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UFC 246 Countdown: McGregor vs Cowboy

UFC 246 Countdown: McGregor vs Cowboy

>>Narrator: As the story
so often goes in professional sports, a young man is cast into
fame and fortune.>>Commentator: I’ve never
seen anything like this.>>Commentator
#2: Extreme scenes!>>Narrator: Set to face the
temptations that come with newfound notoriety.>>Hey!>>Welcome to the UFC, man.>>Yeah, thank you very much.>>Narrator: Unaware of how
such profound achievements can change him. [Conor yelling]>>Narrator: Nobody in the
history of mixed martial arts has ever achieved a level
of prosperity earned by The Notorious Conor McGregor.>>Conor: I’m going to wipe
out everyone in this division and I said that
and I will do it.>>Joe: Undisputed
featherweight champion of the world!>>Ireland, baby, we did it! Yeah!>>Narrator: Once the
simultaneous featherweight and lightweight world
champion of the UFC..>>This is what I
dreamed into reality. To the Irish, another one.>>Narrator: King of
the combat sports world, brought to his knees by
the consequences of ongoing transgressions.>>Ring announcer: McGregor!>>Male reporter: Mixed
martial arts fighter, Conor McGregor, arrested.>>Male #2:
Strong arm robbery.>>Female: This
guy is going rogue.>>Male #3 Misdemeanor
criminal mischief.>>Male #4: He’s
going way too far.>>Male #5: Cold
cocked a 60 year old guy.>>Male #6: He told the judge,
“I assure you, nothing of this nature will
happen again. “>>Male #7: Will
he fight again?>>Narrator: But if anyone
can rise from the ashes, it’s the once meager
tradesman turned MMA icon, and McGregor is primed
for a return to form.[male singing] ♪ Fragments
of darkness creeping ♪
♪ My torturous eyes
burn your skin ♪
>>Everyone always says, “Oh,
let’s get the old Conor back.” I always come back on top! That’s the past, I’m
focused on the present. Surprise, surprise,
mother [bleep]. The king is back!>>Narrator: A career
revival begins with a welterweight headliner
on January 18th, against a familiar
lightweight staple.>>Florian: The iron man of
mixed martial arts. >>Narrator: … the winningest
fighter in UFC history…>>Brendan: His name is all over
the record books.>>Narrator: … Donald “Cowboy”
Cerrone.>>Bisping: He will fight
anyone, anywhere, anytime!>>It’s the fight that
everyone wants to see.>>Anik: Donald
Cerrone does it again!>>Let’s go to war baby. There’s no way he’s
going to stand a chance. So you can take your
little English ass.>>Yee-haw!>>Narrator: The
much-anticipated headliner tops a stacked card, that will
feature a co-main event rematch, between former women’s
bantamweight champion Holly Holm…>>Hardy: Oh! The Ronda Rousey
head kick knockout!>>Narrator: … and top 5
standout Raquel Pennington.>>Mike: Both of them
bloodied up, neither beaten.>>Buffer: Holm!>>Narrator: Plus,
Brazilian rising star Carlos Diego Ferreira…>>Anik: A constant,
steadily evolving fighter.>>Narrator: … takes
on former lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis.>>Anik: Without question,
one of the best talents, this division has ever seen.>>Narrator: But
before the mma leader, kicks off the new
year in style… [engines revving]>>Narrator: First get
ready for UFC 246 Countdown. [man singing] ♪ Fire ♪>>Narrator: New Mexico is
one of the original hotbeds of mixed martial arts,
and has attracted the best fighters on Earth for decades, including a proud American
Cowboy from nearby Colorado, who now trains out of
his own personal ranch, 30 miles east of his former
Albuquerque stomping grounds.>>Cerrone: It’s funny
how I ended up here in Edgewood, New Mexico. At a time when I was looking,
my grandfather wanted to buy me a place in
Leadville, Colorado. And it’s the
highest city in the U.S. He was like, “You
should train at altitude.” Everyone would
come up and go, “Grandpa, who’s
going to come? Like what are you
talking about?” You know and I didn’t
understand the vision he had at that time. He built this on the
ranch and was like, “If you build it
they will come, man.” It’s unbelievable.>>Woman:
Alright, ten seconds. As fast as you can go. Ready? Go! Fast! Move both feet! Fast as you can! Come on!>>Narrator: Donald
