen fama de gente vacia y superficial.

  3. I stoped at 00:7 and I was thinking there is water inside cause I accidentley broke a snow globe because I fell and water started coming out

  4. The tv snow globe is from the stop animated movie and its super cute. And best of all its familly friendly

  5. They destroyed something that can be taken apart and put back together! All they had to do was unscrew or pry off the music box, then yank out the rubber gasket to drain the water and take the ball apart. Go in reverse to.put it back together. I'm all for people finding out how things work even if it means taking something apart, but these guys seriously missed the boat!

  6. Why destroy it when you could have just taken it apart and put it back together again. That would have been instructive.

  7. At 0:49 Santa has a really big butt. Also they are so immature that they zoomed into poor Santa’s butt and at 1:59 Santa had enough of his job…HAHAHAHA.

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