Vlog 02 – Scubadiving in Sattahip

I haven’t dived in so long, I am so
excited. This is gonna be awesome. I wish you guys could see this from your own eyes today we’re going to Sattahip.
You’ll probably see a lot of scuba diving in my channel. Why is that? I love
it. as simple as that I started diving back
in the college there was an option for scuba diving I took it fell in love with
it I did my open water back in Canada then I traveled around Southeast Asia
for seven months and dived around the Philippines I did my advanced there in
Malapuasca, which is a place I highly recommend because it’s the only place in
the world where you’re almost guaranteed to see thresher sharks and they are
amazing after that I went to Mexico to do my
Rescue Diver in Cozumel which is also just blew my mind the corals the
seascape the visibility it was really really
really great and now for the first time I will dive in Thailand Sattahip I heard
great things about it it’s really not as known as like Koh Tao which you’ve
probably already heard of. The place to do you open water certification but I’m
not a fan of those places where you dive with more diverse than fish so I think
that it will be a great experience and we’ll see how it goes we arrived at the pier I can’t wait to
dive the rumor says we can see some seahorse here we’ll see about that
beautiful view I haven’t dived in so long I’m so
excited this is going to be awesome so we are now departed from the pier
it’s a 45-minute ride to Samae San in Thailand and we’re gonna do two dives
today the first one it’s a try dive and the second one in the hardeep
shipwreck so it’s gonna be amazing Wow guys what an amazing day at Sattahip I’m so happy to dive again it has been
so long it was beautiful we did not see any sea horses but who care we saw a lot
of groupers a turtle a scorpion fish big sponges elephant ears it was beautiful
also the current was too strong we did not do the wreck as we expected but we’ll
do it next time that’s fine if you liked this video please leave a like it will
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