Cerrone’s unique haven has lured many of the region’s
incoming fighters and trainers…
>>Woman: Time.>>Man: Woo.>>Woman:
Alright, pop those hips!>>Narrator: … and
while these transplants enjoy a more light
hearted approach, their focus remains
on Cowboy’s success.>>Woman: Explode off the
floor as soon as you land.>>Cerrone: It’s an
environment that I have created that I love. And I think all the veterans,
all the old-school people want to come to the ranch,
because they want to come have fun.>>Woman: How
much does he weigh?>>20 pounds.>>It’s about the
weight of a kettle bell, so I’ll take it.>>But don’t let all the
smoke and mirrors fool you, man, we train hard.>>Woman: Hop over
your head, slam hard. When we all get
together as a team, we focus on the work. It’s just another
camp to get a win. Pop. [grunting]>>We have a really
strong team here. Everybody is
really competitive.>>Shara: Last
one on your back. No movement in your hips.>>But we gots lots of toys,
Cowboy’s all about toys and exciting things to do. [motor buzzing]>>Narrator: Being
close to Cerrone, requires living
life to the fullest, and from training to leisure,
Cowboy’s world is not for the faint of heart. [instrumental music]>>Ready, go! [paintball guns firing]>>Narrator: Every aspect of
Cerrone’s life is taken to the extreme..>>Buffer: Donald!>>Narrator: … including a
career in the UFC.>>Buffer: Cerrone!>>Joe: He’s got another. That’s nasty.>>Mike: Cowboy sensing. He’s trying to finish. Cowboy trying to finish.>>Joe: That’s it!>>Mike: Donald “Cowboy”
Cerrone remains unbeaten in the UFC.>>Joe: And on a tear, man,
that guy is improving every time we see him.>>Bisping: This
man demands respect. If you are a fight fan, you
are a fan of Donald Cerrone.>>Narrator: Balancing fighting
with a high octane lifestyle, appears to be the
perfect formula for success, as Cerrone has captured
nearly every record in the game.>>Most wins in UFC
history, the most finishes. The most head kick knockouts.>>Joe: It’s about as a
perfectly placed a kick as you get, folks. Oh, he knocks him down again! Donald’s got his back! He’s got it, he’s got it!>>I got a million and
a half just in bonuses. That’s pretty cool. That money is gone!>>Joe: One of
the most active, one of the most exciting
guys in the world today.>>Cerrone: I’ve been in the
top five my entire career.>>Joe: He’s
getting brutalized.>>Something in the water here
we’re doing something right.>>Narrator: Cerrone’s UFC
tenure began with 15 wins in 18 fights…>>Anik: Donald
Cerrone does it again!>>Narrator: ..which earned
him a lightweight title shot against then-champion
Rafael Dos Anjos. Promotion for their 2015
title bout took place at a tentpole press event, which
featured some of the biggest names in the sport, including the newly
crowned interim featherweight champion
named Conor McGregor.>>Male press reporter: If
I could speak to Rafael and Donald Cerrone, please. Conor McGregor spoke
with the media this week, said he would move up to
lightweight after this fight, and each of you guys would
happily give up the fight that you have to fight him. How do you feel
about those comments, do you agree with
his evaluation?>>You’re damn
right you take it.>>Of course, man. Easy money. Easy money, man.>>I can make you rich. I’m the money fight at
all weight division, so [bleep] everybody
else up here.>>Conor has no
right coming to 55. There’s no way, he’s not
going to stand a chance. We’re too big for
him, we’re too strong. So you can take your little
English ass and get on.>>You’re too
slow and too stiff. You’re as stiff as a board,
I would snap you in half. I see stiffness when I look
at that 155 pound division; slow, stiff. The featherweights,
they hit like flyweights, so it’s nice down there just
destroying them and killing that whole division.>>Narrator: McGregor was
positioned to challenge Jose Aldo, the greatest
featherweight champion of all time. An opportunity he earned
by loudly climbing the 145 pound ranks.>>Florian: That’s exactly
why he’s so dangerous! This kid is the real deal!>>Joe: One UFC fight. This place is on its feet. This kid’s got something!>>Narrator: The Irish
