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Hey Youtube family! It’s your girl Lia back again with another video. And
today’s video as you can see from the title is another crochet hair review
video. And today’s hair is a much awaited hair. Much requested hair. You guys
have been egging me on to try the Trendy Tresses River curls hair. Now if you’re
not familiar I’ve done the Trendy Tresses Goddess Curl but you guys raided my
comments in that video and was like are you gonna try the river curls. You’re
girl had to wait till it came available. It was sold out for so long and I
spent my own coin and bought this hair. Now if you’re not familiar with my
crochet hair review series welcome join the family. But I don’t just come on here and
say whether I love or hate a hair. No no no I walk you through how I feel about the hair.
I come on here with my first day thoughts of a crochet hair showing you how it looks that very first day. Showing you how long of an installation it took? What
my braid pattern was and overall what my first day thoughts of the hair are. Then
I come on here with my one week thoughts of the hair. Showing you what the hair
looks like one week in. Has it gone south in that week? What my maintenance routine has been with that hair and overall how the hair looks. How I’ve shaped the hair in
the week of wearing the hair. Then I come on here with my final day thoughts
of the hair. Showing you how long of a wear I got out of the hair. How long where I think
you could get out of the hair. Whether I think it’s beach friendly, activewear
friendly, and overall whether I recommend you spend your coint on this hair. Now
without further ado I won’t random on any longer. Let’s head on into our first day
of thoughts of this hair. So now coming on here was my first day of thoughts of
the Trendy Tresses River Curls hair. Now this is what the pack looks like. It
is River curls in 20 inches. So this hair originally comes 20 inches and I
have it in the color 1B30. Now this is what it looks like. As you can see. I have
not cut this hair whatsoever. So this is what it comes fresh after
install. Now this is what 20 inches looks like. I’m gonna do a kind of a turnaround
don’t mind the sweatpants. If you guys I’m letting you in on a little secret I
always film with sweatpants on. So this is what the hair looks like and
it’s 20 inch glory. Now in my last install video you guys know I installed
the trinity tresses goddess curls hair. I thought that hair was a
hard install. And I’m gonna be honest it was the hardest install that I’ve ever
done myself. So I said in that video and I was completely honest in that video
that I was not going to install another trendy tresses hair in my own head. I was
not gonna do that. I was not gonna put up with that installation for myself. So my
mother was so amazing to have installed this hair for me but in her doing so I
didn’t end up using as much hair as I did with the goddess curls. Not a lot
of hair was wasted. I used three packs. So I bought four pack. This is the whole
complete entirety of the fourth pack didn’t even have to crack it open. So I
got done with this hair in three packs which is it kudos. On the back I said in
my last trendy tresses video that the amount of bundles needed for full
installation so the pack says is three to four depending on desired fullness.
I ended up using four in my last video only ended up using three and I didn’t
waste any of the hair. If you saw my trendy tresses goddess curl. I’m going to
reference that video a lot because that’s the hair I actually installed last. That hair
was a hot mess in terms of my installation. I was pulling it apart. I
just was getting fed up with this hair. I think because I didn’t install it but I
did separate the hair and hand to her as she installed it I was very
diligent with it. It takes time with this hair. This isn’t a go rip go rip. This is
not gonna be a fast install. You can’t be fast with this hair. I was being very
fast in my goddess curl video because I was over it. Now me being skeptical as I
am I still feel like I’m glad that I got this fourth pack just in case because we
used the entirety every last drop of the three packs and my head is a smaller
head size. You guys ask me about my head size a lot. My head is very small. To feel
safe I’d say get four. I say just get four. If you’ve gotten away with less
than four let me know down below in the description box and let me know what
your desired fullness is. Now this is the fullness that I’m giving you right now. I
think truth be told I will probably want a little bit more fullness. I feel like
it’s a little limp. I always part my hair on the left side. I feel like it’s a
little limp right here and I’d would like a little bit more fullness and I
would like a little bit more fullness in the crown section. I like teased this up
but before it was very flat kind of like this before this morning when I was like
ah uh. We ain’t going to have that. I gotta have some humpage up here. I like this part my crown
area up here to be very full. So I would say maybe a little bit more
hair especially in the crown section if you like a fuller look. But again this is
how it looks this is the color 130. You guys know I had the goddess curls in
133. I did really enjoy that 133 color but I definitely wanted to explore more
colors with this hair. Now this hair if you guys saw my last
