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Now we’ve skied down from the first summit of the day Sooooooo fun!!!! We were on the small peak up there There were powder snow the first part and then good slush the last part down Just amaaaazing skiing! Think – powder and slush in the same run!! Don’t know what’s the hardest, to go up or ski down My legs hurt so much Aksel Lund Svindal, Kjetil Jansrud & co, what you do down those hills – just insane and WOW… Time is a bit past 13 pm We’ve been to our first summit of today, “Taskedalshornet” Up there Now we’re trying to catch our friends Who we just left this morning when they ate breakfast And used the excuse I have now figured you ALWAYS use “Guys, Ingrid needs to exercise, so we have to go faster and further than you” Let me just tell you!! The truth behind Norway’s probably most weird and most nerd couple: Our goal is to stay outside the whole day Our goal is not that I should exercise – that’s just a bonus 😉 Anyway, we’re trying to catch them because they had a head start We’ll see if we’ll make it! Will be tough! A good day!! Outside all day everyday!! Welcome back to Ingrid’s travel/geography vlog western Norway edition Today we’re ski touring “Hesteskotraversen” The first summit is “Søre Klauva” *having a discussion on how to pronounce it* 😂 *trying my best to talk the local accent* And there is “Klauva” and last but not least will we climb “Kirketaket” from the narrow and steeper side Are you happy, Trygve? – Answering in English apparently… So many nice people in the mountains One of the many reasons why I love the mountains 6 pm and we’re on the last summit of the day Still far home.. But we realised on the top of “Kirketaket”, 2000 vertical meters were not enough So we did 1000 more.. My new favorite place, just look!! Måndalen/”Moon valley” wow Will definitely come back here, if anyone was wondering..! Yesterday I got a hole in both of my camelbaks Had a “good mood” when the water spilled out in my back Today we’ll definitely use bottles All of my bottles disappears shows up in Trygve’s car, at Trygve’s office That’s life Not a bad view after some climbing, Tina My new favorite place on earth everyone Have to pee!! will now pee with the best view ever – What are you doing now, girls?? We are trying to solve an Easter rebus you have made for us! I told them, Tina, that luck in love are them (first hint: luck in love) Tina: True.. Tina’s boyfriend: You didn’t think about that, did you, Tina?? – Ingrid thought that Lottery tickets!! Maybe we will have some luck here too What’s up with your eye? I don’t know if you can see it but on our afternoon climbing – which was pretty heavy considering time was 9:30 pm when we came home but anyway, I got a twig in the eye Luckily my right eye and not my shooting eye!! Hint 2: bread in golden bush

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