superstar called his shots every step of the way.>>Conor: I said I would put
pressure on him that he had never felt before
and ultimately, shot by shot he will crumble.>>Dan: Another first
round for McGregor!>>Conor: Dustin
thinks it’s all talk, but when he wakes up with his
nose plastered on either side of his face, he’s going
to know it’s not all talk.>>Joe: That’s the real
deal, ladies and gentlemen.>>I’m going to wipe out
everyone in this division, I said that and I will do it. I see it being easy. I look forward
to going at him, walk him down,
heavy-heavy shots, break him, bully him,
have him on the back foot.>>Mike: Could he
finish him here!>>Conor: It just takes one
clean connection from me and it’s done.>>Mike: Conor
McGregor is the UFC interim featherweight champion! [yelling]>>Narrator:
Interim title win, gave way for the
champion versus champion, featherweight super fight. McGregor seized his moment.>>Joe: It’s the first time
that a great fighter like Jose Aldo has been forced to
play the mental game that Conor McGregor, whom is
such a master at.>>Conor: I’m ready to
take out the pound-for-pound, number one. Undefeated ten years. What can they say
after Jose falls?>>Joe: Oh, he slept him! The first punch he threw! It doesn’t get any
cleaner than that, ladies and gentlemen.>>Narrator: Notorious had
taken over.>>Buffer: And new!>>Narrator: And quickly
set his sights on his second UFC belt.>>Conor: I’m
27 years of age, I stand here as the
unified world champion. Look at this
king, I am this king. Weight divisions above,
ready for me to go at. Super-fights left and right,
so I’m gong straight up. To the Irish, a
run of the gale. Yeah! [instrumental music]>>Narrator: The
UFC’s “Go Big” press conference in 2015…>>What’s up?>>Would not only promote
a stacked schedule of high profile fights, it would
also see Conor McGregor cross paths with Donald
Cerrone for the first time.>>You’re too
slow and too stiff. You’re stiff as a board.>>Woman: One more question
here for Donald Cerrone. What is your message to
McGregor about the 55 division and the shark tank it is.>>When you come from
155, we’re going to bend his little ass over and knock
the [bleep] lucky charms out.>>See about that.>>First you got to get
through a guy that whooped your ass already.>>Cerrone: We have a
monster right here at 45, Aldo, about to beat your ass. You’ve been nobody and you
think you’re going to come to 155 and make a statement. Come on, man. Sit the [bleep] down.>>Yee-haw!>>Narrator: As
the year rolled on, McGregor and Cerrone would
compete in their respective title bouts, yielding
opposite results.>>Joe: Conor McGregor
steps into the Octagon for the most highly anticipated
matchup in the history of the featherweight division,
maybe in the history of the UFC. Conor looks extremely loose
and Aldo looks like he’s feeling the pressure of
this moment. Conor relaxed
and smiling– oh, he slept him!>>Narrator: McGregor seized
the featherweight belt in 13 seconds.>>Joe: The new undisputed
featherweight champion of the world, Conor McGregor.>>Narrator: While Cerrone fell
short in the lightweight title bout with Rafael Dos Anjos…>>Joe: Oh, hard
body kick by Dos Anjos.>>Cruz: The
body shot got him.>>Joe: And a
good combination. Donald’s in trouble. Oh, my goodness
they’re stopping it. Wow! Amazing performance
by Rafael Dos Anjos.>>Buffer: Still!>>Narrator: But no matter
who owned the 155 pound belt by years end, a 2016 matchup with McGregor
would be next. [crowd cheering]>>Dana: Champ, Rafael dos Anjos
will take on Conor McGregor, moving up
from 145 pound division. Nobody has ever held two
belts at the same time, here in the UFC. [applauding]>>I came into this promotion as
a two weight world champion. I had always wanted
to replicate that. And this man across
from me has a title.>>My history,
are tough fights. I beat Ben
Henderson, Nate Diaz, Anthony Pettis,
Donald Cerrone– twice. And I fought.>>All those are [bleep].>>Donald is a [bleep].>>Taller guys
and stronger guys.>>Donald is on one fight. Donald, that wasn’t a
TKO, that wasn’t a finish. Donald quit in there. So you can talk about
your wins and losses, but at the end of the day,
you tasted that darkness of being KO’d stiff, and
