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hi I’m Rob and I’m Will and we are ski
professionals from Courchevel and we’re here to let you know what your head gear
subconsciously said about you so that you don’t end up looking like a dick
he’s always been the dick he’s a terrible ski doesn’t have to ski he
can’t ski backwards he’s a snowboarder if I don’t wear a beanie
I have awesome hair I love the wind through my hair I’m gonna get really
really sunburned I love how cold it is if I just wear sunglasses probably going to lose them when I fall over Wow if I wear sunglasses while it’s snowing I
literally can’t see a thing there’s too hungover to care about goggles if I wear
glacier glasses well I mean I obviously spend all of my time to gain glaciers like
this guy if I wear a pair of sunglasses I’m trying to be ironic or retro I was
born in the 80s they go really well with my fluro one-piece and my fanny pack
and my rear entry sx-70 if I just wear goggles two words tan beard if I wear a ski burka
I’m trying to get away with borrow my friends lift pass if I wear small goggles
I’m too cheap to buy expensive ones so I borrow my kids instead plus I like
an evenly tanned forehead if I have a massive goggle gap I forgot to take my
goggles along what I bought this helmet I also spent all my money on the
helmet still got my goggles for ten years if I’m wearing a helmet too small for me
you’ll rental shop ran out of helmets that fit you finish good look if I were a
helmet with glasses I would protect my head but not my vision I fucking hate
goggles I just love the look of boxed in panda eyes if I wear a helmet with
goggles and sunglasses I want to give the impression that I’m prepared for all
weather conditions but in reality I’ve never been aware these things I really
wish it but the right lenses in my goggles this morning I’m probably going to damage
my goggles and lose my glasses when i fall over and if you’re lucky enough to what
have goggles with magnetic lenses you will spend all of your time practicing a
pick-up line well hello there ladies if I wear a
GoPro mount on my helmet and if I’m Makenna I’m gonna bore the
shit out of my friends and family with long videos of blue runs and if I’m a
intermediate I’m going to bore family and friends on red runs is this thing on
oh shit that wasn’t the recording And if I’m an
advanced skier I’m gonna bore the shit out of you jibbing in the park and falling over if I cover my helmet in stickers I’m a
child I want to be a seasonaire when I grow up I’m actually seasonnaire
I also wish I was going to be sponsored by any of these cuts if you are wearing
a visor helmet your rental shop didn’t have any proper helmets left I mean
we’re actually just trying to see who looks the silliest and see what we can
get away with this looks pretty ridiculous if Im wearing visor helmet
and sunglasses because I’m Russian I Your so Courchevel oh thank you darling
well it’s probably because I bloody visor doesn’t fit so fuck it I’m just
gonna wear sunglasses it’s good look mate if I wear a visor helmet with
sunglasses and the visor down because of cant see anything I mean at least then
we can see how embarrassing looks underneath the visor you have actually
purchased by the helmet well I mean I’ve definitely got a boner for Tom Cruise
from Top Gun I am gonna spend the whole day singing danger zone a danger zone
ring Top Gun I mean this guy doesn’t in the air the top was poly pulsing it’s
gay at all man bear if you were invited helmet and goggles and sunglasses I know
know what I’m doing I mean at least he’s prepared for everything damnit that’s just wrong like it’s some
pretty strong look it’s so strong that you can’t actually move anything and if
I don’t understand how a goggle works what you should probably just get back
to your chalet so obviously not right just go off my fucking slopes
I’m actually might go let’s leave well thanks for watching and hopefully
you guys will follow our advice and then you too will look like less of a dick on
the ski slopes so don’t forget to subscribe and like and comment on this
video would be awesome it would be mean you especially when you hear those like
that you don’t need yet such a Jerry


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