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Hello everyone, welcome to this second episode of our travel diaries on the Atlantic. Our passage on the island of Lanzarote allows us to discover more detail about the life on a sailboat. We do our first laundry. We tinker… And Natha even takes those first steps at the helm of the ship. We then sail towards the anchorage of Papagayo… located south of the island. We anchor 200 meters from a beautiful beach along many cliffs… and enjoy the ocean with many German nudists. We take the opportunity to explore the surroundings and discover the beautiful beaches that face our boat. A few days later we leave for a first big navigation of 95 miles. We unfurl the genoa, hoist the mizzen and sail along the horizon. The sun goes down and we divide the night in 4 quarters in order to always have a person in command of the boat. Unfortunately, bad weather from the north of Europe create a swell that we receive non-stop on the side of the boat and we are very strongly move from left to right. Verdict of our first night at sea. Fortunately, after the effort, comes the comfort and the next day we are graciously rewarded by the discovery of our first dolphin bench! They follow the sailboat and jump from all sides, a magical show Finally, we arrive at the port of Las Palmas and anchor at anchor in front of a beach near the commercial port. Satisfied with this first experience in the giant pot that is the Atlantic Ocean. We arrive at 13h and fall asleep to recover from this beautiful navigation completed in 21h. We spend a few days on the island of Grand Canaria between purchase for the boat… and visit the old town… and beaches … We admire locals of all ages playing for hours at many beach games. Our stay on Gran Canaria also allows us to attend the departure of the ARC (Atlantic Rally of Cruising). This great mass of sailing allows many sailboat to sail in groups to join the Caribbean in a safe way. This year was therefore the thirtieth edition and not less than 200 sailboats and catamarans it was slender to the conquest of the Atlantic Ocean. The atmosphere is festive and we can discover some really beautiful boats. For our part we will continue a few days later our tour of the Canary Islands sailing to Tenerife. A VERY SPORTIVE navigation to travel the 52 miles that separates us from the famous volcanic island. At the exit of the port, one sees in the distance waves of several meters advancing towards our ship … We are not experts yet but we know it’s a bad sign During 12h we are blown from right to left and we undergo a swell of sides with hollows (waves) up to 5 meters! I puke several time on the side of the sail boat And at the end of the sailing trip the automatic pilote is broken… Natha and Patrice take turns taking turns to reach the marina of Santa Cruz. On the meter, we can see that the wind has risen to 40 knots, almost 74 km / h! Thanks for watching this new episode. We’ll meet you soon to share the rest of our adventures. And if you liked the video, do not hesitate to like it, share it and subscribe to our channel. Find us also on our Blog, FaceBook or Instagram.


  1. Et voilà, l'épisode 2 est dispo. On espère qu'il vous plaira. Pour ceux intéressé à voir des dauphins c'est à partir de 1:50 et pour voir quelques grosses vagues, rendez-vous à 3:30 ENJOY !

  2. hello…. awesome sailing video . Have you shared it on ? ( a worldwide free sailing community ) .
    ps : i subscribed

  3. C’est le genre de conditions qui nous font de temps en temps nous poser la fameuse question : qu’est-ce que je fait la ???. Thierry.

  4. 1 abonné de + en espérant l'épisode #3 si vous vous êtes rétablies 😉 peux-tu en dire + sur ton "inexpérience", l’équipage: quelqu'un connait l’océan , tu as fait quel permis. Magnifique voyage

  5. Bravo,, belle leçon de courage que de partir en mode néophyte .
    Avec un peut de toile le bateau aurait moins bouchonné.
    Au plaisir de vous croiser sur les mers.

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