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Welcome to a new adventure video! Today from the Freestyle Waterramp in Vienna where, as you can see, you jump into the water either with Ski, Snowboard, Wok or something else you go over this ramp over this jumper And I was invited by Puls4 today to be here because Kerstin who does the tips for freetime activities at “Café Puls” is shooting a report here today so I obviously didn’t say no since this is pretty cool I’m really psyched how it’s gonna be like to jump over this So just enjoy the scenes and we’ll see each other again afterwards As you know, I don’t interrupt the scenes to say something in these adventure videos very often but something happened again apparently I did scrape my hand with the Snowboard – as you just saw – and I did something to my Pinky I sprained it, broke it or dislocated it however it hurts a little bit Splat Therefore I stop using the Board and change to the Wok but I hope that looks at least as awesome And that’s it for this Waterramp adventure it was awesome I highly recommend it to anyone to do this at least once it was kind of a turn down for me since I injured my Pinky which is now a little bit swollen aswell and I can’t really move it anymore and I didn’t want to risk it to somehow injure it another time today even though I can snowboard and yeah hence… It would’ve been awesome to go down with the board and jump into the water at least one time but it just wasn’t possible anymore and it really upsets me and I’m really sorry because I really would’ve wanted it in this video but hey, whatever it also was awesome with the Wok and I hope it also looked as cool as it felt Just try it yourself you can go down with the Wok with a bike (which apparently isn’t that safe either) or with ski, which should be easier but since I haven’t stood on ski for like ten years I couldn’t do that either And yeah, Snowboard just wasn’t possible anymore but hey it was an experience with the Wok to go down this ramp I’d say if you liked it leave a thumbs up subscribe, if you haven’t already follow me on all social networks they’re linked in the description and we’ll see each other again in the next video until then Bye! I’m alive!


  1. Hat richtig bock gemacht! Will da unbedingt auch mal vorbeigucken 😀
    Musst unbedingt so weiter machen, feier deine Videos ich im Moment mega!

  2. hey dias, dein Video macht auf Facebook die Runde. Seite Radio One Lebanon mit 7.000.000 likes hat es gepostet und verlinkt 😉 Gratuliere 😀

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