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What I Got For Christmas & My Birthday Haul

What I Got For Christmas & My Birthday Haul

hey everybody it’s Sara from The Style
Blog welcome back today’s video I want to do a Christmas and birthday haul
slash what I got I got a bunch of cool stuff for Christmas and my birthday
is like less than two weeks before Christmas so I’m kind of just gonna lump
it all together into one video cause you don’t need two videos of this I’ve
gotten so many requests for this video on YouTube and Instagram that I couldn’t
say no anymore it wasn’t originally like a video I planned to record but I’m happy
to do it of course I definitely don’t mean
anything in this video to be bragging or make anyone jealous I just want to share
what I got with you all let me know in the comments below what you guys got for
Christmas of your birthday or what you really wanted or what you plan on buying
with your Christmas or birthday money etc I’d love to hear from you all so I
got a bunch of cool stuff and I got like a really really humongous present and
I’m gonna show you at toward the end of this video because we have to go outside
for that one cause it’s so big it’s not gonna fit in this room ok so let’s
start out with jewelry I kind of asked for a lot of jewelry this year actually I
bought these bauble bar earrings for myself they are kind of just a Christmas
present to me from me I don’t know I really like them however I’ve been
wearing them for like 15 minutes today so far and they’re kind of heavy I don’t
really like heavy earrings but I think they’re really cute so I don’t know how
I feel about these yet secondly I got these bauble bar earrings
they’re the Carina huggie and I’m really excited to wear these because not only
are they sparkly like I love sparkly guys every time I’m watching a show like
especially The Bachelor or something like that and a girl comes out in like
an all Sparkle sequined dress my husband’s always like you’re gonna like
that dress because you love sparkles it’s true I can’t say no to sparkles so
I think these are just a really cute version of gold hoops with some sparkles
on them I don’t know I really like them PS guys I’m gonna link everything in the
description below in case you want to check it out for yourselves next my
mother-in-law got me this necklace from Kendra Scott I actually picked this
necklace out when she asked me what I wanted however I’m just a little bit
disappointed because I thought it was gonna be gold and it’s clearly silver
and I think it’s really cute but I might go into the store and see if I I can
exchange it for gold because I think that would match my style a little bit
better this necklace is called the Vanessa and it’s from Kendra Scott and
next I got these really cute earrings from my husband’s brother and his wife
they’re the brand Jane Marie which I’d never heard of before
they’re called the half circle I complimented her on some earrings she
was wearing one day and she basically got me ones just like it and I’m super
excited because I really liked the ones that she had on so I’m excited to wear these
too I’m kind of an earring girl if you haven’t noticed next was something I
really needed / wanted I guess I didn’t need it but I really wanted a new Apple
watch because my last one was the version one I got it when I first
started nursing a school I wore it through all my shifts at the hospital it
just kind of got banged up like the screen was super scratched you know like
I had to like pull people up in bed and carry stuff around and you know etc it
just kept getting banged up on stuff and also I don’t know just stopped like
tracking my movements so we would go on a walk and my husband’s watch would say
we went like three miles and mine would say we went like half a mile I don’t
know it just like stopped tracking the accelerometer or whatever is inside
of it I think just stopped working after a while so I was really really excited
that my in-laws got me a new Apple watch I got the gold with the pink band this
one is so much nicer not only does it have a bigger screen but the screen
stays on all the time that it’s on your wrist even if it’s facing away or
something like that it does EKGs which i think is really cool not that I have any
heart problems but I think that’s just like an awesome feature that Apple did I
don’t know I just really like this watch a lot and so I’m so happy that I have a
new one so they got me the watch for my birthday actually and then I asked for
this watch band for Christmas it’s I know it looks weird here but it looks
cooler on the watch it kind of just makes it look dressier than like this
rubber pink band and you can take links out of it and stuff it’s from Etsy and I
actually really like it so it’s basically just like a chain a gold chain
that connects to your watch I don’t know I think it’s really cool and I really
like it and I think lastly for the jewelry I don’t know why I
got and asked for so much jewelry this year maybe I just like need it a little
bit of sparkle in my life I don’t know I got this mama bracelet which i think is
super fun I like it can never decide on what name I want on jewelry like my
name or like someone I love’s name I don’t know I just feel like I care about
way too many people and like we’d have a stack all the way up my arm if I did
everyone’s names so I just decided that I wanted it to say mama which i think is I
don’t know it’s just cool because I haven’t been a mom that long I just I
don’t know I really like this bracelet a lot I think that she had to order it in
like the child size because my wrists are so tiny like look
how small this is um I don’t feel like adult wrists are supposed to be this
small but it fits really well and I like measured my wrists before she
ordered it but I know it’s very small but I think it looks really cute with my
new watch and with like any sort of jewelry stack I think this looks great
with it all right enough with the jewelry next I
got this fun little mama bear Cup I don’t know I just thought it was really
cute and clever that has like a little bear on it says mama bear and has like
little flowers and squirrels bunnies I don’t know I really like it
I love drinking out of Tervis Cups during the day like these huge cups
because I can kind of keep track of how much water I’ve been drinking I try to
drink between like 80 and 100 ounces a day and this is a 24 ounce cup so it’s easy for me to like be able to keep track of how much I’ve had to drink and
how much I have to go I really like the Tervis cups ok so
let’s move on to more like clothing type stuff I got like a ton of stuff from
Lululemon I’m kind of obsessed with Lululemon because their stuff’s really
comfortable and it looks so flattering on so many body types I know it’s
expensive so I tend to like wait until my birthday and Christmas to ask for
