Vlog – Figure Skating – 05 – Disney Blind Test (FR language – EN subs)

Hi everyone !
Welcome to my 5th training session Today I am with the company
of Sir Lucas again Still the same Still the same
The only one ! #UPGRADING
2017.10.22th So today
I will go on the same training standard
as last week and the previous one. I know, it looks boring
said like that, kinda a routine but it’s very important to me because I need to make
all my elements more reliable. Just to make me, during the shows, then,
able to do jumps, spins
all stuff in any condition… That’s why I will
go back on a jump session Jump combinations.
Jumps with some sequences before. Double Axel.
Because I need it to be
more reliable for having a success rate close
to a hundred percent. Always some steps
to warm-up. It’s always good to work with
ankles, knees and thighs. That’s why I am doing the movement
at the same time, see. Very classy… Before starting
a jump session because if I start a
jump session without any warm-up I will take the risk to
pull something
or to slam the ice. So….
We will go slowly, first. I will go on a
Double Salchow. With a sequence…
I don’t know which one yet. Without combination.
A simply Double Salchow.
Only one jump. 2 revolutions of rotation. And a little sequence to have
a “surprise effect” for the jump. This time, I will go on a
Double Salchow/Double Loop
combination. We’ll see how it works because it’s been 3 weeks
I started jump combinations and I still have issues
on. I think my ankles aren’t used to bounce that fast anymore. I become wishy-washy ! and more… So then, what do you think
of my Double Salchow/Double Loop ? Honestly, it was really sh***y.
You are really awful, Jeremy. I even do it better than you
so calm down… Go to do a inside three turn then we can talk…
Or go to do a correct upright spin… That’s it. – Because he’s dabbing when he do an upright spin (Jeremy)
– Exactly. Entirely… (Lucas) Look, it could be a level criterion… – …or a variation… A variation of position ! (Jeremy)
– This is a style… it’s my style… just shut up. (Lucas) Variation of position on an upright spin.
Dabbing… Then, I will go on a
Double ToeLoop jump and Lucas, right here,
will record me. So, this ToeLoop,
we’ll do it like the Double Salchow aka the first one simply
without any combination
with a “surprise effect” sequence and next, we’ll try it in a combination
with a Double Loop. Maybe. It succeed last week. Well, it’s better than last week
but it’s still slow… Usually, it doesn’t take me
that time to go on the Loop jump That’s it.
And we’ll go on the Loop jump now. Like the Salchow and ToeLoop jumps
with a “surprise” sequence though I don’t know
which one with yet… And… with a combination
after the “surprise” sequence. I rather did the same sequence
than the 3rd training session. Right.
I will go on Double Flip. This time, I remove
the combination.
For the moment… But I stay on the hard sequences… Anaïs Ventard,
this time I succeed it on
the first one ! Seriously, you should applause me.
Even doing hearts to me. And… yeah.
Because I’m the best ! I don’t believe it !
They put some Disney ! (Singing Aladdin in French) I am going on Double Lutz. Without combination.
With just my little steps before because I like to do it before.
It gives to me some rythmes. AND LET’S GO ! And, obviously,
Malbete is’t here to see
that I succeed it on the first try while last week
he said to me : “you are not very friendly
with the Double Lutz jump” but today
I am Well, I will go
on Double Axel. But I need some Single Axel
to warm-up because it’s not an easy jump
for me… … and there it’s Mulan. Isn’t it ? Yes ! It’s Mulan. She has her horse
like that She has just gotten beat up
by the matchmaker. And right now
she will do : (Singing Mulan’s Reflexion song in French) Well, Solenne
yep. I did 2-3 Double Axel
reallyyyyyy… … which are really…
I mean…
really really good. I am waiting for yours.
Really. In fact, I think that, after a while,
people will believe that I hate Solenne That we hate each other… but in fact, it’s our way
to like each other ! It’s the best friendship
which exist like this. Wha, Right now,
I do a special dedication to Lucas
because it’s his favorite Disney. We are listening to
The Beauty And The Beast,
Yup. And I do a Dedication to all I
supervised for this 2014 ice skating gala who did the Beauty and the Beast
Ballet. So I do a dedication to
all my chicks. My little yellow chicks.
And my big beasties ! – and me, I was the nutty daddy (Jeremy)
– Yeah that’s it (Lucas)
– Yep (Jeremy)
– This is it (Lucas) That’s it It’s 10.45 am.
It’s been… a bit more than 1 hour
we are on the ice… and I already finished
the jump session… I think though It’s incredible.
The longer it goes on, the faster I am
to do a jump session. (both)
We will start the spin session. – Yeeaaah (Lucas)
– Peanuts (the French version of Horses and all)… it’s amazing ! (Jeremy) I need them to rotate faster
because I find they aren’t enough
fast yet. And…
It will be even more beautiful…
More Impressive… even more exceptional to have spins with
a speed rotation which are more impressive…
and I need to work more
on this Deathdrop on the flying sit spin to make it…
like more… amazing. Well, i don’t a endings
very confident, in fact… but I don’t think it’s
because of having the head spin
because I don’t feel dizzy anymore. But, more because I
end like on my jumps : Setting my leg.
Because I have a bad use:
It’s to set my leg in an ending. So, obviously
when you set your legs, that you are a bit stiff…
You aren’t very stable on the ice. So you have to
flex the leg again in an ending. Advice N°1
by Jeremy Hervier ! The ending was better The starting wasn’t
very exceptional…
Anyway, It will on improvement I know that Marie-Pierre
Like this spin starting.
So I will keep it. Well. About the variation of position
I put on the spin with Deathdrop, I need to work on it. I didn’t really work it yet.