you will taste it again. [camera shutters]>>Man: There’s
only one, baby!>>Narrator: Just 12 days
before McGregor was set to challenge the
lightweight champ, his plans to capture
a second UFC belt, would abruptly fall apart.>>Man: Champion, Rafael
dos Anjos is out of UFC 196, suffering a
broken foot last week. Conor McGregor will be
fighting on this card and it’s not going to be any
shortage of candidates that are putting their hand in
the air and want that fight.>>Narrator: The frontrunners
to next face McGregor, were former bantamweight
title challenger Urijah Faber…>>Do you believe
I’m a fearful man?>>I believe I would K.O. you stone dead.>>Narrator: …
welterweight superstar Nate Diaz.>>Conor McGregor,
you’re taking everything I worked for, [bleep]. I’m going to fight
your [bleep] ass. You know what’s
the real fight, what’s the real
money fight and it’s me!>>Narrator: …and recent
lightweight contender Donald Cerrone.>>Cerrone: I just got done
with a fight and they call me and said, “You
want to fight Conor?” I said, “Hell yeah, I do.”>>Man: Alright,
putting it in, it’s easy. 55 rpms to start. We’re going to
have tall blasters, be tall.>>Cerrone: Usually
they call and I say, “Yes” and that’s it. We’ve never had like, they
call and I say “yes” and they say, “Okay, we’ll
get back to you.” I’ve never had that
option, so it’s like, I don’t know what to do. I say we get this workout
in, just like we would if it was happening.>>Man: Got 20 on, 10 off. Take a minute break
and we’ll do it again.>>We still got to get
ready and get fired up and then nothing.>>Alright, Dana
the show will go on. So who is McGregor
going to fight?>>He will fight Nate Diaz. We figured this would be
the most exciting fight. It’s the fight that
Conor really wanted.>>Who, Diaz? Alright. Narrator: Cerrone’s
willingness to face McGregor on short notice, was emblematic
of his entire career, where he earned a
reputation for accepting short notice fights, a
reputation that has kept coaches on their toes.>>Man: Hurry up, let’s go! Ready! Go.>>The biggest thing working
for Cowboy is availability.>>Man: Now lift him, yes.>>You just have to be
available at the drop of a dime. Step in-between,
collapse in here. Nice job, Cowboy. Next person, here we go!>>There have been times
where I left Sunday morning on the flight,
land Sunday evening. We’ve already got
a fight lined up. So, it’s exciting times. Very nice. Get him down! Get him down! All the way down, all the way down,
all the way down. [grunting]>>Nice.>>Cerrone: I
remember kickboxing days, I was kind of
the guy as well, so they would call me on
like a Wednesday and say, “Hey, we need
you in Istanbul, Turkey, or we
need you in Morocco, Africa. Or we need you in Japan. Oh, on Friday.” And I would be
like, “Hell yeah, I’m outta here.”>>Jafari: There you go, there
you go. There you go.>>Cerrone: I was just the
guy they knew they could call, we knew Cowboy would
show up and take that fight.>>Ooh there it is. Get him down, get him down. Very nice.>>Kind of like I am today.>>Florian: This is the Iron
Man of mixed martial arts, at least by that
three word motto, “anyone, anywhere, anytime.”>>Joe: Donald is more than
happy to step in and fight one of the best
fighters in the world, 15 days after a fight. It’s one of the reasons
why people love this dude.>>Donald: Win or lose,
I’m here every damn time.>>Joe: He’s one of the most
active guys in the UFC and demands fights all the time.>>Anik: There’s the tap! Donald “Cowboy”
Cerrone by submission!>>Cruz: Cowboy has been in
there with anybody you can possibly think of.>>Anik: Cowboy Cerrone
taking out welterweights left and right.>>70, 55– I
don’t give a [bleep].>>Joe: Donald
loves fighting, he fights at his best when
he fights very frequently.>>Jimmy Smith: He is
still so motivated. Can’t wait to train,
can’t wait to get in there.>>Brendan: Donald “Cowboy”
Cerrone lives for this moment.>>Paul Felder:
He wants to fight. He wants to get in there
and knock you out cold.>>Joe: Oh, that’s it! Out cold!>>Anik: Are you kidding me!>>Joe: Donald Cerrone,
ladies and gentlemen! Thank you very much for
another awesome fight.>>You got it. Thank
