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Tour de Ski | Vlog

Tour de Ski | Vlog

Hello Johannes. Hello What´s up? We are in Toblach and are ready for ski We arrived yesterday evening after a pretty long day of travelling Are you agree? Yes. I was up at 4.30 am and arrived at 7.30 pm It was a long day You was lucky with your car. It was a nice one. We are sitting in a Van Seniority differences You´we got the dobbel bed, I got the single I can see who is getting the priority on this tour I, Hans Christian, Kruger, Finn and Skare is going with the Van That´s our car That´s life What about you? Are you going out skiing? I´m going out to test the course Wake up this legs, check if they are ok That´s right I´m also going out Are you ready Brandsdal I´m ready Soon it´s competition I can feel it Are you nervous Little It´s the way it should be You suppose to be a little nervouse It´s a nice day Blue sky and sun Is this a day for Brandsdal? We should be in the mountains Downhill in the mountains We can do it after the sprint You think we should do it tomorrow instead of the 15 km competition? That would be fun But first we have to do the sprint Yes Go competition! Isn´t that what you say? Yeah, go competition. Are you ready? Grandfather and Dario Colognas father Chaos This was crazy I was number 1, then number 2, then 5, then 3, then 2 and finally number 1at the end Totally chaos Full speed the whole race You are 2 sec faster then the other heat It was fast, I noticed that Very good Johannes We made it I think we are leading the Tour at the moment This is a good start You have to go to the mixed zone Sorry guys, I have to go New day, new possibilities 40 min to the start It´s close, and I love the 15 km individual start It will be fun What does it mean It will be a war Are you ready for it? I have to This is what we love But, it´s more fun to do the sprint I hope that I on my first lap can find someone to hang on I have bib 58 and maybe Røthe, Sundby, Harvey or Cologna will finish their first lap when I start We´ll see We´ll start the warm up Smile first Summary. Are you satisfied? I was as fast as I could, but I was too far behind I did not like that You also want to bike You can use the treadmill You don´t hate to run, do you? I´m glad that I don´t have to do use the treadmill I´m happy with the sprint today, you are…. Happy with the effort, not so happy with the result It´s 10 min before it is a new year and her we are, lying in bed, with buff Brandsdal is almost embarrassing because we are wearing buff but it´s cold her We have a really “nice” hotelroom A dobbelbed, 2 bags Her is the bathroom It´s soon 2019 and soon a new competition It´s almost skicross tomorrow? I think so You are looking forward to that? You are playful? Yes, I looking forwared to it Brandsdal love skicross That´s why I startet cross country skiing The skicross was the most fun part when we were young It´s a while ago Happy new year everyone and I think this is the most miserable hotelroom ever I have seen it worse You have been backpacking It was some hostel that really was not nice 2019 starts in a double bed, not that big, pretty close See you in 2019, we have to sleep in 10 min before the firework start We have to see them now No, we are going to sleep. See you in 2019. Goodnight Happy new year Soon ready for start It´s a little windy Have you said happy new year? I talked to the vlog right before midnight yesterday I´m doing my warm up Nice weather This track is crazy. You have no idea I would be nice with the first victory of the year on the 1.January Pizza? Celebrating the quarter final Soon we are in Italy We are driving to Oberstdorf, 3,5 hour in a car Is this better standard for you Brandsdal? this is more like Your standard this is how I like it two bathrooms and everything Not like the room we had yesterday now we need to unpack our bags It`s 19 hours until race start it will be though now we are back at the hotel we are just going to change clothes and then we are going directly to Val di Fiemme I don`t know what dad has done With the camera, but it dosn`t work so I need to film with my phone then I need to talk to Ola about it, and try to figure out whats wrong it`s just zooming in like crazy, so I