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What EQUIPMENT I use for my SCUBA DIVING adventures (wrecks, river treasure etc.)

What EQUIPMENT I use for my SCUBA DIVING adventures (wrecks, river treasure etc.)

so today I’m back in Pakenham I came
back to the five span bridge and after looking around and reassessing the
situation I am gonna die below the falls and I think it’s safe during this time
of year so the reason why I reconsidered my
decision that the dive here is because a couple days ago I passed by and I saw a
guy and his little kayak jumping off the rapids I also saw a lot of people with
chairs sitting there so it didn’t seem too dangerous after talking with them
they said that this time of year when the waters low it’s safe it’s only when
water is high there’s an undertow so I’m gonna go and explore blode rapids but
first I’m gonna show you my equipment I had a few requests and people want to
see what I use so I’m gonna do that and then I’ll get into the water first off the wetsuit you have different
thickness one point five three five seven and then you can have a dry suit
that water doesn’t get in mainly made of rubber I went with a seven millimeter
eventually I’ll probably buy thinner one for summertime because this gets a bit
too warm and then down the road I’ll buy a dry suit so that would allow me to
dive in the winter months and even under the ice but for now one wetsuit seven
millimeter next I have the regulator that allows me to breathe underwater
so this is the second stage and then you have a knurled alternate when you dive
with a buddy and something happens to his gear you can give him this one
connected to the steel tank and then here this is connected to your BCD this
is the BCD you wear with the tank on the back and this connected to the regulator
and it has access to air you will inflate and deflate and control your
buoyancy underwater and then you also have weights that go in it because with
your wetsuit you are pretty buoyant so you have two
systems you can either have weights in the BCD more people wear a belt if they
don’t have integrated one I also have fins these are long fins I wear for
wreck diving in regular diving but I found it a bit cumbersome when I do
around rivers so I bought a used pair and cut them you can buy short fins but
I decided to just cut old ones and I use this for the river and walk around boots
and go into fins keep you warm I have gloves you’re gonna have socks
for when it gets colder to wear it underneath the boots I also have a
flashlight very strong flashlights around the water have a knife and I also
am ABCD I have a small cut off that I could cut rope this is my name main
knife that I wear on my arm I have tools this I’ll use to dig a bit and then pry
on things if I have to then I have this bag that I’ll hook to the BCD
this makes it float so then I can put the objects breakable objects in there I
want to protect and then just pick up garbage with my other bag
I have a dive flag I’ll put down if I see there’s people around last but not
least masks very useful I have the camera on top so for my camera gear I’m
gonna make a video another time there’s almost as much stuff as this but for now
this is a scuba gear I also set up my truck so I could easily bring everything
so what I did is I built a frame in my truck to hold my tanks and my gear this
opens up in the back I can also put a mattress if I’m diving somewhere remote
and I want to do some camping I actually used it when I went to Toronto except
two nights in it it worked fine so here I only have one tank for now but I have
two more at the shop being inspected because I bought used then I should have
them next week all right so enough for the show-and-tell and let’s go dive I took my time to get to know the area
at the beginning I saw this fish with a crayfish in its mouth probably bass
first time I see that I don’t know how common they feed on crayfish but that
was cool I cheated a bit then I saw a fossil on the rock and then I started
finding a few things I found the knife fisherman’s knife like I’ll clean it up
I’ve been there for a few years I found some bottles nothing extraordinary this
is maybe a ketchup bottle a piece from a ski-doo which led me to have
conversations after the dive and somebody Sanket ski-doo here this winter
I hear from somebody that they took it out a few weeks after so that’s a piece
of it and found a horseshoe so it was good luck and I found some lures a golf
ball and at the end I made my camera the battery dies whenever
wait I’m like that over an hour but I found an old anchor so that’s nice I
have no clue how old it could be but that’s at the tail end of the dive from
this so I’m very happy with this now a great way to fan the hot Sunday
afternoon so good luck with the contest and see you next time

10 thoughts on “What EQUIPMENT I use for my SCUBA DIVING adventures (wrecks, river treasure etc.)”

  1. Nice setup,,like the idea of cutting an old pair of fins. Mermaid sighting at 10:39. Looked like a pretty clean area,nice find on the anchor and fossil

  2. Nice hunt, great job looking it over before you decided. Too many people get hurt not inspecting before they jump in. ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘. Thanks for sharing my friend love your videos and you keeping the water ways safe and getting rid of the trash your truly amazing my friend
    Best wishes
    Constantine mermaid10:38

  3. Hello @scuba, scubydoo ! I saw tge little mermaid @10:39. great area for diving . great looking fish fossil too. Thanks for showing all your equipment & your custom set-up for the truck ๐Ÿ‘. : for sure, the BARE diving suit company owes you, since you can always see their logo on your dives. hit them up when you think its appropriate ! Beautiful location , thanks for explaining why you went there when you did. Great day

  4. Trรจs bon ton vidรฉo…. jโ€™รฉtais au camping pas trop dโ€™internet. Jโ€™aime sa voir comme tu tโ€™amuse ๐Ÿ˜Š continue on aime sa ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  5. I need to upgrade to 7mm. I have a 5mm but when winter hit's, I"m gonna need to keep warm. SOOOO COLD in the winter.

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