video it is 13.25 in US dollars. Now the site has it in pounds. You guys corrected
me in my last video I was like I don’t know if it’s Euros or pounds. I’m not
well-traveled and I need to be more well-traveled but it’s 9.99 I believe in
pounds. And it is 13.25 in US dollars. So not a cheapest hair. It’s the most
expensive hair that I’ve tried on this channel and I’ve tried the faux locs and
that was $9.99 a pack. This is still more expensive than that with $13.25 a pack. Then there’s $20 shipping 20 US dollars in shipping on top of that. So I have four
packs of hair $20 in shipping. I checked my debit card statement and then
there was a $3.99 or something of another I’ll insert right now. It was an
international shipping fee added on that my card added on to it. So I was like should have even used PayPal like I don’t even know. Like this was a it’s turned into a very
costly situation. Granted I did buy two hairs but just think about it. $20 on top
of four packs of hair on top of a little shipping international see that my debit
card charged. It turned out to be an over $60 hair for this this hair install.
But I’ll get into it overall. I’ll tell you at the end of the video whether I
recommend this hair. Like I said this is my first day so I haven’t got full
thoughts on it but I just want to walk you through the costliness of this hair.
Now braid pattern. I told my mom. My mom when she does my hair wants to do experimental things. She likes to do zig zags. She likes to do
a lot because she doesn’t do hair professionally but she likes to play
around with hair. And so she wants to play around and me be the test dummy. I’m like
don’t let me be the test dummy. I want straight back braids. So luckily
I was watching her like a hawk she did do straight back braids. So I do have the
versatility to part on any side that I want to and I do want to do a little bit
more styles. You guys a lot of times get tired of me doing the same thing and I
want to do different stuff too. So I might wear it differently I don’t know. I do plan on getting a lot of wear out of this hair
just because I have a very eventful July month coming up soon. I am going on
vacation next week and I wanted this to be my kind of vacation hair. It’s
giving me vibes and I really do like the look of it. But the feel of it is
something that makes me feel a little fearful. Now like I said in my trendy
tresses goddess curl video this is the hair that I’m gonna test out when I go on
vacation. I’m gonna go swimming in this hair. I’m gonna go in the pool. Gonna swim
around and see if this hair holds up so I can give you guys an idea of whether
trendy tresses overall. You know sometimes brands have different hairs
that do perform better underwater. I’m gonna see a trendy tresses River curl is
actually suited for a river. Not that I’m swimming in a river but who knows. So
I’ll do that in my final thoughts so stay tuned to see my one week thoughts
on this Trendy Tresses River curl. So now coming on here for my first week
thoughts on these trendy tresses river curls hair. And I think this
portion is gonna be very quick and to the point. Now overall with maintenance for
this hair, nighttime routine and all of that. What I have done is I’ve gone
between twisting this hair as the package describes you should do with
this hair as well as pineappleing. Which is my run-of-the-mill what I like to do
because I’m very simple and I’m very let’s just be honest lazy about a lot of
my styles. So overall I didn’t see a benefit between either twisting this
hair up at night or pineapple-ing it. I think you can get away with doing either. Did
not see a benefit other than having wasted time in the morning and
unraveling the hair in the morning. So I’ve just been sticking with pineapple-ing.
And I will probably continue pineapple-ing this hair through the rest of my wear
with this hair. Now in terms of the look of it. I do really like the look of it. I
think it’s a very cute hair. Overall though I think that do enjoy the color
of the goddess curls that I had. You guys know I had that in the 1B33. I did
really enjoy that wine color. I think it blended a lot better. I think with
this hair I have drastic spots where it’s you know the black then it’s the 30
color. I just feel like I like that more and I got a lot of compliments this week
in terms of work but they like me with anything new. Any time they see something
new now. Now I know not to trust them at my old place I think they were a lot
more honest. They would tell me which ones they liked and they didn’t like. Now
since I’ve been at my new job for maybe upwards of what four months three
now. They say oh I love this. Oh I love this. Now I’m like ya crying wolf. You
can’t love every hair. But they’re like no I promise you this is our favorite
and I’m like yeah until the next hair that I try and then that’ll be your
favorite. So I think in terms of compliments gotten a lot of compliments.
The streets love this hair. For me I think what’s missing a little bit I do
wish that we had busted open that fourth pack of hair. I think this hair could
benefit a lot from having some hair up here. Some more hair in my crown area. I
think that’s where it’s missing some of the fullness that I like. I thought over
time maybe it would get a little bit more full but some hairs their
different. Some hairs go from being very full to not as full to being not as full
to very full throughout the wear. I was hoping that it would be not as full to
