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What’s up everybody? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. In this video, we’re going to show you how to pack for your winter trip and fit it all in carry-on. Now winter clothes are bulky, and the cold weather makes you want to pack a lot of things. So we’re going to show you what to pack and how to fit it in a bag that will fit in your overhead compartment. OK, so if there’s one tip that you have to remember, it’s about layers, layers,layers, specifically your under layers. So we’re going to show you straight up. If there’s one thing you’ve got to buy, right now, it’s the long johns. These are long pants that are thermal; they wick away moisture. You put these babies on underneath your pants, and then suddenly, you’re in Hawaii in the middle of summer. It’s great Wow! That’s quite the analogy. And you also have to call them babies. Slip into these babies. For your top layer, you’re going to want a thermal base layer. This thing is made by Smartwool, but it’s great because it breathes; it keeps the heat in, but if you’re sweaty and this thing gets wet, like if you’re snowboarding and get a little bit on your tail, it dries off quickly. Also pair that with a pair of socks. We have mentioned before the importance of buying a good pair of travel socks, but especially in the winter. You don’t want to be wearing a pair of white cotton socks. Get a pair of wool socks, and they will save your life. You probably need about three pair of this, two pairs of long johns, and I would say, you could get, you could just wear only these plain-colored Smartwool shirts, or the other option is is to use them, kind of like a base, and then just wear your normal shirts on top. So two thermal shirts, two long johns, two or three pairs of wool socks, and three pairs of underwear. Like always, we always recommend the smart, Exeficio quick-dry boxers. On top of that for the pants, whatever you normally wear. We like wearing jeans. We recommend the Traveler jeans from Banana Republic. The whole point is that you want to wear dark clothes because in the winter what happens is , you know, snow hits the ground, it mixes with dirt, it makes a lot of light colored clothes, dark. So, you don’t want to get stains. You want to wear some dark colored pants. Leave your white jeans at home. Yeah, don’t worry about those. So once you have the base layer, you’re going to want to start putting on some more. We always recommend these packable, nano -puff jackets from Patagonia. But any sort of light weight jacket like this, is great. This one condenses down. They pack into themeselves. So when you’re not wearing it, it packs down to a little square about this big. And when we get to the packing part on this video, you will see why these are extremely useful. Now this is good because if you’re in just above freezing temperatures, these are good to wear. If it starts snowing, though, you’re going to need to have some sort of shell on top. So you’e going to want to wear the equivalent of a ski or snowboard jacket. We wear these. We took these with us to Europe last winter. We wore these down parkas. These are not technically snowboard jackets, but they look good in an urban setting. Whatever you have. Unless you’re like us and you live in California, you probably have a decent jacket You’re going to want to wear that jacket on the airplane; you’re not going to pack this. Wherever you fly, you’re wearing the bulky jacket. Or at least when you’re checking in, and their checking your tickets or whatever, and if you need to, you don’t necessarily have to wear it on, you can just drape it over your arm, or whatever. But definitely, do not put that in your bag because it won’t fit. It will take up all the space. So…moving on to shoes. The most important thing when you’re picking shoes is not to pick too many. It’s so hard….shoes, shoes If people pack too many of anything, it’s shoes. You should really be focusing on getting yourself one pair of shoes that will be the most versatile in most situations. In winter time, that is usually a pair of boots. Now these are boots you could walk through a snow drift in these things. But the most important thing is that you want to have a good bottom. so that you don’t slip on the ice. And he’s not talking about your “butt.” He’s talking about the sole of your shoe. You want to have it so it’s ribbed and you’re not slipping on ice. That’s extremely important in the winter time because you will have a bruised bottom if you do not have good soles on your shoes. You also want to make sure that’s it’s not permeable. So leather is a good option. Now, you don’t have to have such a technical boot. You can wear something a bit more stylish. Just make sure it’s leather, it’s not permeable. You want to make sure that you keep the water out, no matter what you’re wearing. And higher boots are better than lower boots so you don’t get snow in. One last thing, we enjoy to try to stay fit on the road. To do that, we bring our winter exercise clothes, which is basically just a long work out shirt and a long work out pair of pants, plus some running shoes. And last, but not least, the accessories for your head, the beanie you’ve got a scarf.. the scarf is great. Do not forget this. And a pair of gloves. OK. So, we have all the stuff. Now the challenging part…….. fitting it all into a bag that you can carry on. Ready? Great! So first up. Shoes at the bottom, followed by pants, running clothes, extra two thermal shirts, tuck these bad boys in wherever there’s space, second pair of long johns, two spare pairs of underwear, two spare pairs of socks, button down shirt for formal occasions, quick-dry towel, packed down version of the nano-puff mid-layer jacket, and that’s pretty much it. Zip it up. Pack it down, and you can see there is almost a foot of space. Plenty of room for souvenirs Ok. so that’s it Your bag’s packed. You have your tickets; you’re ready to go. So as you can see, we’ve fit everything into this backpack, which is a 62 liter bag. It has always fit our carry-on for us. I think the key with carry-on is just doing with confidence. Don’t check this bag no matter what they say. When they ask you when you’re checking in, “Do you have any bags to check?” and you just say, “no.” And they’ll say, “Are you sure?” Yep! This one is 66 cm tall or 26 inches. That’s totally fine. The key is weight Every airline is different. Check before you fly. But as you can see, we still have a foot of space in this bag. That’s because we carry our camera equipment within this, as well. So we can do two months in Europe with this set up. I’m sure you can do a couple weeks. The key is this: do laundry more often , or just sweat it out. Or just be stinky I think the key, the main take away here is that you want to have a couple layers on top, and then you’re just changing out your base layers. You’ve got those long johns; you’ve got the thermal underwear and the thermal socks that will wick away moisture and just keep rotating that. And if you can’t change your shirt everyday, change your city. Gross. Anyways, guys, thanks for watching. If you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for new travel videos every week. And don’t forget. Also add in some other topics you guys want us to cover for the “How To” series. Let us know what your travel questions are, and we’ll try our best to answer them in up-coming videos. In the meantime, stay curious. keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.


