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What on earth are you doing, we’re going away for 3 days… I know right ? Mate what are you doing seriously? Weather can be unpredictable ! We’re going for 3 days We need to have a word about this, have you been taking your girlfriend’s trousers again? Nothing wrong with my trousers Mate, we need to teach you how to pack your bag. The first thing you need, is a snowboard Leon, tell them why you picked this snowboard I picked this snowboard because I’m a pro or an ex-pro, and it’s one of the hardest board out there to ride and you have to be at least LEVEL NINJA to be able to ride this board. That’s why I bought it And none of that was true, Leon picked it because it had teddy bears on the front. Honest truth, honest truth! But there are millions of different snowboards though So make sure that you go and get mesured out for the right one for you Now this is actually probably more important than your board if you ask me, because if you have boots that don’t fit well that will generate pain on your heel when you heels start coming out of the boot that pulls on the bottom of your heel and it really hurts So if you need boots, get boots that can be heat-moulded They put a sort of hairdrier, than you put your foot in it, and it gives the right shape to your boot That’s the best thing to do for your boots and double protection: proper snowboarding socks! Don’t wear those cool little socks, cause then your ankles will be brutal Gloves! I prefer mittens actually And these mittens they have this touchpad on it So you can actually use your phone with it If you’re like Leon and you like to spend more time on your phone than snowboarding Right helmet! Obviously super important Where’s the go-pro? Cause I can go with that Go pro is there So here are all the things we’re going to take for our snowboarding holiday Leon I need some underwear here for you Why ? We’re only going for 3 days you said! Yeah One pair? Goggles! Snood! I don’t think it’s going to be cold enough for this Let’s be honest: FRESH TO DEATH! It is quite cool! I am looking very cool And I’m not even there Pants, snowboarding pants, snowboarding jacket And we’re pretty much there as far as snowboarding goes Definitely need one of these I always forget them An adaptor for european plugs to charge your iPhone your go-pro, all that stuff Get some footage while you’re out there, cause it’s always good fun But now you can start to fit in a couple of pair of jeans I think what you really need is some toilet juice Cause you’re stinky! Says the guy that only take one pair of pants So we’ve got this one, it’s all in one You’ve got shower, you’ve got wash You’ve got… not quite there to shave and you’ve got moisturizes So take something that is all in one, don’t take loads and loads of different liquids Cause then it’s going to leak in your board bag And you’re not going to be very happy about it And you obviously can’t take it in your hand luggage With this Stick it in your boots So that it doesn’t explode anywhere Well technically I would say that’s travelling light Might be enough to get me to the airport and that’s about it But John seems to think that’s enough So there’s our guide, you’ve got everything you need So all you need to do is to get out on the slopes, have some great fun Learn some backflips, it took me a little long but I got there eventually He’s never done a backflip in his life! I’ve done so many backflips Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment if you like the video and we will see you all again soon. LET’S GO SNOWBOARDING! Bye guys !

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