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Trevor’s Review-Burton Step On Bindings Snowboard

Trevor’s Review-Burton Step On Bindings Snowboard

Hi I’m Trevor, I just got off the new Burton Step-On Bindings. I’d give them a 3 out of 5. They didn’t really work great for me, but they are relatively easy in and relatively easy out. Once you kind of get a hang of the whole system here. So yeah, definitely a 3 out of 5 for me.

3 thoughts on “Trevor’s Review-Burton Step On Bindings Snowboard”

  1. I agree with @MaxNguyen. You don't say how you arrived at 3 out of 5. What the pros and what were the cons? No mention of performance, comfort responsiveness, stiffness, boot to binding interface, Ruler or Photon.

  2. @MaxNguyen and @MarkSimmonds, what really didn't work well for me was the fit on the boot. The boot was too narrow for my foot so it created multiple pressure points for me. Also, I found the in and out wasn't as easy as I would like, but once I learned the tricks to do it properly it became much easier. As far as the performance of the binding, I would say it is on par with with the Burton Mission or Cartel.

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