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Tonya Harding Gets Back in the Ice Skating Rink Following National Attention

Tonya Harding Gets Back in the Ice Skating Rink Following National Attention

Tonya Harding is back on the ice are you home on the ice absolutely I mean this is my sanctuary I just love it so much that’s why I’m here the release of the critically acclaimed movie I Tonya starring Margot Robbie has put the spotlight back on the real Tonya she’s even front and center at the Golden Globes does Tonya believe that her reputation has been rehabilitated as a result of the movie I don’t know that she thinks her reputation has been rehabilitated but I think she feels like her stories being told all this newfound attention is pushing Tonya to sharpen her skills on the ice she still looks strong sailing around the rink but her days when she became the first American woman skater to do a triple axel are behind her how do you feel when you’re on the air well wonderful as long as I’m not on my butt because I have taken a few hard Falls and stuff I know that I have to take things slower want to get back and do the things that I love to do which is my triples ABC’s Amy Robox hosting a two-hour special called truth in lives that Tonya Harding’s story it airs tonight [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Tonya Harding Gets Back in the Ice Skating Rink Following National Attention”

  1. Everybody commit mistakes dont tell me that not of you have though of harming somebody or actually done it like beating up somebody please

  2. Love how the human body works! Her 2T2T looks exactly like the 3T3T she landed almost 30 years ago. Muscle memory is real!

  3. She’s done her time, and then some. She should put together her own skating show. I’d pay to see it. Is she not allowed to do that either?

  4. 0:49 Wonderful. It helps a lot that she didn't gain as much weight as other retired athletes. She looks pretty good.

  5. She's doing very well for her age. Not that she is old but after 40, it's extremely hard to do what I saw her just do and I believe she's closer to 60 than 50.

  6. This is wonderful! Good for her! After the years of hard work and dedication, it was a shame that she stopped doing something at which she excelled. I hope she is happy now and that skating for fun and exercise will bring her joy.

  7. I don't care how good a skater she still is, she still cannot skate in any skating expedition. She was banned from skating in competitions and expeditions for life.

  8. I always liked Tonya Harding. It's stupid that they made her to not compete for life on the ice.. people have done worst in the world.And they forgot about what they did . You can tell on dancing with the stars she felt like people were still treating her for what happen in 1994…Move on People. Tonya do what you were made to do SKATE.

  9. Well, I think she is little agoistic and showman, but she is brilliant scater, so let her do her thing

  10. I really wish the USFSA would amend her being banned, just so she could coach and be a part of the ice skating world once more. I still think banning her from the ice was overboard.

  11. If you watched Kobra Kai… This is like the same, but in reality. The blonde wasn't the bad guy… At least the version that we had. I always believed that it was bad…but Tonya paid a higher price. 18 months of jail, against banned for life of the best thing that happened to her… Not fair… She never had the chance, not even as a child. I honestly hope that this turns in Tonya's redemption.

  12. I have been watching Tonya nonstop for days on YouTube. I have fallen in love with her and I do not understand the people that have not forgiven her.

  13. It just always breaks my heart to know what she could have been, had she had a stronger support network and sponsors.

  14. She can totally get those triples back! She as a natural and very rare ability for high jumps.

    And yes let her skate she had paid more than her share!

  15. I think Tonya deserves redemption. All she did was associate herself with the wrong sort of people.

  16. I feel slightly bad for her. Nancy was only injured for a little while and tanya got her whole career and passion taken away.


  18. I can't believe she is doing gorgeous doubles at nearly 50 years old. I seriously believe she could throw at least a triple toe or loop with about 3 months training.

  19. I found it funny when she was at the globe awards and people were screaming t o n y a ! and she just stood there like " i wanna leave"

  20. tonya is fat and short and not graceful at all. she isn't even close to good looking. everything about her is fake! she had to cheat to win adn she couldn't even win.

  21. It wasn’t her fault that she abusive husband attacked Nancy, she deserves to be on the ice, she was ruined despite all the work she put into it

  22. She should have a right to skate and teach children now.
    Even if she was behind the attack, she should have a right after 20 years of punishment to teach children the one thing she knows and loves.

  23. I wish i could meet tonya so she could teach me some jumps, she is so inspirational and i love her so much! Ive only skated for 3 years and tbh i think Ive Come far, i can do jumps and pirouettes but I need help with some jumps and she is a person I look up too <3 Love from a 12 yr Swedish girl 🙂

  24. _*…anyone who devotes themselves to their chosen talent- can feel their heart break for her as she had heard in court when she was barred from skating.

    Imagine a pilot not knowing they accidentally drank alcohol on a flight, and got pee tested-
    Imagine a teacher being confused with a similar looking pervert-
    Imagine if a politician was accused of something they didn't do, but is unable to prove against it-

    She should be UNbanned from most things having to do with figure skating- She knew many thought she was 'trailer trash'. I don't think I ever thought that about her.


  25. Kristi and Nancy only was watched because Tonya had to follow them after their routines hadn't not been that no one would have remembered their names..

  26. Tonya was an athlete she had the raw power in her legs to be able to jump so high while still being a small girl her muscle mass was far superior to other skaters of the time..

    Still to this day figure skating is seen as a delicate sport but Tonya was far from delicate

  27. Glad she isn’t allowed to skate. She’s a crook who planned the attack and has now admitted it. She sucks!!!

  28. The skating world is beautiful,ugly,wonderful,sad,disappointing,uplifting and very addictive. It’s hard to say what really happened behind closed doors/rinks. Some one made a comment about letting her coach. I don’t think any competitive kids parents would do that. It’s to much of a risk. I think she would be a great coach, but her students wouldn’t place. I don’t think they would let this go.

  29. I wish they would have used actual clips of Tonya's ice skating in competition in the movie. Tonya did not deserve the fine, the punishment, and to be banned from skating, nor should she have been stripped of her title, she was not on drugs, she had NO involvement in this crime, she took the bitter pill of the judge and ice skating associations anger, and the men who actually planned and did the crime were free from prison after 2 years!
    Discrimination, abuse , and over kill on the punishment for an innocent lady ice skater.

    I will always support Tonya's innocence, I read all I could find, she was abused by her first husband, very badly , he was the mastermind of the crime, Tonya was NOT involved.

    Freedom of speech & press USA copyrighted. The best lady ice skater on earth shall always be Tonya Harding, no one can take that away from her ,ever, and I am glad you have a husband and a son , Tonya, may life be full of love , happiness and fun for you !

  30. It was a bruise? It’s been 20 years get over it, it’s like hating your friend for years for making you fall over and get bruised once, and she healed quick she didn’t heal in 20 years she healed in a few weeks or days, and also I don’t think tonya did it, she wanted to tell the police but, they gang raped her and threatened her to not tell the police, so she didn’t say anything, so for the people hating on her, if you were gang raped and threatened to not tell the police, would you do it? Probably not.

  31. I actually like Tonya! She was an incredible jumper. Though some still argue of her innocence, I mean common if you knew tonya from back in the day; watched her interviews and demeanor, and knew the actual facts behind this lil saga you would know she was guilty as hell. I do believe she was jealous of Nancy Kerrigan. In spite of it all, I still find her intriguing. And it is amazing what she is still capable of doing on the ice. You BET she will be back to doing her triples in no time.

  32. She 's the best figure skater of all time.she puts her heart and soul over it.Her artistic moves and speeds ,a bucket of adrenalin everytime you watched her.There' only one Tonya who make Ice Skates Alive. 🏆

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