you, everybody. I love this [bleep] .>>Narrator: Had Cerrone been
the one to face McGregor on short notice instead
of Nate Diaz, it could have
been life changing.>>Joe: Nate Diaz took this
fight on 11 days’ notice, but in my opinion, it’s going
to be the most difficult test of Conor McGregor’s career. Oh! Nate’s hurting him,
he’s hurting him! Conor’s in serious trouble! Look out for the
guillotine, the guillotine! He’s got him flattened out! He’s got the choke! He tapped! He tapped! He tapped!>>Woo!>>Narrator: Diaz would
become the first to defeat McGregor in the UFC…>>Joe: Nate Diaz, you
just shook up the world!>>Narrator: …
which lit McGregor’s fire brighter than ever before.>>Joe: Conor McGregor has a
chance to correct the mistakes he made in the first fight,
and fight better and figure out the puzzle that
Nate Diaz presents. Oh! Conor caught him! Oh, tagged him
again with a left hand. He tags him again! He explodes, he
moves very fast. So far just a
perfect strategy by Conor.>>Narrator: He avenged
defeat in the rematch…>>Joe: Nate is
bloodied up real bad.>>Narrator: …
which was the most watched pay per view event
ever at the time…>>Joe: Congratulations
on winning this rematch.>>Conor: Surprise,
surprise, mother [bleep]. The king is back!>>Narrator: …but McGregor
would not stop there. [singing “Conor McGregor!”]>>Joe: He wants to go down
as the greatest of all-time. To be the
greatest of all-time, you have to do what
Conor’s been willing to do. Step up, fight all
the best fighters, put the biggest fights on
the line and that’s what he’s doing and that’s what he’s
going to do tonight as well.>>Narrator: He then achieved
his goal of winning the lightweight title, by taking
it from the division’s new king Eddie Alvarez…>>Conor: They’re
not on my level! If you put me at any
weight, bigger or lighter, I’m going to
still get it done.>>Narrator: …
thus becoming the UFC’s first double-champion…>>Woo, that looks good!>>Woo-hoo-hoo! That looks good. God bless.>>Narrator: …and
still McGregor wanted more.>>Mike: We got two of the
best in combat sports about to go at it.>>Narrator: He would next
break the global pay per view buy-rate record, in a
crossover boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.>>Dana: What’s
up, Los Angeles!>>Conor: We’re going for it! Let’s go! I own this entire arena! What’s up, UFC! What’s up, London! [Bleep] your Mayweathers. One, two, three! McGregor! Mayweather! Face off! [Bleep] your Mayweathers!>>Mayweather: Every weekend!>>Narrator: McGregor had
reached the peak of fame and fortune in the fight game…>>Conor: Started
from the bottom, now I’m here!>>Conor McGregor! [laughing]>>Narrator: …so the
only direction left to go… [screaming]>>>Narrator: … was down.>>Joe: He got tagged! He got tagged! He’s hurt!>>Narrator: By 2017…>>Conor: I would like
to take this chance and apologize to
absolutely nobody!>>Narrator: Conor
McGregor’s position as the top attraction
in combat sports, was firmly established.>>You’re a
short ass, weak ass.>>Narrator: He had reached
the ceiling of notoriety, and the throws of a
celebrity lifestyle, began to take their toll.>>Man: It feels like it’s
been one thing after the other. He attacked people inside the
cage at a mma event recently. He pissed off a judge
during a speeding ticket. There are reports he got in a
bar fight and he’s on a bad list with the Irish Mafia.>>Man: You want to plead
guilty of those charges, Mr. McGregor? [music]>>Where are you rat? Where are you rat!>>Narrator: McGregor was
stripped of his UFC belts amidst an ongoing hiatus…>>Smash the windows!>>Narrator: …
and became known more for wrongdoings than
fighting, many of which surrounded a
merciless vendetta with the new lightweight
champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.>>You’re dead!>>I regret my actions that has
led me here today.>>Man: Conor McGregor
has ambushed this tour bus filled with UFC fighters>>I understand the
seriousness of this matter and I’m hopeful that
it gets resolved soon. Thank you, all.>>Man: Conor McGregor,
will he fight again?>>Narrator: McGregor
returned in 2018 to settle the score with Nurmagomedov,
and did so with a vile disposition. Such was the
