We Love Snow: Scott Lafferty

My name is Scott Lafferty and I am an
expert skier. I’ve been coming to Mount Snow for 30 years. I skied all weekends, all my vacations when I was a kid up here. And then now that I have a family, every
minute we can we come up here and we ski. In the North Face, it’s a shorter
steeper run. It’s a good mix where half the trails are going to be bumped up, the
other half are going to be groomed and then you got plenty of tree skiing in
between. We got one of the steepest trails in the East. It’s got a range of
trails that are 20 to 24 degrees in pitch all the way up to Ripcord which
peaks out at 34-35. I love skiing trees. You have to have uh you have to be looking way ahead of you, you have to be smooth you can catch a little air but you can’t
be out of control. You’re just cranking out runs on steeps where you can just
ski bumps until your legs give out and you get on a chairlift and then you go do
it again so you have that time to for your legs to recover just enough time to
hop back in and do it again and again. Like these trails are steep, which is
real real cool as a skier who likes to ski steep stuff like this has it for you. I’m Scott Lafferty and I love the North Face.

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