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What Are ROCKERED Inline Skates ? -Tutorial-

What Are ROCKERED Inline Skates ? -Tutorial-

hey guys it’s me tiago the french inline skater
let me check our inline skater if you’ve been watching my videos you probably
know that I love to skate with rocker inline skates right man have you asked
me what the hell is a rockered setup let me help you with that in general when
you buy your inline skates their wheels usually have the same size especially
for free skate like the SEPA FR series the rollerblade twisters the press line
imperils etc they usually come with 18 millimeter wheels very good all-around
wheels so when all the wheels have the same size we call this a flat setup we
provide good stability speed but when it comes to maneuverability we are kind of
limited if you want to spice things up I suggest you to rock a rock or set up see
you wanna leave here so you may be asking yourself again what is the rocker
setup basically a rockered setup is when you will have different sizes and this
highly effective behavior of your skate let me give you two examples of rocker
setup the high/low this setup has two large wheels on the back and two smaller
ones on the front which is what we find on hockey skates they increase the
maneuverability a little bit and give you a much more aggressive stance which
will help you do explosive sprint like what you can see during hockey game
the full rocker our slalom setup aka the banana setup this is the setup I use all
the time I’m addicted to it once you get used to the slalom setup it’s hard to go
back to a flat rocker trust me one small wheel on the hill to bigger ones in the
middle and another small wheel on the toe with this setup you’re always
killing on two wheels except when you’re doing winning of
course and this enables you to have an extremely high maneuverability because
it becomes much more easier to turn with this setup so super tight turns won’t be
a big deal for you this is what freestyle skater used for freestyle
slalom for speed slalom and dancing and other disciplines but require a lot of
manipulative but if you won’t manage to go super fast with this setup and it
hasn’t really been made for them this setup is difficult to control on high
speeds because your skates will start to wobble why because the only two wheels
that touch the ground are so close but it’s like if you’re skinny with a mini
frame your skates may start to wobble because of that but don’t worry I’m
actually preparing a tutorial on how to use this set up like a bow but hey you
can go fast with these frames if you know how to control your center of
gravity there are over examples of rockered
setups I’ll put a link in the description to an amazing article I
found on Google about rockered setup I hope you liked this episode don’t forget
to subscribe to see my next tutorial about how to skate on a full rocker
setup also please help me making a skinny more popular machine these videos
your friends you can change everything think about it alright guys see you in
the next episode

49 thoughts on “What Are ROCKERED Inline Skates ? -Tutorial-”

  1. If I've learned anything from you and Mushroom Blading its that you CAN go fast on a rockered setup. Just takes practice!

    Great vid as always!

  2. Hey Tiago! Do you know the Rollerblade Twister? I want to buy them for freestyle. Is it a good choice?
    Love from Germany, Nele!

  3. Front rocker here (just one wheel), faster and less wobbly. The problem I have with full rocker is that it makes legs work so much more just to maintain balance, making me tire faster during regular skating and doesn't really add much benefit if I want to go mostly forwards.

  4. I am bored without my skates … send me one of yours hehe nice video tiago your awsome thanks fir explains

  5. I just graduated today and everyone is asking what I want as a gift and I'm too afraid to ask for skating stuff. graduation and a new video?! best day ever!

  6. Really been wanting to try out a set up like this lately. Really wanna mess around more with mushroom-ing and slalom ?

  7. Great video Tiago! I really like how you make both flow skate videos but also tutorials and videos like this just explaining terms. It's a nice way to keep the viewer interested in your every video 🙂 (Y)

  8. nice skills, nice video. Maybe too much face-picture-on-white-screen, it doesn't really add content value.

  9. Hi-Lo 4 ever! m/ (>.<) m/ it's stable (lets you lean forward and allows you to crouch super-low) and explosive for reasons you are correct to mention. It took my breath away when I discovered you can engage your 'beast engine' and run in your skates with Hi-Lo.

  10. Le meilleur tuto sur les différents montages de roues que j'ai pu voir jusque la !

    Image super claires ! descriptions très simple et précise = compréhension maximal ! même quelqu'un qui ne sais pas c'est quoi des rollers aurait compris !

    C'est claire que le montage "rockered" donne énormément de manœuvrabilité.
    Je l'avais fait grace à mes roues qui s'étaient usées de façon non uniforme (merci le T-stop, et pas changer mes roues assez régulièrement haha ) et on le sens au premier changement de direction, c'est le jour et la nuit de passer du flat au rockered !

    Hâte de voir la suite du tuto !

    J'adore la qualité de ton tutoriel !

    Keep it up !

