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What makes a BMW Gran Coupe? A BMW designer explains the new 2 Series Gran Coupe –

What makes a BMW Gran Coupe? A BMW designer explains the new 2 Series Gran Coupe –

Hello everyone we’re here
in sunny Portugal and we’2re here to drive the first ever BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. There’s
never been one of these before and I’m wondering just what makes it a Gran Coupe.
And I’ve got just the perfect person to explain all of this to us – this is Anne Forchner
from BMW Design. Can you tell us what makes this a BMW design? Because I think 4 Series
Gran Coupe, 8 Series Gran Coupe, but 2 Series? What makes it a GC? Anne: So basically we have a lot of shapes
from our 8 Series and 4 Series GC, especially the flowing roof line. You can see from the
front to the rear, it’s very fluent line, and that makes the car emotional. Also on
the side we have a very sculpted body shape, so we go quite deep inside here, coming out,
and going back in. That makes it super structured and sporty. Also we have a crease line, this sharp line,
we know this from the 8 Series GC, sharp lines that define the body and make it very sporty. Also the Hoffmeister Kink and it is facing toward the front giving it a more agile look.
So the overall, emotion, comes across just like on our bigger Gran Coupes. Julen: And I noticed you’ve got kind of
a low roofline as well, did you have to do anything tricky to get the roof that low? Anne: Yeah we have some nice features here
– look at the doors, these are frameless doors which means there is no frame around the windows
here, so you can see it allows us to have a nice thinness (of the doors) also here in
the rear, and it also allows us to have a smaller surface up here, so this is something
that also comes from our coupes, the e8 GC also has this feature. Julen: So I notice the front is also really
quite aggressive, it’s a provocative design. Can we take a look at the front? Anne: Sure Julen: Maybe you can tell us more? Anne: So we have a very strong and bold expression
here, here are the BMW kidney grilles, low and wide Julen: It looks wider at the bottom than at
the top Anne: Yeah again something we have on our other GCs very low and wide kidneys, makes
it very sporty, and the inside we have a 3D mesh, which is a motorsport inspired motif,
and through this small opening there is a lot air going through. Our top engines (this
is the M235i) have this special design. Julen: Because more air means performance right? Anything special about the headlights? Anne: The headlights we placed them a little
bit above the kidneys, you can see this, they are titled inwards, and we wanted to give
the car a very focused, provocative look Julen: Big air intakes of course – I’m gonna assume those are to help cool the brakes? Anne: Yeah actually these are for the brakes,
and we have the air curtain here, and the spoiler lip for some downforce. Julen: I’m guessing downforce is important
on a car like this – let’s see if the back has anything to help with that. Anne: So here in the rear, as you said, for
downforce in the front, we also need a spoiler in the back Julen: So that’s not just for show! Anne: No, we really need that to help the
car grip onto the road, and the rear itself is very wide looks very bold. We have ery
slim lights, very technical looking, we have this shape that goes down toward the rear,
and it emphasises the wheels on the side, and makes it really strong outside, together
with this super bold, and very emotional shoulder section you can really see that it has a good
stance on the road. Julen: So what you’re saying is the taillights actually have a shape that emphasise the width
of the car? I’m curious about this element here – you mounted the badge on its own little
plinth, almost Anne: So basically the BMW badge is mounted on a horizontal bar, between the lights, and
emphasises the width of the car, for this position we had a great solution – we brought
the number plate down, which allowed up to place the badge up here, and the BMW logo
is quite prominent , sitting in the middle of the car on its own bar, in a nice integrated
way. Julen: Anne thank you very much that was a very interesting breakdown of a very interesting
car. If you wanna know more about the all new 2 Series Gran Coupe, please click the
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