these things because I I don’t know sometimes I can’t just like justify
spending a hundred dollars on a pair of leggings but they’re worth it because
they last and they look so good but I just I don’t know I just wait until
someone else wants to buy it for me so for my 4 Lululemon things first I got a
new baller run hat I like the run version of this baller hat I feel like
it fits my head a little bit better I had… do you guys like this sporty hat with
like full face makeup and curly hair and like all done up I look crazy
but I really like these baller run hats for like working out and going on walks
especially since like my forehead has all that melasma I’m sure you’ve seen in
the other videos like it kind of shades my forehead and helps me from getting
more sun damage and I have different colors in this hat and I really wanted a
white one so I’m excited to wear this next up for my birthday I just casually
mentioned to my mom that I really liked her Align leggings from Lululemon
because I have tons of pairs of the Wunder Unders
I really like those I’m wearing a pair right now actually and I said I’d love
to try those Align leggings so she got me two pairs I can’t figure out what
this one’s called because it didn’t say it didn’t have a color on the tag it
just said MLN in or something like that I don’t know I’ll do some more research
see if I can find the exact color for you guys it’s kind of like a gray navy
green it’s really cool because here’s the black so she got me a black and
then that other color and honestly like I sound like a true like 90s baby when I
say this but I like am trying so hard to get into high-waisted pants and
jeans because I’m just so used to like the super low hip hugger like
remember the Britney Spears like super low-cut pants like jeans she would wear
in her performances and all that like I’m used to like super low-cut
pants and I’ve been trying so hard to get on this high-rise train for so long
like I keep buying these pants and trying to wear them and I’m getting more used
to it for sure but like my wonder unders come in low-rise and I don’t think these
aligns come in low-rise anyway these are high-rises and while they are super
flattering it’s a little bit more uncomfortable to have something like
squeezing your stomach I don’t know but I do really like them they are really
comfortable they’re like buttery soft like I’ve never felt pants as soft
as these in my entire life they’re super comfortable I don’t know I just really
like these pants a lot and I’m happy that you bought them for me thank you
mother and I really like this like grayish
blueish color I don’t know I’m going to figure out what color this is so I can order
more stuff in this color ok and the last piece of Lululemon is this Define
jacket I love their Define jackets I have like three or four of them this one
is in color called night driver so it’s not really a navy but it’s not a bright
blue either it’s super flattering go to my “how to organize your bathroom” video
and I’m wearing it in that video and it’s so comfortable and so nice so I
will note that all this Lululemon stuff it’s a size 6 I was a size 4
before I had my daughter a size like 8 about about a month postpartum so
I have like all these sizes of Lulu clothing I should probably just sell the
ones that don’t fit but it seems like the 6 fits me really well
I know these define jackets are so flattering I just love their stuff
because it looks expensive and it fits your body so
well and it’s kind of my mom uniform now when I’m not like getting dressed up
I like that you can kind of run your errands & run to the store in
workout gear that looks nice ok and last piece of clothing I have
like a sweatshirt that says mama bear on it it’s so cute I love it so much it
is like the softest thing ever oh I want to wear it all day every day it’s super
cute um I just wore it yesterday and there’s baby food on it sorry this is so
cute and so soft and so comfy I just want to wear it every single day I got a
medium in this and it’s from Etsy I’m kind of obsessed with Etsy like guys what
did we do before Etsy existed? Like we had just like super
boring stuff I think so cute all right moving on next my sweet mother got me
this willow tree figurine it’s called the close to me one it’s like a mom and
her daughter so I actually found this online and I sent it to my mom and I
said this would be really cool for us to have because it reminds me of like you
and me and like how I always need you and I always like have this love for you
and then also like it reminds me of me and my daughter how like the way my mom
feels about me is I how I feel about my daughter which I don’t know I think is
really cool so I put this on my nightstand to like always remind me of
the love I have for my mom and my daughter and I’m getting a little bit
sentimental here and I’m sorry I just really like this I have a couple more of
these willow tree figurines on my nightstand one’s like an angel for my
brother and then one’s like a sister and brother to remind me of my brother and I
have like a like a Christ redeemer a little figurine and I got when we were
in Rio and we were like at the statue so I don’t know I just like having really
heartfelt sentimental little figurines on my nightstand I don’t know all right
and we’re getting close to the end I also got these ultra Boosts I really
like these I actually picked this color out and then I wasn’t sure that I liked
them but I think I do like them again weigh in below and tell me if you like
these or I should exchange them for a different color the ones I currently
have are a light pink and I really like them but I just wore them out I’ve worn
them for like over a year and they’re just like kind of worn out so I wanted a
different color but not something so crazy I really like these ultra boost
because they’re comfortable and they’re really
supportive I don’t know I’m just like a huge adidas person now I’m kind of off
of Nike so these shoes are my jam also make sure you go up half a size in these
ultra boosts because I learned the hard way last year that I needed to go up
half a size so these are size 9 I’m usually between 8 and 1/2 and 9 I don’t
I can’t figure out what color these are but I will find out and put it in the
description below I don’t know why they wouldn’t just have the color listed on
here but and that’s okay so it’s kind of a tradition every year that my
mother-in-law gets both of her sons’ families um these Boll & Branch sheets
and she like gave us this jackpot set this year they are so nice and they
last for so long they’re so soft but she actually got us if I can even get this
open so she actually got us flannel sheets this year I’ve actually never
slept in flannel sheets but they seem so soft and warm and comfy I’m so
excited to try these and I like that they have kind of a little bit of a