villain he had become.>>Did you not see me right
in front of you outside the [bleep] bus? I showed you my
hands, no weapons. You talked a big
game and now I’m here, right in front of you! Do something about it! Do something about it!>>Joe: Because of
his personality, because of his skill-set,
because of his spectacular success inside the Octagon,
it makes it so interesting. It’s such a heated
moment of anticipation.>>Anik: 26 have tried
and 26 have failed. And tonight with status as
the most dominant force in the game, Khabib Nurmagomedov
is chasing the biggest win of his career.>>Narrator: The grudge match
with Nurmagomedov was the most watched mixed martial
arts contest of all time.>>Anik: McGregor continues
to make that body work! And he gets
tripped right down!>>Narrator: …One
that boiled over in the immediate aftermath…>>Anik: Still undisputed!>>Narrator: …and McGregor’s
downward spiral continued.>>Man: Mixed
martial arts fighter, Conor McGregor, arrested.>>Joe: Oh, no! No!>>Anik: Mayhem!>>Man: Accused of grabbing the
cellphone of an English tourist, smashing it and keeping it.>>Anik: Dana White in there
trying to restore order.>>Man: Strong arm robbery, misdemeanor criminal mischief.>>Man #2: Conor will be
suspended for six months.>>Man #3: His role in
that post-fight brawl.>>Man #4: Cold
cocked a 60 year old guy.>>Man #5: He told the judge
nothing of his nature will happen again regarding him.>>Man: Who would
believe that at this point?>>Man# 2: It’s always
something with Conor McGregor.>>Cerrone: Conor got so
big, so fast because he did everything he said
he was going to do. There are just so many
questions that I think as his as a man, he needs to
answer for himself. [engine revving]>>That’s what it
boils down to you know? When you look at yourself
in the mirror and your like, “Yeah, I want
to be like him.”>>We got to get the
baddest ass fighter down, to get the baddest ass gear.>>There you go.>>Narrator: Cerrone has handled
success better than most…>>Boom!>>Narrator: Isolating
himself from temptation, and setting a good example for
his 18-month-old son, Danger.>>Cerrone: There are a lot
of things I wish my parents showed me when I was younger
and I plan on passing on and teaching him. And just really teaching
him how to be a good man. That’s what I’m
looking to teach him, how to be a good,
blue collar American. Part of the group now, guys. Yeah, you can take one
of the sleds and ride it, ride it. Our guys will just
bunny up, we don’t care. We’re at 11,000 feet. It’s an active recovery
day, plus it’s a lot of fun, so we like to do that.>>Narrator: On this
day, Dacson Danger Cerrone receives a lesson
in active rest. While snowmobiling is
not your typical form of relaxation, it’s a perfect
fit for adrenaline junkies like his dad. [instrumental music]>>Cerrone: I kind of
have a quote that says, “Live a life worth living.” [instrumental music]>>Cerrone: You know
the fights are cool, don’t get me wrong. I love getting in
there and fighting, but the journey is
the funnest part.>>Narrator: Cowboy’s hall of
fame journey is one of a kind…>>Brendan: And
of course now, it always starts
with a kiss to his son, Danger.>>Narrator: And
the birth of his son, has added a new
source of motivation, that has lead to some of the
best performances of his career.>>Brendan: This
is an older Cowboy, a wiser Cowboy.>>Paul: He’s
looking to reverse it. Ends up on top! His arm is trapped
there by Cowboy.>>Brendan: 15
seconds, he taps! And since that little
guy has entered his life, we have seen a whole new
Cowboy inside the Octagon.>>Anik: Head kick
knocks Hernandez down! Hernandez nearly out! That’s it! Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone!>>Hi, baby boy!>>Cerrone: We got a
little baby right there, Dacson Danger. That’s what I’m here for now.>>Brendan: His name is
all over the record books. Cowboy Cerrone.>>Michael: He will fight
anyone, anywhere, any time. Cerrone stepping on the gas
here, trying to get the finish! Oh!>>Brendan: Big
kick from Cerrone! Iaquinta to his back again!>>Michael: Big shots
there from Cerrone. Incredible fight.>>Brendan: Donald “Cowboy”
Cerrone is the winner again. And immediately Cerrone