don`t know what to do I`ll try my best we are don With the race and I got the victory on distance which I was hoping for this is the price I got, cheese I got the victory I was hoping for in skate distance, which I am very happy about even tho I think Ustjugov hates me now I am just happy I was first over the finish line, that`s the most important thing. I`ll make this short We are going to move to Val di Fiemme as I said So now I just have to take a quick shower, and then I`ll see you guys later It was seriously SO funny to win today on distance I have waited a long time for that to happen Life is smiling agian. have you seen the room by the way? It`s pretty big See you in Val di Fiemme Now the sun has set, and so I hope the temperature goes down the Girls are starting now in 2 minutes and we are starting in 1 hour so now i`m going inside to relax a little bit, and then it`s time to warm up Now we will just show you the race, so cross Your fingers because the one walking behind me now is going to kill it and there is my other buddy now they are walking in one by one It will be nice let`s go, race! I am speechless! I can see a little tear Yes, it actually did are you happy? I am pretty happy I won today as well! I got it exactly as I wanted the Whole way and took 45 bonus secounds. beat ustjugov with quite alot of secounds so this was a Perfect day and it`s funny how the russians goes out to the media and says that they got this monster plan about how they are going to beat Klæbo “we are going to do everything we can” what happens is that I take every bonus secound I can, and after last bouns sprint Bolsjunov is the one speeding up when ustjugov is 15 secounds behind so they are just ruining every chance they got, and thank God for that! russian tactics Last day of the Tour getting closer to the last race now I`m leading 1.20 secounds to Ustjugov Looking like Ingvild is going fast up the hill the russians are fast too, which indicates that everyone has good skiis today, and that`s not Nice 1 minute and 20 secounds should be enough, but you never know I have not one Clue about how it will go up that hill today are you ready for war? yes I`m ready I got a Message today which said that I shouldn`t look at it as a war today, I should look at it as a dance so I will try to follow that advice and then we Count up everything when we are finished this will be very exciting so I think we`ll just get started with this last race and pray to God that theese two feet are in good shape today, Ustjugov has a bad day, Bolsjunov has a bad day, and that I just can walk in my own tempo all the way to the finish line That`s my prayers We are going to get Down I`ll see you somewhere up in that hill It was good, are you happy? yes, that was good! Grandpa is tired too after running up and Down the hill cheering for me today! I have to lay Down for two days after this two resting days for grandpa do I get that as well? njaaa not quite sure about that It`s really windy up here did you notice the Wind while racing? No, just a little bit on a scale from 1-10, how tired were you when you came up the hill today? 8 maybe? I was not totally exhausted, but I was tired I think yesterdays race was heavier on me than I first would have thought it would be I`m not made for these hills I hate it but now I have finally done it and for next year we will consider training a bit more uphill this year we haven`t trained anything on it. the plan was not to finish Tour de ski Next year we have to Train more uphill if I am going to participate in Tour de ski we are ending the vlog here We are really happy Do we have the trophy? No, there was so many trophies there, I didn’t know which one was yours Gro left them there It’s really windy! We are ending the vlog now, after a fantastic Tour de ski and everything is on top so now we are going home again and give all the material to Ola so he can start editing the vlog (when you see this, Ola has been editing for 6 hours) We have also been thinking about wether we should continue vlogging or not who knows? So just stay tuned on monday in one week and pay attention to my Instagram, I will upload a post about what our plan for 2019 is Thank you for watching. See you again next week, maybe..