design on them because all of our sheets are just white or gray and super boring
and these have like stripes and I don’t know I think they’re really cute and
they’re just like so luxurious this whole thing weighs so much like this is
gonna be so comfy to sleep in I’m so excited
Guys I’m just loving all the really warm like sweatshirts and sheets because
it’s like 20 degrees today and I’m so cold
ok and this is just like a small gift that probably none of you are gonna want
but I just asked my mom for like this travel tripod it just like it sets up
really tall it’s really light you can put it up in just like seconds and I
really needed another tripod because the one that I have my camera on now
that i film with is super like heavy and bulky which is nice to have in here and
like self levels and it’s really cool but I can’t like travel with it I can’t
take it downstairs into my bathroom or anything like that so I basically just
needed a tripod that I can like take downstairs into my bathroom into the
kitchen etc so I know you guys like seeing videos in different parts of the
house so I’m excited that I can now like do that more easily okay and I also
wanted to mention that I asked my mom for these really cool bauble bar
personalized like hair clip barrette things these 2 that I asked her for that
just would say like Sara or something like that I think
I asked for like a tortoise one and like a gold Sparkle or something one because I
just thought that would be cool in these videos to like hold my hair back and it
says Sara I don’t know I mean are these meant for like preteens or can I pull them
off I was gonna try but so she ordered them on Black Friday when they had like
a coupon sale or something and then she’s like she waited and waited she was going to give them to me for my birthday they didn’t come in they didn’t come in for
Christmas and they emailed her after Christmas and said that they’re no
longer making them but you can still order them on their website I don’t
understand like she forwarded me the email it doesn’t make any sense and then
they sent like a 20% off code for your future purchase so I just ordered them
again like a few days ago with their coupon code and so I hope they come in
because they look really cute and I really wanted to wear them my videos but
I’m kind of like salty about them just like not like communicating at all on
them just like never coming because I don’t know that would have been a fun Christmas
present and I also it just had to take these Baublebar earrings off because
they’re so heavy like my ears are red and throbbing now and I only had them
on for like less than an hour maybe bauble bar and I aren’t on the best
terms but they’re really cute and affordable anyway I don’t mean to be
such a debbie downer we’re moving on so there’s also just a couple of things
that my mother-in-law purchased for us that we have already unwrapped and like
put around the house of course so she got us this Molekule air purifier which
is really cool it looks kind of like a spaceship canister I don’t know I’ll put
a picture up for you guys um we just have it in our living room like behind
our furniture which is really cool she has one and she really loves it so I’m
excited to be able to like feel a difference in the air she also got us this
like fire pit it’s called a solo stove and it looks really sleek and modern
it’s really cool it’s in our backyard I’ll put a picture up of that as well
and not only is it a fire pit but you can like cook things on and I think um I
don’t know it’s really cool my husband’s been using it he’s been wanting a fire
pit for so long so I’m so excited for him that we got this I actually bought
S’more ingredients at the grocery store today some like graham crackers
and marshmallows and chocolate bars so I’m really excited to use it to to
make some s’mores those are like my favorite thing ever does anyone else like
s’mores? they’re so so good and I don’t want to
forget these super cute keychains that my husband got me for my birthday
ones of Lydia over here and this one’s of Regan in her birthday cap I’m not
sure I’m actually gonna use them on my keys because they’re kind of big but
they’re so cute I love them so much and then lastly but definitely not least
in the slightest is kind of my birthday slash Christmas present slash Christmas
present to my husband slash our present to each other just like a huge
purchase and we would have gotten this anyway probably it just happened to be
like near my birthday and Christmas too so I’m kind of just saying that it’s my birthday
Christmas present too ok so I’m gonna have to go a bundle up
and meet you guys outside because it’s not gonna fit in this room PS thank you to my
husband Grant for recording this part you’re the best all right and last but
definitely not least this is my huge Christmas and birthday present. So we sold my Rover because honestly it just got so small for our family and we bought this huge long version Lincoln Navigator. I never thought I’d be driving a Lincoln, but this thing is so nice It’s so beautiful. We searched far and wide for one that was navy and I just love it it’s so cold out here it just snowed it’s like
20 degrees so let’s go inside I really love the inside of this because it not
only is this super huge but it has this really nice white leather with the dark
accents and this beautiful woodgrain trim I know there’s tons of room the
seats are like 30 position or something like that it has a big sunroof I know
finally like we have a car that will fit our entire family so the second row has captains chairs
with the console that looks just like the front seat console and then the third
row is for Reagan our big 150 pound Newfoundland we have a big dog
hammock back there for her so she gets to ride in style with the whole third
row that’s why we got the long version we put all of our bags and everything in
the very back because we do you like to take a lot of road trips so Reagan gets
an entire row just for her so she can stretch out and sleep and do whatever
she needs to do usually Lydia will ride back there if
someone’s riding back there with our daughter or we’ll put a pillow up
here and she kind of just sleeps on the console so we love taking road trips
down to Florida and this is usually where I sit because our daughter’s
in her car seat over here and you have a nice screen in front of you you have so
much room this console is super nice you can actually control all of the audio
and the sunroof screen and all that from right here which is so cool and then I
usually have a little Reagan head popping out over my shoulder because she
wants to see what’s going on I’m just so thankful we finally have a family car
that we can take on vacations and it fits all of us so comfortably I hope
you all enjoyed this video and I will see you later this week for another upload

