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Two Man Gay Bobsled

Two Man Gay Bobsled

Coming up next, two-man bobsled. Very special event this year, the first gay couple competing in the bobsled uh, and we’re gonna go now to our infield reporter, Tom Winfield, and Tom answer this question for me. Do you think that being a gay couple in the bobsled gives them the competitive edge? Well, they know each other inside and out Mike. This is a passionate, loving, gay relationship. They’ve got great communication. I’m sure we could see some improvisation if things get sticky or hairy or… Bad. If things got- if things get bad, Mike. If something bad happens. And what was that you heard about their training regimen? Yeah, they sleep inside each other, Mike. What was that? They sleep inside each other- sleep inside each other, Mike. They sleep inside each other. Every night- every night they sleep inside each other. And what are the nuances of that arrangement? They pretty much pretty- they pretty much- I guess they- they alternate nights who’s sleeping inside who. Honestly, you know, I didn’t- my reporting didn’t bring me that far into the conversation, but they sleep inside each other and they sleep inside a bobsled bed. So obviously, these are two guys who are taking this very seriously. Well, I think you’re right about that, Tom, and I think we’ll see this gay relationship pay off in dividends. In today’s bobsled event.

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  1. let's take a moment, a break, if you will, from sleeping inside each other to give a wink and a nod to John Tesh for writing the NBA ON NBC THEME masterpiece

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