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War for Peace 6/6 (Krig för Fred) Swedish Afghanistan Documentary (English Subtitles)

War for Peace 6/6 (Krig för Fred) Swedish Afghanistan Documentary (English Subtitles)

Since the 1300th century men in Afghanistan
have competed against each other on horses –
regardless of war and peace. The riders battle over a dead sheep. Today it’s a national sport called Bozkashi. You ride, you swing at the
opponent with your one arm. Try and capture this 50kg
sheep cadaver and lift it up, – – then make your way through this
neighing and prancing sea of horses. Then get this sheep cadaver inside
the sawdust ring. That takes a man. Last Bozkashi some shots were fired. Unfortunately it was a 16 year
old boy that took the bullet. Bozkashi for me, that’s Afghanistan.
Everyone against everyone. Suddenly someone forms a team. Then
another forms, then somebody changes team. Everyone against everyone.
That’s Afghanistan. War for Peace Ten Dollar Talibans After three days of hard battles between the
Swedish-Afghan forces and Talibans in the mountains, – – a number of insurgents have decided to give up.
They have earlier fought over a mast. They will now become a part of the
Afghan security forces as local police. See them? Now I see them! Watch the curvy road all the time. Precisely at the ravine up there,
down to the road. Up there are they. Sierra Lima has spread the information.
Communicate with Sierra Lima. Over. One RPG. Four RPG grenades.
All persons armed. From Victor-Golf 30, everyone should use
personal discretion since they are armed. -Be prepared. Over.
-All are armed. Talk to the company chief so they
are really disarmed and searched. Also that they check
for suicide vests. Over. Wonder what they are saying.
“Hey how are you doing?” – “Hi brother!” The Afghan police, ANP, suddenly comes down with
the Taliban’s. They plan to take them to Jarghan. That feels real fucking nice,
them driving by laughing and waving … -I understand correct they are going to join ANP?
-They give up here and join ANP after. It’s like taking the Hells Angels leader
and saying he can become police chief. Ambassador Krister Bringéus works with the
civilian part of Sweden’s commitment in Afghanistan. He has been called to a meeting with
the security chief for NDS in Sore-pol, – – to discuss the reintegration
program for former-insurgents. We are now at the point where the international
society wants to hand over security responsibility, – – to the Afghan authorities.
Is this realistic? We have experience with it from before: When the Soviets left Afghanistan.
How was the government supposed to make it? One increased the number of soldiers – – and gave them more modern weapons, – – so they could take over responsibility
when the transition occurred. In order to take over security responsibility – – it’s necessary to expand the military force. The new soldiers must receive
training and education. They must be equipped so they can take over
the international security force areas. Then it won’t be a big deal. It’s hard to imagine there being a military
solution to the conflict in Afghanistan. Do you see any possibilities – – for dialog with Taliban?
Possibilities for an internal peace process? Yes, it’s a possibility.
We support the process. As government representatives we
also try to get them over to our side. I can assure you we have
contact with other groups. We try to get them to support the
government and join the peace process. Are you certain those Taliban’s that just
surrendered are … so to speak, “real”? That they really mean it and not that
they just want to stay over for the winter. 14 Armed Taliban’s Mr. Gadai… -Your father’s name?
-Rahmatullah. We are very grateful that so many
shows interest in changing sides. We are very grateful that you boys
here want to protect your nation. Why did you choose to come down
from the antenna and contact NDS? We were asked to
come and present ourselves. We agreed that we wanted to
support our government instead of fighting. We have been fooled. The people was brainwashed.
Everyone you see here have been brainwashed. It just takes one person raising arms against the
government and the area is unsecure for aid organizations. If there are weapons, and they are
used against the military or police, – – a village or area like this will
no longer be considered secure. How will you be cooperation with the
government forces from now on? We will cooperate 100%. These are the men that have surrendered,
could be the ones that fired on us. When they have surrendered to the government side,
as a sign of trust they are give their weapons back – – so they are able to defend themselves. The idea is that they over time
will work for the government. Therefore they need their weapons so they
can work as local police in their villages. But it feels weird coming from Sweden,
not taking away their weapons. Also feels weird standing here as you can see with
men holding RPG’s and Kalashnikovs in their hands. The Afghan Security Police have received
information that more Taliban’s want to surrender. New orders reach the Swedish soldiers in Jarghan. Orientation about the situation: NDS have received reports that insurgents
are reinforcing the mast – – with intentions to keep it. The company chief have been given
verbal orders to take the mast. From what level this
order comes from is unclear. Those messing around in this,
talks to higher levels. That’s wrong really, because now
they are dictating detail decisions. But both them and we belong to
military organizations and follow orders. So if the chief says
take the bloody mast again, – – then we will do it.
It’s just going up the hill again. But they must explain what
the purpose of us going up there is. There must be a reason.
Or else it’s just stupid. The only somewhat intelligent
reason mentioned so far, – – is that there will be Taliban’s
there wanting to surrender. We will defend our village, When the government forces tell us to
to come fight against terrorists, against Taliban, – – then we will act,
