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What is the difference between a 20° and 45° plate? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.11

What is the difference between a 20° and 45° plate?  – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.11

What is the difference between a
20 degree and a 45 degree plate? Here at Chaya, we offer you two angles
with our plates, we offer the twenty degree or the 45 degree. I always get
asked what should we be skating & why? And again, you’ll often hear me say this,
personal preference, first and foremost! But I’m gonna just
tell you why you might prefer 20 over a 45 and vice versa. Firstly let me show
you two plates. So this is a 20 degree and this is a 45 degree, I hope you can
see this. So the angle comes from the kingpin. You can see here in the 20
degree, the kingpin runs up this parts of the plate here and hopefully you’ll be
able to see that the 45 degree is a more of an extreme angle. Often people think
it’s the trucks that are the difference in the angle, but the trucks are all the
same. You can pull out a truck from this 45 degree plate and use it in the 20
degree plate, they’re the same. It’s the angle of the kingpin that is
different. So that’s what you need to know first. OK, so why choose one over
the other? In a nutshell, the higher the angle, the more agility you will feel in
your skating. The lower the angle, the more stable you will feel. The 20 degree
compared to the 45, you’re gonna feel a lot more grounded & stable in your
skates. You’re gonna have really nice dig because you gonna really be able to
dig into the floor and use the edges of your skates and overall stability is
what you will feel. As it’s a 20 degree, which is still relatively high, you still
get a great feeling of agility, so it’s kind of like a really good midway angle.
The 45 is more extreme so you’re gonna feel super agile in your skates. You
won’t need to do much movement with your foot in order to get the cuts and turns
really, really easily. On the downside, you get that agility but you
will lose a bit of stability, you’ll feel like your feet constantly twitch within
your skates to kind of keep them where they need to be.
And again it’s just personal preference, so I’d say if you can, test plates. If
friends have different angles in your size, try them out to see what works for
you. Yeah 20, 45, whatever it be, if it works for you, then that’s great. As a
note, I am on a 20 but I have skated 45 in the past. As a blocker, I like 20
degree because of that stability, because of that dig and a lot of Jammers tend to
prefer a 45. But yeah, totally up to you! If you have questions about any of this
or if you have comments, further things to add, I’m sure I’ve missed a ton of
information, please comment below and let us know. Thank you!

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