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  1. Thanks for the great and exciting races at tour de ski! As an amateur skier I try to learn as much as possible from your skiing. 😀 I wish you succesful world ski championships and end of this season. Also I hope you guys will continue making these videos as they are unique and very good. If one video at every week is too often, how about for example once per month?

  2. Watched each race of the TDS; wow, way to come roaring back into the season, Johannes!!!! Impressive and very exciting!!! Congratulations. So hoping you decide to do another year of vlogging!

  3. Johannes du er rå! Ola, likte skikkelig redigeringen på denne, fortsett gjerne å skriv hva slags løp han går 😀

  4. Please keep vlogging!

    I was there watching the Tour de Ski both days in Toblach,in Val Müstair and on Saturday in Val di Fiemme and I watched the other races on tv. You were great! I just love x-country skiing (even if I don't ski anymore) and my passion for this sport only grows with every week and every single one of your vlogs. They are inspiring and fascinating and just use to save my week.

    Thanks a lot to both of you, Johannes and Ola, and to everyone who is filming, when you don't do!
    Greetings from Switzerland (Val Müstair) and hopefully you continue vlogging.

  5. Gratulerer så mye med seieren!!! Det fortjener du virkelig!

    Tusen takk for fantastiske dager og prestasjoner fra deg og fantastisk TV-tid gjennom uken Touren varte. Jeg håper jeg ser mer til deg i VM og i årene fremover. Jeg har heiet på deg hele Touren og kommer til å gjøre det alltid! Du er min absolutte favoritt langrennsløper<3
    Husk alltid å gå med rosa briller, staver og hansker, da vinner du alltid<3
    Og igjen: Gratulerer så mye med seieren, og håper årene fremover blir dine!!

  6. Johannes, you are totally amazing! I learn so much from your hard work, determination and your feisty spirit in competitions but remember, sports is not just all about winning but also respecting each others and being humble. I hope after all, you see the Russian skiers not just as your competitors but also friends in humanity. Keep up the GREAT WORK my young friend.

  7. Yes, we are very happy because we are proud of you! You are the best and we hope for you will have many successes! And we hope that next year you will partecipate to Tour de Ski for see you! Thanks for all emotions and congratulation for your results! ??

  8. Jeg tror vel ikke du leser dette, men hvor lenge om gangen bruker du headset? Fakta: Lengre enn en time er risiko for å skade/svekke hørselen – også selv om lydnivået ikke er spesielt høyt. Hørselorganet trenger hvile.

  9. kommer det ny vlogg eller ikke håper noe så innderlig at dere fortsetter!!! kan du please være med Aleksander Wisløff i et video til?!! det er fetteren min!! hils fra meg!! JULIE BIRGITTE!!! TUUUUUUUUUSEN TAKK!!!!!!

  10. jeg har lest hele boken din og sett alle videoene dine!!! du innspiserer meg veldig til å trene og bli god!!! og til å legge mye tid og tålmodighet i noe for å bli god i det!!! jeg trener også langerenn for Heming da!! men etter jeg her sett videoene dine får jeg enda mer lyst til å gi alt for å bli god på en trening!!!!!!!!! TUUUUUUSEN TAKK for alt sammen Johannes!!!!!! digger deg!!!!!! du er verdens beste skiløper og youtuber!!!!!! fortsett å gjøre det like bra som du har gjort til nå!!!!! du er helt sinnsyk!!!!!!! digger deg helt syyyyyyykt!!!!!!!!!

  11. Margrit und Ruedi from Switzerland
    Dear Johannes. We watched each blog. Congratulation Johannes and Ola. It' impressive and very exciting. Your work ist unique and very good. The whole family ist unique and so wonderful. You are really very great. (we were a long time amateur skier). Thanks a lot for the subtitles. We wish you all the best and good success for the future. Good luck an happiness.

  12. please continue vlogging!! it's so cool to see such a great athlete not just on the tv at a competition. but to also see what it all takes to get so good:)

  13. Abonner på meg å bli med på eksperimentet mitt å få 1000 abonnenter uten noen videoer ?

  14. For sure without the race of 30 km, sprinters like him have chance to win. Pity that Ustiugov didn't win, but if i think all the stupid doping mobbing facts, his second place is much worthy than kid's klaebo's victory.

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    1venstrepolitikk og 1masseinnvandringen (som 1promoteres i 1media), 1transformerer 1Europa og 1erstatter det 1opprinnelige 1europeiske 1folket med 1arabere og 1afrikanere. MER1INFO:

  16. Это всё очень здорово, интересно
    Есть только одно но…
    Примерно в конце видео кадры как Клэбо входит на пьедестал где уже соответственно на втором и третьем месте Устюгов и Большунов.
    Этот кадр же точно не с гонки в гору и немного не точно в том контексте в котором показано…
    Уверен что это просто неточность или желание подтвердить слова, что накатишь их обоих и сделано для антуража))

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