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Wakeboarding in the non-traditional sense – Trajinera Jumpers 2010

Wakeboarding in the non-traditional sense – Trajinera Jumpers 2010

It’s beautiful here, the water is nice.
I think it’s very green here, lots of landscaping, lots of people and everyone seems very nice,
and makes you feel you are at home. When I got here, the locals of the place warned
me about a story that goes around. They said… that if you are a foreigner with
a pure heart and a pure soul, you will immediately fall in love of the place; you fall in love
of the people, the colors and the passion that surrounds the area, but be carefully
they told me. If the place loves you in return, you will get lost and you will never come
back. Trajinera, is pretty much a wooden boat, its
pretty basic, a Trajinera colors are very bright, I like bright colors so I like them,
It could be yellow red, turquoise, typically bright colors, very noticeable, very Mexico
style, I like it. Trajinera Jumpers is an idea that red bull
had for us to come here and come to this area, you know in Mexico city there is not a whole
lot of water, no places to wakeboard and wake skate so, it´s a very unique place and has
a lot of history and stuff so to be able to bring some modern action sports to a traditional
Mexican area is what the idea was, so we built so rails on top of the boats and we are gonna
hit them like we do at home and bring it down to Mexico city. just excited to go out there and give it a
shot, I have never try to do this before so very different for me but kind of cool and
I never hade done a winch before, so that will be interesting. So then I came down a couple of month ago
and we designed the rails over the boats and we wanted to make some features that would
be kind of easy to hit but also that look still look that the natural landscape that
goes on here everyday so we just try to make it look as natural as possible but also have
a modern rails and kickers and stuff, so it’s what are used to hitting but in a more traditional
setting. You know I am taking home a lot of fun memories
today, we got to hit some fun rails and ended up being a place where you don’t get to
normally wakeboard or wakeskate, so to be able to come down and to do that was exciting
and I think we have good time. Everyone that was riding have a good time, so hopefully
we put a good show for everybody and we can come back and do it again some time
I would say what I will be taking home is just been able to tell stories and to say
this was my first time I was able to hit a winch and do a rail jam, like ever, so here
in Mexico it was definitely my first rail jam and it was a lot of fun and to see Grubb
go out and to see him pulling some tricks and to do some myself was very cool and I
felt I got something accomplished Phil Collins once said, I see your true colors
and that is why I love you, but I think he never made it to Xochimilco. Other wise he
would have written, this is Xochimilco, and this is why I love you. Damn I love this place

27 thoughts on “Wakeboarding in the non-traditional sense – Trajinera Jumpers 2010”

  1. falto difusion la banda no se entero, pero buena vibra para los riders y los de red bull que hacen este tipo de eventos en el country

  2. i feel bad for the people who is racist…
    who told them that they can judge between persons
    we all come from the same part…

  3. These videos need less bullshit at the beginning, the action scenes are fantastic, but they dont need to start with a documentary.

  4. jumps look sick.. if you take the time to make that setup tho….can we see some bigger tricks? i've been wakeboarding for a year and a half and i can pull all that shit… GO BIG OR GO HOME!

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