But I like it, in this way. This is a very beautiful position
to look at but which ask some
trainings to succeed it especially for me
who don’t have a lot of ankle flexibilities. – Do you recognise this song ? (Jeremy)
– Yeah it’s… (Lucas)
– DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS SONG ? (Jeremy) – Yeah ! (Lucas)
– YEAH ! (Jeremy)
– YEAH ! (Lucas) – YEAH ! (Jeremy)
– YEAH ! OH YEAH ! (Lucas)
– YEAH ! THIS IS “UNDER THE SEA” ! (Jeremy) (Singing The Little Mermaid “Under The Sea” song in french) Right,
I will try the Flying sit spin on the same foot. Not the “Normal version”
aka with the left foot because, usually,
I look like an elephant when I am
doing this one. Yeah !
I weigh 64Kg (141lb) 64Kg (141lb) and I skate like an
elephant on the left foot. So, I will do it
with the right foot. Don’t you think it’s… amazing that I start to do
some split jumps – on “You Can Fly” from Peter Pan ? (Jeremy)
– Yeah (Lucas) Plus,
it was my childhood song ! (Both)
Coincidence ? I don’t think so… Yep.
I dedicate this song
To my mum… … to my dad…
who listened to me singing running everywhere
believing I could fly in the flat, 3rd floor
at The Navarre, Roanne. On this song…
“You Can Fly ! You Can Fly ! You Can Fly!”
Yeah that’s it ! Now, I can fly… Whaaaaa ! This joke ! That’s it !
about the split jump… I need some practice.
I need to stretch a bit the adductors muscles
a bit the legs
because, They don’t really go up.
More, my legs don’t go up at the same time ! So I look like
a half nimble cat You know, like
these cats which we can see
on these videos Fail ! So it’s me !
It’s me on the split half flip. – What do you think of Lucas ? (Jeremy)
– It’s fine (Lucas) He doesn’t think about a lot , in fact.
Here, he is apathetic – It’s too early in the morning for him (Jeremy)
– True (Lucas)
– He’s apathetic (Jeremy) Sooooo… Lady and the Tramp – This is The Lady and The Tramp (Jeremy)
– Yeaaaaah (Lucas) So
For this video For this 5th Training Session
the main theme will be : Do you recognise your
Disney Song ? They changed the soundboard’s playlist And Seriously
It’s rather epic sometimes I don’t know all the Disney classics And sometimes I don’t know
all the songs so… shame on me…
shame on me… But I recognised The Lady and the Tramp.
I recognised Peter Pan, twice… I recognised Tarzan,
I recognised The Lion King
The Beauty and The Beast… I recognised Cinderella.
On the first note, with the bells
I recognised Cinderella. I recognised Snow White.
Both Snow White… I recognised Mulan I recognised Aladdin And… The Little Mermaid !
And Bambi. We listened to Bambi… We probably listened to
Yeah ! This is a big time.
It’s all my childhood which spend the 2 hours of training on the ice. It’s a big time.
It’s some great memories. I will mostly go on some spirals now some steps
stuff like this to enhance again, we can say, my figure skating inventory. This… it’s the Simpson.
It’s not a Disney…
Yeah ! I didn’t really watch to the Simpson…
I know Spider-Pig that’s not that bad… is it ? So this one
Is to Guillaume Because I remember :
In the Orcières Camp – You criticised the fact that… (Jeremy)
-… criticised ! (Lucas) – Shut up ! Let me talk to Guillaume !
From man to man ! Guillaume ! This one was for you !
Because I remember that you criticised the fact… in an improvisation session in the Orcières Camp … that I didn’t do the inside back edge
in my spread eagle So, this inside back edge is for you. This training session
is about to end. It was fine. I have a success rate, now,
On all my double revolutions rotation jumps
Until Double Lutz really good.
Close to a hundred percent. Apart for the combination jumps.
but they are out from the topic. About the Double Axel,
we will say that, after the last session when I made a mistake by trying to change the course it needed obviously
some times to reframe a bit but I don’t worry
about it. About spins – It wasn’t bad ! (Jeremy)
– Noooo… (Lucas) The jumps on
the flying sit spins with
death drops are better Really I tried again the flying sit spins
with the same foot I will practice it more I will practice more the position
with the foot backward on the sit spin
because it’s really beautiful About the spirals
and… about these elements… like
The unlisted elements uhmmmm…
to practice especially the split half flip. It would be cool that you do…
well… I do !
because, we don’t care about you yeah me. I do nothing. I do a split half flip with
a jump after or a spin or something… it’s catchy.
it’s a smoke and mirrors.
but a good one ! So, we’ll meet up again
next week with whom…
I don’t know yet… because Marie is
very very ill I contacted her
a bit sooner. She must have a machine
to breath To make some inhalations… everyday. it’s finished.
I think I won’t see her on the ice before a long time. Well. Though.
I’ll see.
There’s still a bit Lucas There’s Lora-Line I need to fix it with people …. I am treated like s***
because he doesn’t like me… … while I am recording him
and I am kind… (his moaning…) We’ll see. Well,
You still follow Patin’air on Facebook
and their website I put the links
on the description. Stop it ! Now he knows
the sentences by hand. You can follow me
on Youtube by clicking on the link
which is here, normally Last week, I didn’t
show the wrong side So normally now
I am not wrong… You can follow me on Instagram same, by clicking on the link
in the description. I say to you
“See you next week”.
And I hope I will receive some news, about
the tour
and more. – So see you next week ! (Jeremy)
– Byyyyyyeeee ! (Lucas)

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