3 thoughts on “West Point cadet from Concord dies after skiing accident”

  1. His parents want to preserve his sperm not because they wanted to 'keep a part of him' but because they desperately want grandkids and plan to find a girl to artificially inseminate. Normal people may think this is weird and unethical but they don't understand just how much Asian parents are involved in their kids' lives, how much they invest in them, how attached they are to their son, how important family is to them, and how much they want grandkids and someone take care of them when they're old. Everything has to be about them and what they want, even if it's wrong to do this to their son and even it's not what he would've wanted. Even in death they're can't just put him at rest and celebrate his life.

  2. Army vet here. My soldiers were not allowed to do any activities like skying, mountain bikes, motorcycles. Because of this reason. Anyone who got injured lost rank. I did not care if they were not having fun. My guys 30 plus were allowed to do dangerous activities or extreme sports because they were mature enough. Shame on the academy for not enforcing guys getting injured and safety…

  3. This is a example of soldiers should be banned from extreme activities or skiing. My soldiers I would tell them this. If you break a leg or injure yourself doing any outdoor activities. You will lose rank. I had 4 guys loose rank. West Point needs a ban on activities like this.

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