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Virtual Whistler – Skiing Whistler Mountain

Virtual Whistler – Skiing Whistler Mountain

Welcome to Virtual Whistler. Host venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Experience Whistler like never before; a whole new experience for the world wide web. Virtual Whistler makes planning your vacation too easy. Let’s start with why you want to come to Whistler. Take a ride up the gondola and check out the slopes. This is a virtual visit like no other, you simply click and go. Look around and see what interests you. Grab your ski’s at the demo center, store you bags at the storage check in, but more importantly, check out the slopes. VTour is not a video it is a user controled navigational experience. Go and explore what interests you. Quickly jump to different locations, or go up the mountain the traditional way. As you explore see what Whistler has to offer. Don’t forget to check out the hidden treasures. When your satisfied that there is no other place on earth you would rather be, ski down to the village and find out where you are going to stay. There is a whole village down here to explore. Choose from a list of available accommodations, or simply walk from hotel to hotel. Don’t be afraid to dream. Find out what your perfect vacation can be like. Explore the details and see for yourself what your dream vacation is going to be like. Don’t be disappointed. No one can guarentee you the perfect vacation except you. See you soon.

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  1. isnt whistler blackholmb the largest ski resorts in north america? that would pretty much account for the commercialization

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