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What’s All Over My Body? (CHALLENGE)

What’s All Over My Body? (CHALLENGE)

– Can we guess what weird
things are on our bodies? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) (fire roaring) Good mythical summer! – You may remember a while back, we did a game called What’s Up My Sleeve. – I remember. – Where we stuffed stuff up our sleeves and the other person
had to guess what it was just by looking at it,
plus a few lifelines. Well it turns out the rest
of our bodies got jealous. – Uh-oh. – So today we’re gonna
throw on some skin suits stuff stuff all over our
bodies and go explorin’. It’s time for– ♫ It’s my body and I’ll
hide what I want to ♫ Hide what I want to ♫ Hide what I want to ♫ You can guess too ♫ What I’m hiding from you (Rhett laughing) – You look great.
– Hello, lumpy man. I too am very lumpy. – I’m lumpy in lots of places. – Oh, you got a lump in the backside. – Yeah, it’s very flattering,
especially this angle. – I have a lump in my middle back. – Okay, so basically what’s going on here is we’re both human game boards and Link doesn’t have his shorts on. – [Link] They didn’t give me shorts. I asked for no shorts. – Okay, well I’m wearing my shorts today. (crew laughing) Link’s not wearing his shorts. – I didn’t, I wanted to
make this easy for ya. – Yeah, well I don’t have
anything up in the shorts region and you do have two things
in the shorts region. So I guess it does make sense. – More than that. (crew laughing) – Didn’t need that. Okay, so there’s associated money values, Good Mythical money values
with these different objects. So if you can guess what’s on
the other guy’s body correctly you get the associated
Good Mythical money. – And in order to help
us with our guessing, we each have three
lifelines that we can use. Stroke it, poke it, or smell it. – [Rhett] Yeah. – You can only use each
one once per player. You’re already studying
me, you ready to play? – Yeah, I’m studying, man. – Okay, you’re taller so you go first. – [Rhett] Okay. – You have a laser pointer like me? – I do, I do, here it is. – As I see you’ve got 200. – Now this is 100 right
here, is that for this? – [Link] This is for, this is for this. – And then 300 is for
this thing right here. (crew laughing) Now let me see–
– Yeah, that thing. – Let me see your other side. 50. – 50. Yup and then right here, got a 200. – Ooh. – And then on the back, I
got something back there. I don’t even remember what it is. How much is it worth? – That’s worth 50 as well. – Okay and then on my
foot I got a last one. So make your first choice. – There’s a 50 on your left hip, right? Let me see that. – [Link] Yeah, right there. – I just don’t know what that is. I feel like I need to poke that. – Alright. – Okay. – Poke. Mmm, you didn’t pick a good spot. I’ll give you two more pokes if you give me two pokes. Mmm. That’s three pokes. Alright, there you go. – It’s like a cup of some kind that’s– (crew laughing) Am I this stupid?
– What about that piece? – Oh, it goes all the way down. It’s a plunger! (crew laughing) – So your final answer.
– It’s a plunger. My final answer is a plunger. – Let’s bring in Chase,
the autopsy surgeon, i.e. a coroner to expose this thing. (Link screaming) You look at that. – Mhmm, hmm, hmm. Yes.
– There you go, Rhett. – That is what they call a plunger. – You just earned 50 Mythical dollars.
– 50 Good Mythical monies. (crew laughing) – Good Mythical monies, okay.
– Yeah. – Alright, now it’s my turn. Mmm, I’m pretty sure I
know what this 50 is. That’s pretty easy. Should I start with that? ‘Cause you just got 50, right? – [Rhett] Mhmm, mhmm. – So I’ll need to match you. Hmm, right here on your chest. Now the money, you gotta move the money. It’s covering up the item. Take the money off. It’s covering up your item. There we go. Thanks for allowing me to see the thing. – Hey, listen man, I’m
just the game board. I didn’t place these things. – And that goes, man,
what the heck is that? Let me see that 500 on your arm there. – Let me put this money back here. – [Link] What is that? – That’s 500. – And then on your leg. Man, what is that? Play this, oh look at that. – You can actually see right– – I think I can. – You can see right through that one. – I think I’m gonna go for the left knee and I’m gonna say those are maracas. – Are you sure? (maracas rattling) – Just a hunch. (crew laughing)
(maracas rattling) Shake it. – Are you sure?
– That’s not a lifeline. Chase, crack him open,
that’s my final answer. – Hey, don’t cut my maracas. (crew laughing) I’m getting that done in the fall. (laughing) – Yeah, baby! Look at that!
– That’s right. You got my maracas, Link. – A hundred Mythical monies! – Here you go, early lead. – For daddy lumpy suit. – Okay, man. Okay, I’ve fallen behind. I used a lifeline and
I also got less points. I gotta get something without a lifeline. So this whole thing in the
front, that’s a hundred? – [Link] Yeah, this
whole thing right here. – Is there any logic to why it’s on that part of your body? – Nope but there’s a logic
to it being in my suit. – Let me see the back again. I know before this is over, I’m gonna end up strokin’
