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Welcome to Hong Kong Featuring Luk Chun Yin | Skate | VANS

Welcome to Hong Kong Featuring Luk Chun Yin | Skate | VANS

My name is Luk Chun Yin, everybody calls me Chun Jai I ride for Vans Hong Kong  Street skating in Hong Kong is not easy There aren’t a lot of spots and security is everywhere to kick you out  Back in the day there were no skateparks either  only until recently did parks start popping up in Hong Kong When I was younger I used to skate at a spot for marriage registration in Shatin  We called this spot “Double Happiness” because of the big red characters on the ground  It was for newly weds There wasn’t much at this spot Just couple of ledges, a 2 stair and flatground And that’s what we skated But on weekends there were almost 200 people skating there The atmosphere was amazing  And I have some of my best memories there Rain like this is common in Hong Kong  Luckily Vans and 8FIVE2SHOP have come together To build Hong Kong’s only indoor skatepark  So even if the weather is rainy like this  We can still skate together and practice 852 was my first sponsor  They’ve sponsored me for over 10 years now  And helped me out a lot And made it possible to ride for Vans  It’s been great riding for Vans They’ve given me the opportunity to travel abroad for tours and contests  And because of that I’ve been able to meet people from different walks of life Like Piet from Australia and Xiao Ji from Hangzhou Despite our different styles We motivate each other in many ways  And that’s why I enjoy skating with them  We’re now at a well known Hong Kong spot Morrison Hill  It’s Hong Kong’s most iconic spot  It was originally a bicycle track/rollerblade rink And skateboarders adopted it and made it their own now

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