points to his son Danger and he fights for them. [low-key dramatic music]>>Narrator: Cerrone’s
career has remained active, and his last 11 fights took place over a
three and a half year span that saw Conor McGregor
compete in UFC only once. And after spending
most of his time dealing with the
consequences of indiscretions, McGregor was ready
to make things right.>>One, two, three,
four, five, six.>>Narrator: He laid
distractions to rest, and embraced the mindset that
once brought him worldwide acclaim, a determined mindset
fixated on greatness.>>The trappings of fame are
not nice, you know what I mean? It’s easy to lose focus.>>Step. Be ready.>>Get a partner, let’s go.>>Sometimes you just go
through the motions and you tell yourself things
but you don’t execute on them. I’ve had many iconic moments,
many great moments, and that came through
commitment and consistency and I’m happy now I’m in a
position where full steam ahead.>>Narrator: No
matter what life brings, McGregor will never stray from
the fight game indefinitely, and after another
year on the shelf, it was finally
time to come back.>>Reporter: Conor McGregor’s
return to the octagon was made official. He now has a fight with
Donald Cerrone on the books for January 18th
at T-Mobile Arena.>>Narrator: Donald Cerrone
has occupied McGregor’s list of potential
opponents for years, and their long-anticipated
match-up is finally official… [man singing]
♪ I drop bombs here
I drop bombs ♪>>Narrator: …so
McGregor concludes one of his best training
camps in recent memory where the fight
will soon take place. [man singing]
♪ I drop bombs here
I drop bombs ♪>>We’re here in the
desert of Las Vegas. You can see the cactuses. You have no idea
how good this feels to be back on US soil,
American soil. Las Vegas, it’s my
second home here, you know. I fought very times
throughout the years. I love it here. ♪♪ I’m feeling
really, really good. ♪♪ [dramatic music]>>Narrator: Preparing for
battle in the fight capital means nightly sessions at
the UFC Performance Institute with the army of training
partners that joined McGregor on the long journey
from Ireland, an army led by the man
who knows Notorious best, head coach John Kavanagh.>>Let’s go practice double
back and forth just to warm up. Pick up a single. I reach for the hip. Knee cap and push him over. ♪♪ Yes. As a coach, when your
fighter achieves all the goals he set out to achieve, it’s
the worst day of your life. Because what’s
gonna motivate them? Alright, get a little space
on the mat for yourselves. Watch your area. Ready? Round one. He won the belts. He won the money. And I think it took
him awhile to find out what else there was
gonna be for him to achieve. Good job.
Good dig. But he found a new incentive
and that new incentive is to be the best Conor
McGregor we’ve ever seen. Go for the arm. ♪♪ I genuinely believe this
is the best he’s ever been. ♪♪>>Conor: Boy, am
I hitting hard. I am sitting down on shots. And I’m gonna hurt Donald. Right now I’m in a phenomenal
place and I’m gonna win and I’m gonna put him away.>>Daniel: A lot of guys
say, “Anywhere anytime,” but when they become
somebody, it changes. Cowboy never does. ♪♪>>Donald: It’s
the return, right? He’s making his comeback,
but he’s fighting a guy who takes no [bleep] and
goes in there and throws down. Every time, I bring everything
I got into the octagon, man. So, I’m winning. 100%.>>Narrator:
McGregor and Cerrone are
finally set to throw down in a welterweight headliner, positioning the winner
for a breakout year. [cheering]>>Narrator: Each man
controls his own destiny and we will all bear witness
on January 18th.>>Joe: It just seems to
be one of those punches fighters just get shocked by.>>Jon: Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone!>>I’m gonna stand there. I’m gonna give it
everything I got.>>Jon: Taking out
welterweights left and right.>>I’m gonna meet him in the
middle and we’ll throw down.>>Okay, that’s it!>>Joe: Conor McGregor
has been in there with some of the very best
in the world, and beaten them.>>They can expect
these up and fireworks.>>Brendan: Looking for
another signature moment in a career with many of them.