this thing on your rear. (crew laughing) 200 on your left arm. Now let me see that left arm. So this is clearly, has
the shape of an iron. Am I gonna have to stroke your arm? – Maybe you wanna pull it. I mean, poke it. – What would you suggest I smell, if I had to smell something? – The crotch. – You would ask me to smell that? – Would you please smell my crotch. $300, Rhett. – That’s quite a gamble. Okay, I’m gonna-
– Smell my crotch for $300. – Okay, I’m going to go. Gonna go down.
– He’s taking a knee. (crew laughing) Sniffalifagus to the maxi-maxicallus. – Are you sure that’s the thing? And by thing I mean this thing. – Yeah. Are you getting a scent? – Yeah, it is a product of the sea. Now the question is what
product of the sea is it? And it seems to me that that does not have the
shape of a fish necessarily. To me that has the shape of an octopus. – Chase, conduct surgery on my crotch. – Croctopus. Crotchtopus. – Boy, that makes me nervous. – Oh no, no, oh, oh, no, no. No no no, it’s a freaking crab! You’ve got crabs. That makes a whole lot more sense. (Link shouting) – Watch out with that blade!
– Sorry, sir. (Chase laughing) – Oh, his skull! – You’ve got crabs in your crotch. – Look at that and he’s still alive. Okay, here I goes. Man, what is that a Game Boy? There’s no definition to that. This is how big your thighs
should be by the way. Look at how small that one is. You need to do some squats. – I missed leg day. – [Link] This 50 is for
this thing way down here? – [Rhett] Mhmm. – [Link] It looks like
a pot of grapes maybe. – A pot of grapes? – A pod. – Oh. Or was it–
– A bunch of grapes. – Yeah.
– Man. So I’m ahead by a hundred. I gotta continue to expand my lead. So I’m going $50 saying
that is a canned soft drink. For an extra 50 I’m
gonna say it’s a Sprite. – No you don’t, that’s
not how the game works. (crew laughing) – Alright, so for $50 I’m
saying give me that Sprite! (Link laughing) I know how y’all think. Yeah, I’m thirsty. I’m thirsty for some Mythical dollars. (crew laughing) Woo! Sprite it is!
– Correct, Link! It is a Sprite. Take your $50 and your Sprite. Okay, we got a hundred down here. – You’ve gotten, you’ve been
camping out in the crotch area. So now you gotta go elsewhere. – Man, I just feel like I’m
gonna have to stroke something because I feel like I could
get one good long stroke right in this area but if we go on the back I’d have to stroke–
– This is 50 though. – [Rhett] No no no, that’s
500 if I stroke your booty. – [Link] Oh, oh, this? – [Rhett] Yeah. – [Link] Good luck with that. – But if I stroke the whole thing, you’re not saying I’m
not gonna learn anything? – I’ll learn more than you will. (crew laughing) But you know what, I
think you should stroke this daddy. But you know what, I’ll
make it more interesting. I think it’s difficult. I’m gonna give you $200.
– Wow. – If you get that one right. – You’re like the banker now. You’re just assigning value–
– Look at that. – To things. – You have a chance to take the big lead, all you need is just a nice stroke. – I gotta learn a lot with this stroke. (crew laughing) – Don’t stop ’til it’s over. Well there you go, there’s your stroke. (crew laughing) – I mean–
– I can tell, you still don’t know what it is. – I really felt it. – [Link] You got a special
connection with this thing. (Rhett laughing) – Oh, I know what this is! This is a fat chef! This is a fat chef! It’s a fat chef! – Final answer?
– Yes! That is a freaking fat chef! – [Link] Cut on this side. (crew laughing) – [Rhett] It better be. Yeah! (Link screaming) – Oh, that hurts! There he is! I gave birth to a fat chef! – I’d rather just have him. – Alright, so I’ll keep my $200. – No no, I want the money. I want the money.
– Alright. I really wanted you to
get your fat chef back ’cause he was hurting me. – Man, I really felt him up too. – So a hundred point lead for you. Man, this is still difficult. I’ve got poke it and
stroke it and smell it. I got all mine. I gotta start using some lifelines. – Yeah.
– So move that again, $200. – If you use a lifeline on this, I believe that you will get it. – You want me to stroke it? – Well you could do whatever you want. – I will stroke it. (crew laughing) It’s lumpy. It’s a big slab. – Okay, hey hey. Whoa, hey hey. That was, you’re getting into more than a feeling at this point. – A big slab of something. – Think about where it is. – Ribs! Yeah, it’s a big slab of ribs! Final answer!
– Final answer? – Cut him open! Rip it open, Rhett. – Did you go to medical school? – Rip it open. Yeah! Ribs! Yeah, look at that.
– You could have ’em. You could have ’em.
– Thank you. – They’re good, they’re cooked. – Oh, they smell great. – Yeah and they’re not human. They’re actually, they’re pigs. – Nice.
– $200 more. – Alright, so I take the lead again. – You’re up by a hundred which means that really the
only way I can have a chance if I go for the thing on your butt. – Yeah, ’cause this isn’t here anymore. No 300.
– Right. ‘Cause I didn’t get the crab. And your butt is worth 500. Okay, well what is that? It’s some sort of rod. It has flexion, it bends with your booty. Is there any significance