15 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas & My Birthday Haul”

  1. LOL, my birthday was NOV 30th, and it was the closest to Thanksgiving ever!!!!!!! What I don't get for my BDay I ask for for Christmas. I'm still waiting on a new computer though, and my dad is in Hawaii. So jealous I can't be there too. But he's getting me a t-shirt. Oh, and I turned 40. Lots of Amazon gift cards, and other gift cards. I did order myself a George Foreman grill, and a sushi making kit, and extra chop sticks, and taco holders, it's a blur. I do that too, get myself a gift. I got some money too. And I got a signed copy of Cimorelli's book, my aunt got it for me, I wanted that the most. So sad that Dani is leaving the band, but she wants to move on. I also got a Kindle Table Fire because it was on sale, and I wanted to read "Ember Dragon Daughter" by Rebecca Kelsey Sampson, I know her from YouTube, and we are friends on Facebook, so it's special to read her first book she wrote during NaNoWriMo. I also found this necklace on Amazon that has a cross and a music note, both very special to me. I should have just made a video πŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous car! Love the color. Are you still in Kansas City? In one video you said you were living here. Loved this video!

  3. High waisted jeans, leggings, pants are incredible πŸ˜‚ it would be cool if you did like outfit videos or get ready with me etc!

  4. I'm really close to my dad, we're best friends. I'm closer now to my mom after being diagnosed with a mental illness (back in 2000), it's been a journey. I lost my brother too (2005), it's kind of a rough story, and wasn't sure if I should tell you. Spirituality definitely helps. My dad is an architect, and we dedicated a room at the university to him. NAMI is a good organization to donate money too, in honor.

  5. Lululemon align leggings are SO nice! I kept hearing about them, and I didn’t know what the hype was about, but then I tried them and they’re the best!! πŸ™Œ

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