  11. When I started to inline skate a few months ago, the flat setup really felt too stiff for my liking. Discovered the full rockered banana setup and really enjoyed it. I don't think I can ever go back. Though I'm interested in trying a tri state sometime. How different is the maneuverability between the two, and is a tri skate worth rockering or it shouldn't be done?

    btw you're videos really help me! Thanks. always look forward to your videos. : )

  12. I've used a flat setup for around 4 months when I first started skating, then moved onto a full rocker when I wanted to learn slalom. I've had a full rocker for over a year now and I use it for slalom, roller hockey and the roller disco where I work. I work with a colleague who is a roller figure skater and one time at the disco we were bored and so dared each other to try out a pair of inlines we give out to customers. His disadvantage was that he now had to skate with inlines (as opposed to skates/quads he's used to), and mine was that I had a flat setup and a heel brake again. It also didn't help that the wheels weren't too smooth (we don't lubricate the bearings often so inexperienced customers won't shoot off with no control), so it was quite a workout to keep a steady speed. My colleague struggled with the soft boot (as opposed to his tough leather) and the extra lean, and when he tried going backwards he just fell back. To me the boot was a lot softer than what I'm used to, and the flat setup was ridiculous; no forward-back roll is incredibly obvious when it's not there. They also felt like they really stuck to the ground and were hard to control, and when I tried going backwards I realised why my colleague fell; the rear wheels just locked up on him so to make up for it I had to lean forward at a ridiculously sharp angle. Once I got back on my skates, it felt weird to have the rocker roll again, but after 2-3 laps I was back at it.
    Flat rocker may be good for beginners, but as soon as you want more control or manoeuvrability I highly recommend rocketing your setup.

  13. i have a question between the ilq 9 pro and the ilq classic plus. The pro are just as robust as the classic plus? When jumping and hard landings? i have read the ilq 9 pro are for racing and not so for urban/freestyle action, is this right? Do you know about it?
    si vous ne connaissez pas l'anglais ou non lu peut alors écrire quand même simplement vous ne savez pas. vous ne répondez pas, je n'aime pas, me regarder vos vidéos très heureux de

  14. I love your videos ur my inspiration to skate when I'm older and now just watching ur videos wants me to go skate it would mean the world to me if u game me a shoutout

  15. I'm mainly an aggressive skater, but now that I'm in my mid 30's I picked up some Seba FR1s and I really love the cruising free skate. I'm not going to like though… I wanna skate those cones like you do. It just seems so nimble and ninja like.

    I have not rockered my setup yet, I'm probably going to do it w/ some 76mm wheels on the outside and 80mm on the inside.

    Looking forward to the instructional video!

  16. Hi, my friend!!! my name is Fabiano i'm from Brazil! Let's go subscribe in my channel, please(rsrs). You're a first stranger im my channel!PS: You're films is very cool…

  17. hey Tiago if I were to put a rockered inline setup on my F5S and they already have 80mm stock would 72mm or 76mm wheels be better?

  18. I tried banana rocker and loved it, tight turns great , but at higher speed very unstable and tremendous wear on the middle wheels , you can't change them over or you lose the rocker ! after a few weeks all the wheels became the same diameter . Fabulous maneuvering , bad wear .

  19. My Roces skates have the same size wheel but the far back and forward wheel are lifted up a bit because of how the frame is made.

  20. I got a pair of recreational skates on my birthday, can I change the wheels to make it rockered? thank you!

  21. Is the fr2s worth the extra 30 dollars over the fr3s? What's the difference and is the 30 dollars worth the upgrade?

  22. …. I think I accidently got myself a rockered setup just by using up my wheels and trying to grind them back into usable shape x) Good to know, good to know.

  23. Olá Tiago! I purchased a pair of rockered 243mm frames for an 80mm rockered setup but the shop called me and said that they no longer had the rockered frame in stock and will not be getting it any more. I already have my full set of 80mm wheels and really don't want to go through the hassle of sending 4 back and getting 4x76mm wheels to make a rockered set up with my flat frame. I was thinking that maybe I could skate around for a while with just my front and rear wheels in the frame for a while until they wear down to make them smaller (maybe help the wear along its way by doing some slides) and make the rockered set up I'd like. I have no other options for rockering my set up as I have only a pair of aggressive skates besides my one pair of powerslide imperials and it's my first experience with a rockered set up. What are your thoughts?

  24. I am not so much interested in slalom, but i would like more reactivity for freeride; Do you think that a rockered setup could work?

  25. So is it better to get a rocker setup or can you just put smaller wheels in or do the axels need to be switched around… Seen some with different axle locations …. Or probably just comes down to preference?!

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