100 thoughts on “UFC 246 Countdown: McGregor vs Cowboy”

  1. Connor Mcgreggor is a lot like Antonio Brown…. except in the UFC you're aloud to get away with almost everything.

  2. I can’t like Conor anymore after hitting that old guy he lost my respect and can’t pay to watch this UFC it’s just how I feel he’s a great fighter but when was the last time he won two in a row who else gets a shot to come back him and cheating ass Jones

  3. Dana does not want his son anywhere near Khabib, Tony, Usman or Jorge. They will absolutely murder his paper champ son.

  4. There are so many better fighters then this guy. And you fools keep making his videos.. pfff im getting realy tired of this dumb f…

  5. What ever happened to the "INSIDE THE OCTAGON" videos with John Gooden and Dan Hardy?? Man, I miss those. And for this fight especially would've been cool to watch those 2 break it down. @ufc

  6. This sport is way out of line.
    They expect the fighters to train for 3 round fights then adjust to a 5 round right fights then back to 3 round fights.
    Some they expect to do this in a week.
    Anyone who trains should realise how hard it is on your body to adjust your cardio like this.

  7. I’m irish! He hasn’t calmed down at all people do not change

    he’s just acting again and playing by the rules for a bit so he can travel to America

    But Cowboy is lethal also!!

    Can’t wait for this fight

  8. I’m anxious because you never know what Cowboy is gonna show up. I just want a good fight that’s more than 2 rounds

  9. I hate how they twist McGregor's story. He is a PR product. He wins and runs. No rematch. Runs away so it's nit taken away from him, especially by Jose Aldo. He win that figh before it started. Aldo would have adjusted and there would be no Connor, just another dude. He beat the champ and never gave him a rematch. The UFC does everything he wants because he is good for business, that's why they promote him and twist hia story.

  10. cerone sounds like a fucking disease,which he is. fucking cowboy hat on, he thinks he is dirty HARRY THE MINDLESS FUCKING DOWNS BOY.

  11. Cowboy is gonna get wrecked. He’s a decent fighter but he got whipped easy by Diaz and Connor is going to KO him flat out.

  12. I can’t stand this germ it’s a dead set rat and someone that gets their own name tattooed on themselves has just really got problems it’ll be good to see the idiot get another belt not that I call this a sport it’s garbage this is total crap

  13. fuck this shit. havn this shoved down our throats. mcshithead is old news anymore. thst fake boxing match and all money…msy as well be watching nhl

  14. I'm little undecided on Conor McGregor fighting at 170 I hope and pray he was putting his miles in every day run run run you must run cardiovascular he still seems a little heavy at 170 I hope he is still quick at 170 if you can't move or you're stuck in the mud and he's Conor McGregor saying it I like Connor is Mega he's been there I think he will knock him out he's been there but at 170 lb I don't know for Connor where is his heart where is his conditioning it just seems to me he should be down to 165 if he's fighting at 70 I hope he's got great conditioning the heart's a muscle and it helps everything else works so much easier with the mind Conor McGregor by knockout

  15. Cowboy by submission in the 5th TRUST ME BET THIS! I live in the Anthem community in Las Vegas/Henderson near St. rose and Eastern Ave. I have some info. Be sure to come back and thank me for the advice. I'm placing my bet at Westgate. I worked at Westgate Resorts for David Spiegel and Jim Gissy in 2006. BET IT!

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