we will go there and fight. So if the police tell you now to come
and assault the mast. Will you do it? I’ll go in front of you he says. We will establish a post
in the same area as last time. It could go in several different directions.
One: They could surrender. In that case they would be brought back here. Or as earlier, they could shoot at us. Now we have said that everyone have a chance
to surrender. And those who don’t, – – will be considered hostiles when we assault
the mast again. Those left we’ll view as enemies. The security chief has arranged for
Christer Bringéus and chief Mikael Nilsson,- – can meet another group of resistance men in
Sare-pol who just surrendered a few weeks ago. The last few weeks we have seen
some strange kind of exodus. Insurgents and rebels have chosen to
lay down weapons in our provinces. They are embraced by the governor, kissed on the
cheek, now brothers. Get to keep their weapons. Then go up the mountains again and turn their
weapons 180 degrees against their former colleagues. What kind of phenomenon this is I have a hard time
putting a finger on. But something is happening here. With god’s help each and every one,
despite being young boys – – can fight against a hundred Taliban’s.
They are not just boys, they are like wolves. The long term solution must be finding – – some kind of inner Afghan balance,
and an outer long term balance. That involves Pakistan, the most important foreign
actor here being able to accept such a solution. If we were to withdraw right now,
the country would collapse. Chaos, civil war, Taliban coming back
in large parts of the country. Laying down their arms is probably
not an easy step for several of them, – – because their families
could face serious reprisals. But it’s complex, within the capitulant’s
there could be infiltrators, – – and others who just want food and roof over their
heads for the winter only to come back fighting later. May I ask you gentlemen if you
come from the same rebel group? -Do you belong to the same rebel group?
-Yes How many insurgents are left out there? 70 Armed Taliban’s Sierra Lima this is Sierra Golf, we are advancing on
the last 500 meters towards the top with our vehicles. Footsteps 12:30 in the snow.
Over. Be careful. Victor Golf, can you hear me from here? Over. We took the mast without any combat.
Over. Yes we have contact with the ones
that want to surrender. -How long time will it take?
-I’ll call them now, so we’ll see. -How will we be able to recognize them?
-I have their phone numbers. It’s a very strange system they have.
One day you can be Taliban. And the next day you can come back and even
become member of the Afghan security forces. There doesn’t seem to be any consequence for them.
A couple of days ago they fired upon us. But whatever they have done in the past.
It feels like all is forgiven and forgotten now. Not something we would accept in Sweden.
I don’t trust it. Just now we are waiting for the insurgents
coming up here to surrender. They have to 14:30 to get here. We have received information
they are on their way. Thereafter we begin the return trip
before the dark comes. Over. The gathered force waits for the Taliban’s. Only the police have contact with the ones who
want to give up. The outcome is still uncertain. But a bit below the mast the police chief
suddenly encounters armed men. How many are they? Over. Repeat numbers. -Quite the bunch you handed over.
-Yeah. -Bloody hell. -A high number. Initially wanted to take each person’s name and picture
but… After some consideration won’t be doing that. Dear friends.
I am happy you have come here. I stand on your side.
Together we will defend our territory. -Alright?
-Everyone have the same goal. We thank you for wanting to
protect our poor and innocent We stand on your side. Now we will
gather the young and strong. Some will go to the army,
some to the police. Those who don’t want to go far from home
can join the local police. We will hire them, give them pay,
weapon and ammunition. -Then they will be able to defend their area.
-Of course we will defend our area! Now I will leave for Sare-pol.
You defend the area until our forces take over. The Swedish unit receives a phone call
from another Afghan police unit in the area, – – some miles away north from
the mountain that have a problem. They ask the police chief and Swedish unit
for help since they are under fire. They come from the village and shoot on us.
We must have air support. -Which village are they in?
-Are you in the village Ulghani? Ulghani village.
Yes, I’ll hand over the phone now. What they reported now was lots of fighting
and that they needed help from air support. They estimated 50 enemies and upwards,
one police officer has died so far. -Do you have anyone with them on that side?
-There is none from ISAF on these units. So our possibilities to get airplanes
out there are severely limited? Parallel with us assaulting this mast
an assault was conducted to the north – – where they encountered pretty stiff
resistance and one policeman died on duty. We’ll therefore send these men back to defend their
villages. But this time on the governments side. -Sit down.
-But we were going down. -Our armed men are going there.
-Good, good. -Do you have a bodyguard with you?
-Yes. It’s a very big problem
that they simply switch sides. That they from one day are
friends with ANA and ANP, – – to next day being insurgents. It also has to do with the living conditions here.
We call them “10 Dollar Taliban’s”. They have it so bad financially, and get
offered 10 dollars to shoot on ANA or ANP. It’s not that they are outright convinced Taliban’s,
but most live under such bad conditions. We had a good instructor who said – – in Afghanistan you should only be amazed
at the times where you don’t get amazed. And it fits rather precisely. Since January 2011 there have been no Swedish
troops in neither Jarghan nor Nghala. Several of the 70 Taliban’s that became
police have since changed sides and are
now fighting against ANA and ANP. By Swedish parliamentary decision Afghan
military and police are to take over
the security responsibility in 2014.