very full did not happen. I think the fullness of it has stayed the same so I
think you really do need four packs of the trendy tresses hair. Imma be honest
with any hair that you try some trendy tresses. I know a lot of people have gotten away with two. But for me I like a fuller look sometimes. Sometimes I don’t. But I think that this hair could have benefited from a little bit more fullness up top. Now in
terms of this hair and you guys have asked me a lot of questions about can I
put this hair up because I do straight backs can I put this hair up. I I could
but I think I can’t do a high pony. Like I can do and I’ll turn around so you
guys can see. I can do this much but I can’t do probably a high bun just
because of the situation I have my hair. If you guys saw my goddess curls my
braid pattern is essentially almost the same.I think it’s a little bit more
curved down here but it’s a basic straight back braid pattern with a
little bit more curve braids. But I still have my hair right here so I think you
can pull it up a little bit higher than you can in My Goddess curls video so you
can do a little pony you know you can get away with you know going to the gym
and doing all that but I do have my little hang time sewn up right there but
in terms of my overall thoughts on this here in this first week I would have to
say in there worth the price that’s the thing I know I saved that for my final
thoughts with the goddess curls but with this hair I’m struggling to find the
benefit of this versus say a free trendy twist hair that here $5.99 a pack this
hair substantially more including ship and including all that that goes with
this hair I say overall this hair ain’t nothing to write home about
I’ll be honest with you I was on my way from breakfast this morning trying to
figure out my first week thoughts and I was like I
don’t feel that much of an attachment I’m not gonna get on camera and be like
I’m so excited like I am about some hair is this hair ain’t the worst but it
definitely the best it definitely ain’t the best I think what you’re paying for
is not probably worth what you think you’re getting I know a lot of you guys
mean you guys were begging me to try those trendy dresses here it’s like it’s
so soft I see people say it’s so soft it’s
almost like human hair it’s almost like this that and the third I get it but the
reason I don’t like so soft here is is because just because they look like
human hair they ain’t at the end of the day they steal synthetic hair like it
can look like it wants to all day long but it’s still synthetic fibers and at
the end of the day it’s gonna frizz a lot more than a rougher texture here
people who love ocean wave who’s like Ripple deep my Harlem went to five
you’re not gonna like this here it’s a totally different texture it’s not that
same family I like a rougher here not the stiffest hair not the hardest here
but I don’t like a super soft hair because it has the same struggles and
the same shedding and the same matting that a tougher hair does but I think
those hairs can endure it a little bit better but this is the hair that you’re
gonna have detangle a few times this isn’t just a one and done type of
situation you’re probably not have to detangle daily with this hair a lot more
than I did even with my Lulu dress here I did that
what once every two days I might have proactively detangle
you’re gonna have to proactive and retro actively detangle this hair because it’s
gonna have some tangles throughout it trust me
so overall I mean I’m gonna save my final thoughts of course I’m gonna take
this hair with me on vacation I am going on vacation tomorrow I know originally I
thought we were going to the beach turns out we’re going to the mountains but
that’s the good thing about living in North Carolina you about two hours from
the beach two hours from the mountains you got either option and I’m a mountain
girl but I will definitely swim in that pool
to see if this hair holds up in the pool at the resort that we’re going to stay
at so you guys will see whether I think this hair is Beach friendly wet I think
it’s activewear friendly and my final thoughts but I just wanted to give you
an overall idea of how I’m feeling about this here today and as I’m feeling about
it when we can it ain’t terrible and definitely ain’t terrible but let’s not
pretend like this is the best thing since sliced bread you know I’m not
gonna sit here and be like always ha I drop everything you’re doing and
buying this hair you know goddess curls was sent to me by trendy tresses and I’m
so thankful for that but it’s not gonna stop me from finding my own coin which I
did to see if it really does hold up how shipping is how everything works as a
consumer for the hair trendy tresses when they restarted me to do the
original video they made it clear that they wanted an install video if you see
a lot of trendy tresses video or and round that are mainly install this
because what that’s what trendy tresses wanted I was like oh cool I’ll do a
little install video I did my little install of the goddess curls but I’m
still gonna do a separate video where I reviewed it so that’s why my hottest
curl review in this store video are separate because I’m gonna do what the
brand asks me to do because they were so nice to provide me that here but at the
end of the day I’m gonna do what Lila Vaughn does and review some hair I’m a
