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Tom Sims Juice – 2019 Snowboard Review

Tom Sims Juice – 2019 Snowboard Review

hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the Tom Sims Juice I was bit unsure of how this would ride at first but when I took it out was actually a little bit more sort of understanding of who this is suited for and what its gonna do. It is a good all-rounder. I was actually quite taken aback of how versatile it was and where it would actually work. On piste because of the camber shape nice positive edge hold good stability, it didn’t matter if his quick red nice steep black was really planted. Gonna be honest at first I was drawn to the Tom Sims Pro with the Heritage with the look but this was a board that actually I could do a lot more riding on if I wasn’t sure if I was gonna maybe be in the park on day off piste the next on piste just offered that versatility that if I’m being honest probably sums up my riding a lot more. Love the tip and tail shape you’ve got almost like little hand holds but you do want to get gnarly and spin yep you can really sort of like lock on. A nice sort of like positive shape up to the tip and tail of the board to again relates to that good edge hold nice and lively but with a medium kind of flex it had that forgiveness that I wanted but at the same time it didn’t wash out so more on par with say a Burton Custom really that’s where I’ve kind of pushed this up against but obviously you’re talking like greats of East Coast versus West Coast battles against sight Tom Sims and Jake Burton, which I’m not going to go into too much but if you like your kind of surf sort of like feel a little bit more niche this is your kind of modern take from Tom Sims for all mountain riding

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  1. Hey, would you compare this to the freethinker? I recently demod the 2020 free thinker version and didn’t really like it. I’m looking for a twin to get rewarding carving turns on the way to the park, where I do small rails and jumps. Would this suit?

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