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  1. Håller med! Det är ett helvette att hitta serier som sänds på SVT eftersom Play bara har dem uppe i en vecka eller något efter sista sändning. Sen läggs dem i något arkiv nånstans. Tycker bra serier som denna borde finnas officielt upplagda någonstans så att allmänheten kan se.
    YouTube är mer värdefullt en vad man kan tro.
    Tack 'Metziker' igen.

  2. snubben på 19:54 har ju fan en dp28 lol, rysk kulsprutsgevär från andra världskriget…Tycker det e häftigt att dom fortfarande använder gamla vapen ;o

  3. En sak som slår mig är hur tur våra soldater har det som befinner sig i ett relativt säkert område. Kollar man på de amerikanska och brittiska styrkorna som befinner sig i Helmand-provinsen så är det som natt och dag. Såg bl.a. en dokumentär där en brittisk pluton var ute på fältet i 81 dagar och var i eldstrid varje dag, ibland i flera timmar i sträck. Visst har svenska styrkor också blivit beskjutna, men långt ifrån i samma uttsträckning.

  4. man använder det man kan använda rätt ofta om det är nästan krig mellan talibaner och folk som försvarar sitt land…:(

  5. Fra 1950, under den kalde krigen, og etter invasjon i 1979, har russerne bistått Afghanistan med tonnevis av penger. Gamle våpen er nok en stor del av alt dette. 🙂

  6. Ryktet om 10 dollar talibaner, verkar vara sant, om man ska tro på klippet. Ryser när jag tänker på att soldaterna måste slåss tillsammans med de som nyss gått över till deras sida. Vem vet när de får för sig att byta sida igen om allt som krävs är runt 10 dollar?

  7. 12:10
    Common, isnt it obvious?
    When Nato showed up with overwhelming force. They just gamed the system by "surrendering" because they knew they would just get a pat on the back and let go instead of being gunned down on the hill. If these forces though they had a good chance of winning they wouldnt have surrendered. Its called a RUSE!

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