review channel I’m not a how-to I’m not a do-it-yourself person I’m more so want
to focus on reviews and I want to bring you guys the truth and honesty and what
I feel like if you feel something else let me know down below I rambled on to
them let’s head on in to my final thoughts of these river curls so now
coming on here with my final thoughts of this trendy tresses river curls Harris I
have been gearing up and ready I literally just came back from vacation
and I’m literally taking this hair out today it’s been two weeks with this hair
you guys saw me online of one week thoughts of this here before I left for
vacation now I am back and it is now time for my final thoughts because I
have pretty strong thoughts of this year I’ve never been more excited to get back
and feel my final thoughts than I am with this hair now I went swimming on
this hair and of course I went to the mountains I thought we originally went
to the beach I was lied to but I was like I make the best of it I’m gonna go
ahead I’m gonna see and there’s gonna be a pool there it’s the best time to test
out of here to see if it’s chlorine already I was swimming I went swimming
in two days from this hair both days this hair just was not cooperating with
me it was not my favorite favorite water friendly here you guys are going to ask
me is this hair water friendly I think not I think not it is not my vacation
here it’s not a hair that I would recommend for vacation and it makes me
feel like I told you guys in the Trinity tresses goddess curl video that I
couldn’t speak to that hair being water friendly because I did not test that
hair out of the water I think if it’s made from the same materials as this
hair it’s enough it’s a no do not do this to yourself you’re here it’s not
gonna look terrible because I’m back from vacation now does the hair look
terrible mm-hmm not terrible but it definitely got some places all over the
back I put the hair in the back to the back because I was like I’m not even
playing with this stuff not even gonna like this whole situation there’s frizz coming up off the top like
this has not been my favorite crocheting hairstyle ever like this has been a hot
mess now also I was taking a lot of picture and I was looking at those
pictures very very strongly I was like hold on wait do I have it was patches in
my hair that the color is off there are patches of my hair that I didn’t even
realize cuz I’m not doing a 360 with my mirror but these pictures really caught
it I’m inserting them right now where you can see it looks like it’s whole
black in one section it’s like colored in one section it’s
it’s I’m brand another section it’s the color is really really off with this and
I’m not really liking that and I’m not understanding why that is now if you saw
my Lulu tres video I thought I had issues with that ombre that ombre is
amazing compared to whatever is going on with the color and this hair I don’t
know it’s just very much so off you guys tell me if you guys are seeing what I’m
saying it’s two-tone and I get it being two-tone but I wish it was a little bit
more consistent I don’t want a whole black spot in my hair so overall I feel
like I don’t need to ramble on too long about this hair it’s all my not
recommended side I think it’s a beautiful hair it’s a it’s a gorgeous
hair I think there are other hairs that are way but goodness if you want to try
a hair like this go with the free trust deep twist this hair is kind of similar
it looks very similar to the free trust deep twist in my opinion it’s maybe not
the best best best hair out there but if you want something comparable if you’re
like I want to hear just like that what can I get you free trans deep twist if
you really want to hear just like this but this hair I just think it’s just too
soft it’s just too tangly it’s just not something you really want to deal with
if you’re on vacation if you are traveling if you’re a frequent swimmer
or some of you guys out there say I swam about 4 or 5 times a week when I’m on
vacation will this hair hold up this hair won’t hold up it’s not recommended
for me I hate to say that but I’m trying to have you guys save your money this is
not a cheap hair this is not a here that it’s $4.99 APEC’s eyeliner pack this
hair is expensive and I know what’s expensive you guys want to know whether
you need to buy it or not this is my opinion though if you guys have tried
this hair and you will love this hair let me know down below did you travel
with this air where you acted with this air did you work out whether saying what
did you do with this hair during your time of wearing this hair for me it’s a
lil Ivana and not recommend and I hate to say that I spent my own coin and of
course I’m gonna give one more Trinity tresses curl to try I do have the island
girl I don’t know when I’m trying that because I’m gonna take a little break
from journey traffic giving them some time but not my favorite hair just
overall but if you like this hair if you like this video make sure you give it a
big thumbs up even if you did not like this here make sure you give this video
a big thumbs up we need all the support out there make sure you subscribe to me
so you don’t miss any of my videos make sure you’re following me on instagram at
Leela Mon 89 and I will see you in my next video thank you so much for
watching all right so don’t feel bad man but out
of batman i didn’t impress these dogs