to it being in the, in that region? Is it like a prod? Is it a cattle prod? – I would say no, it’s not a
fully flexible cattle prod. Now you don’t have any lifelines left. – I have nothing. So at this point–
– You know what? – I’m just guessing big hot
dogs and stuff like that. – I mean, I’ll give you an extra stroke. – Really, you’ll give me a stroke? – Yeah, ’cause I’m gonna beat you anyway. – Oh, really?
– Ooh yeah, smack talk. – Okay. – Don’t smack it, just stroke it. – Yeah yeah yeah. And I’m just gonna stroke just it. (crew laughing) – Hmm. Okay. – Did you stroke from end to end? – Yeah yeah yeah. It is a, a fruit or vegetable. It is edible. Now we have to guess, is it a rhubarb? Is it a zucchini? Is it a plantain? (laughing) – Is it a plantain? – Because it could be any of those things but that’s gonna be a
big old long plantain. (crew laughing) It could be a rhubarb. I saw rhubarbs in the
grocery store last night. That’s why I got rhubarb on the brain but what are the chances that
you guys found a rhubarb? Pretty low. – I can’t stay in this
position much longer. I need a final answer. What is your final answer? – I’m gonna go with zucchini. – [Chase] Be very still. – I can feel it ripping. Oh, it is a Japanese eggplant! – Japanese eggplant? – Look at that. Not a zucchini. That’s it. You know what, Rhett, you can have that. – Do I get this? – You can get that, yeah. Alright, just for the glory, I’m gonna guess one more. Now if you turn around, this one on your back is worth 300 points but it’s coming out and I think it’s a baby’s head. So I’m not gonna guess that. Is it a baby’s head? Oh my gosh, just leave that. (crew laughing) That is wrong looking. Stop that. Do that on your own internet videos. – Okay, I’m not the one
who brought the baby out. – So look look, I could
have got 300 points for that but I was magnanimous. I’m going for the big $500 ’cause I’ve got a poke it and a smell it. – Okay, you can do, you can do all if you want to. I don’t think you’re gonna-
– Oh, it’s mushy. It’s like a wadded up piece of clothing. – Hmm.
– Let me smell it. – [Rhett] Smell it all you want. – It smells fresh, it smells like bread. – Mhmm, okay. Mushy bread, huh? – What is this? It’s a wadded up piece of
clothes that smells like bread. But it’s cold, it’s like a net. It feels like a net. Man, imma say this is like a 500? Man, it’s wet.
– Mhmm. You’ve gotten wet just touching it. – Oh, smells like pee. – Went from fresh to
pee real fast didn’t it? – It’s a wig soaked in urine. Final answer. God, guys. It smells horrible right there. It smelled like bread
now it smells like pee? Am I off? What is this? – Now you gotta do a whole
lot more than typical but– – It is, it is a wig! – Yeah but it’s not
urine, it’s just water. – It’s a wig.
– It is a wig soaked in water. – I get at least 250 bucks for that. – Yeah, you can have all 500 of the Good Mythical monies if you want. Congratulations, Link. – Man, that is twisted. – I’m not gonna try to hide anything in my clothes
from you ever again. (Link laughing) – No you won’t. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – We’ll see you on Wednesday. – You know what time it is. – I’m Jojo from Salt Lake City, Utah and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – You too can hide stuff in your clothes if you get the pocket tees available in lots of styles over at – And click through to Good Mythical More. We’re gonna reveal what else we’ve been hiding in our suits. – BYMB, be your mythical best! Today we ask you to be your mythical best by telling someone you love
them in a creative way. Be creative, be your mythical best. Post it with #BYMB and
we’ll repost our faves. – [Link] Click on the left to
watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Rhett] Click on the right to watch another episode
of Good Mythical Morning. – [Link] And make sure to
check out our new channel, This is Mythical by clicking
the video at the bottom. – [Rhett] Thanks for
being your mythical best.

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  1. Love how link makes rude jokes and rhett is like
    “didnt need that”:/

  2. Anyone else think Link has an advantage because his color suit is darker so you can not see through it? Rhett’s you could see the color/brand where Links you couldn’t!

  3. I was looking through old gmm vids and I saw links beard and thought, they have to be doing no shave November. Nope, it’s June?

  4. link: can you guess what weird things are on our bodies?
    me: yes its on your face and is incredibly visible

  5. Everyone’s talking about Links beard… Should have an episode of Will it Beard or no beard!

  6. Doesnt anybody else think that Rhett, in that suit, twerking with a baby dolls head right above his butt looked really messed up and disturbing – in a very macabre, though hilarious way?

    It reminded me of that one HowToBasic vid with the chicken with a Miley Cyruss head…

  7. I swear, every time Link plays a looking or guessing game, he always in some form finds a can of sprite

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