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Welcome to our Sailboat: We are Full Time Live aboard Sailors

Welcome to our Sailboat: We are Full Time Live aboard Sailors

This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Sailing Vessel Arianrhod. She’s a 1979
Morgan 38.2 that has sailed around the globe once already and she is our mobile
floating production studio and our home and today we are going to give you a
tour, but we have some heavy weather predicted so, first! Arianrhod is a Celtic mythical character. The Silver Moon or the Fair
Maiden and she is also the mother of Dylan. This is our sailboat and right now
we are docked with six dock lines cuz… Welcome to Sailing Vessel Arianrhod. Approximately 215 square feet depending on how you count of modernized retro
amenities. In the fo’c’sle we have a glorious v-berth modified to get the
maximum storage. The fo’c’sle serves mainly as storage for extra baggage,
bedding, clothing, and laundry. Moving aft into the cabin on the starboard side we
have the closet. Aft-ward the closet is the head equipped with this standard
marine pump toilet. Not being equipped with hot water we boil water, put it in
the garden sprayer for a shower. In the salon we are kept warm with our
Cubic Mini wood stove and instruments for Kumbaya. Food storage. I’m a Dometic refrigerator. I’m the same model, but set to freezer mode! STOVE! Welcome to the Navigation Table. Where I creatively endeavor on my archaic computer. Equipped with a new Beta Marine 38 engine Arianrhod is a complete home on the water. After living in a van for nearly two years Arianrhod provides ample space to
work, live, and travel the globe in comparatively stylish luxury. Arianrhod is a sloop rig that has been modified into a unique cutter as to be able to carry two different furling head sails making her an incredibly versatile vessel. Our forward most sail is our Genoa and our biggest of the primary sails. Aft of the Genoa is the Jib which has significantly less sail area than the Genoa. Attached to the mast is our main sail which has three reefing points for heavy weather. We also have a Spinnaker and a Storm Jib which stay stored below. Recently equipped with davits we store a 9.9 HP motor in our dinghy astern. Arianrhod is equipped with a slew of
equipment: PFD’s, a life raft, as well as an extra 35 gallons of diesel bringing the
total carrying capacity of diesel to 75 gallons providing 150 hours
of engine run time. We also carry a total of 10 gallons of petrol for our dinghy.
On the bow we are equipped with a 20 kilo Rocna Anchor and two hundred foot of
chain. We have held with this anchor in 30-plus knots of wind. We have drug
anchor in the record-breaking 80 nautical mile an hour Bora. Our second
anchor we have actually never used and I don’t really know anything about it, BUT
it probably would have kept us solid in that Bora. Let’s haul her out and take a look at under the water line Arianrhod has 30 feet six inches on the water line. She has five feet on the draft. She’s designed with an elongated fin keel with a skag attached rudder. She’s ballasted with six thousand eight
hundred pounds of lead and in the aft portion of the keel there’s a 15 gallon
waste holding tank. With her voluptuous curves she displaces seventeen thousand two
hundred pounds of water. Arianrhod is a well functioning sound seafaring
vessel but is by no means perfect. The AIS sometimes works. The radar doesn’t work. The MFHF transceiver doesn’t work This stereo doesn’t work. This battery monitor doesn’t work. I took out the water heater because when the engine was on it would dump all our potable water. I’ve never used this monitor. Some of the outlets don’t even work. The horn doesn’t work. The speakers kind of work. The important part of the autopilot does work most of the time. The anchor control
from the cockpit don’t work and the depth gauge does work. The wind indicator is literally only working because we’re filming it, it NEVER works. And the knot
meter works as well as a knot meter works. The water maker doesn’t work and I can’t
figure out why. The shower doesn’t work but we have an alternative. Forward
burner on the stove that doesn’t actually even exist. The other traveler stop…that goes lost to the sea. With a 300 watt poly-crystalline solar panel and
a 200 watt wind generator, an alternator a generator, and occasionally shore power
we are able to keep our 750 amp hour 12 volt flooded lead-acid battery bank
alive but we are soon in need to upgrade to lithium polymer. As is nearly all things in life Arianrhod has a
laundry list of things to do. Now it’s time to Explore Life Together. I hope you’re excited because up next is our first
sail after four and a half months of turmoil on land. This is how we do voice-over in Arianrhod. If you like our FLORB motion graphic…well, that was
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  1. What's gucccii my brothers and sisters. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying this glorious sunday! Had a whole hoot and a half making this video for you, I hope you enjoyed it. What's your favorite part about Arianrhod?

  2. Love the interview with Sailing Doodles, a great introduction to your channel. do you mind sharing which sailing school you attended in Fla? My wife and I want to enroll for a week in Fla. We live in Quebec and there is nothing around here like that. cheers

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