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  30. If you don't like silky textures avoid goddess, and river curls. I'm on my second round of goddess and will be installing River curl next. If any one has tried and liked freetress French deep, the hair is silky like that. I detangle using a water/conditioner mix and have the hair shoulder length 🤗

  31. Hello! I know you said that you don’t like a softer crochet hair butane there any others that you would recommend over the trendy tresses river curl? I actually liked the river curl after trying it but my ombré was blue to blue instead of brown to blond and that was extremely upsetting. They said they have corrected the problem but I don’t know if I want to give that particular company another try. I know u recommended a freetress hair but I wanted to know do you have any other suggestions for a softer curly crochet hair??

  32. I had this hair installed Sunday and I will be taking it out Thursday. The worse hair ever. Installation was a nightmare and it started looking a mess 24 hrs later. I'll go back to freetress deep twist. #savethe money

  33. I did install 5pk of trendy tresses river curl right today !!!! Beautiful but very difficult to install. They also slip by making 4 knots and above all it makes a huge effort to divide them! Total hours of work without stopping 6.
    Expensive hair by calculating the shipping exorbitant costs by requesting fast shipping.
    I hope they will resist and become over time. But I think you're right; too expensive and very difficult. Thank you for your honest advice. You're our crochethair guru!

  34. Iwatch all of her videos and i love how informational she is lol . ibeen team crochet for like a year andd shes had a big influence on what hair ichoose to get. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!!!!!

  35. People complaining about the price and I'm just sitting here being happy I found a company that ships to France for a normal price!

  36. I saw this installed in another video and it looked so beautiful and i instantly thought of you, and you told me that you already did it so here i am watching this video lol It looked so pretty and it makes you think that it would be a good hair but oh well. So nice of you to try these all out and review them for everyone 🙂

  37. Great information! This is first time visiting your page and it was full of knowledge. I agree, a little on the pricey side but the hair looks great on you!

  38. Lia, do you know if this company is black owned? I asked them and they said they that yes, the owner is a black female who lives in London…. Certainly owners often opt for anonymity, and black owners in particular may fear that visibility could hinder supplier relations, but on the other hand that was a suspiciously vague answer imo. At the end of the day, companies can say whatever they want. Do you know anything about it?

  39. I really wish I had seen this review before making my purchase but now that I have it I will have to see for myself.
    I saw the hair in a tutorial and had to have it because I thought it was so pretty not a fan of the daily maintenance but we will see how it goes. WISH ME LUCK!

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