  1. The key to packing for carry-on is weight. As you guys mentioned, all airlines have different requirements so it's important to know their weight limitations ahead of time. Unfortunately, more and more airlines are asking you to weigh your carry-on bag when you are at the check-in counter. Some airlines are becoming very strict with carry-on weight limits, I've even seen a few airlines that have carry-on weight limits of 10kg, 8kg and even 7kg!

    Packing to stay within weight limits is by far the hardest thing when trying to do carry-on only, especially when you are carrying electronics/camera gear. I always carry a small day pack with me at the airport in case I'm forced to check my carry-on bag because of strict weight limitations – then I can quickly throw my valuables and necessities into my day bag and check my other bag.

    But like you guys, I do my best to travel with carry-on only whenever possible.

  2. This was most needed right now! I'm going to hiking in the Himalayas this week, and confused about cloths to pack. This is perfect! Thanks.. 😀

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  4. this video could not have come at a better time – busy packing for london – Paris – Amsterdam – Hamburg and Barcelona

  5. Please don't just be stinky! A few weeks ago, I had a couple of passengers on my flight who smelled so bad that the only explanation for the way they smelled were that they showered with vinegar instead of water. Save a nose, wash your clothes!

  6. oh to be a dude & pack like one! But I must say I'm pretty proud that I packed everything I needed for 3 months in my Osprey Porter 46liter backpack. And that includes toiletries, boots & a curling iron! I would also highly recommend packing cubes, especially for the ladies or for those who like to be a bit more organized.

    by the way Alex & Mark…what are those unique rings you both wear on one hand? I always see them & have wondered.

  7. I stick my umbrella in my pocket, and not in one of my 2 carry on bags. The weight won't count against you. Silk thermals and a thin silk, wool sweater. Yep, I do laundry! 🙂

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  12. im going to japan this upcoming february and watching your video is really helpful. since im a muslim and the places i go is a little bit hard to find halal food, so we have to bring some food here. i think that's gonna take lots of space in luggage. do you mind to make a video how to pack clothes with food during winter for 2 weeks and not exceeds 20 kg? sorry if it is disturbing, thank you

  13. im going to japan this upcoming february and watching your video is really helpful. since im a muslim and the places i go is a little bit hard to find halal food, so we have to bring some food here. i think that's gonna take lots of space in luggage. do you mind to make a video how to pack clothes with food during winter for 2 weeks and not exceeds 20 kg? sorry if it is disturbing, thank you

  14. im going to japan this upcoming february and watching your video is really helpful. since im a muslim and the places i go is a little bit hard to find halal food, so we have to bring some food here. i think that's gonna take lots of space in luggage. do you mind to make a video how to pack clothes with food during winter for 2 weeks and not exceeds 20 kg? sorry if it is disturbing, thank you

  15. are you guys brothers? i always bring too many clothes and shit i dont need. i seriously need to learn to bring LESS.

  16. You guys have any updated Amazon links for memory cards? I clicked on the one for this video, and below it says there's a new model, faster speed, and it's even a little cheaper. I want to support you guys but also get the better stuff.

  17. On the subject of footwear, I recommend anyone going a trip who is wearing boots to get gaitors. They are waterproof covers for the top half of the boot up to just above your knee, I got cheap ones (around £15) for my last DofE Hiking trip. At one point I was a foot deep in a river, came out completely dry so I'm assuming they'd work for snow as well. You can get ones for £40+ but mine were fine.

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    Can you also talk about what internet service you used during travelling?
    Im studying in London right now and am planning to travel to rest of the Europe in Jan next year!

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    After 9 months on the road I want to upgrade to carry-on only travel and what you showed is exactly what I was thinking about.

    what's that Patagonia jacket's name? it's quite convenient.

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  24. Try Darn Tough socks instead of Smartwool. My darnToughs have lasted me 3x longer than my smartwools, and I've tried 4 different types of smartwools.

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  27. Sigh
    I live in India.
    I have no down parka.
    Even if i wore them I'd look like a walrus.
    AND, I can't wear boots!!
    My future plans for Europe (in winter) look bleak….unless I transform into a Polar bear :/

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  29. Anyone managed to do a trip to Europe in a Kathmandu Transfer Pack (or anything else around 28 litres)? It does have other pockets, and a pod for electronics which I could put toiletries in.

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    second could u go in to more details about luandry – u said pack light and do a lot of laundry are there good places to do laundry? do i need to buy and then carry with me detergent or are ther places that do that? and how much does it end up costing?

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