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[Music] I’m gone dinky we’re skating mortar skate shop right now look I could just cruise around it is 9:30 for right now and we are about to just skate around Shibuya and just see what it’s like to skate around at nighttime because it’s more like empty so we’re going to have like the streets to ourself we can actually say it Street spots without having a thousand people in the way so excited for that throughout the slap you grind you gotta slap your whoa perfect yes all right you guys ready go people with wearing russia or supreme but as they don’t skate you know yeah how many people it’s a trend oh yeah but uh we do this store for them wearing some cool fashion stuff or to check out this one for yeah but they come to this store called again by we changed in to their new skaters oh yeah yeah that’s what sort of what are you basically saying was if you see someone who likes to wear Thrasher or any state related clothes and doesn’t skateboard he’ll recommend em some actual skateboards and push them to start skating [Music] Oh [Music] yo that’s glass that’s glass yesterday’s oh oh keep walking away funny down hey bro I’m gonna go get em go get em it up [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Music] who could set it up boys how’d that happen you sending me the clip oh yeah my favorite food since we’ve been here I’ve tried like a bunch of different like ramen rice bowls all this different Japanese food but the one thing that stood out to be like crazy was the food called Gaza it’s not that it’s not common in the US I just never tried it and it is by far the best thing here look like he got like an actual meal wait till you see what I got it’s taking them that long to make it because it’s so much better than what you got yeah it’s completely wrong I ordered two of them because it’s my favorite time lathyrism you’re jealous aren’t you two a small stomach to eat that and look at this look look good yeah I forgot they came with my meal yellow huh okay what Oh better than me so we actually ended up skating until 5:00 in the morning because of the trains turn off at midnight kind of just wandering around Shibuya because the skate session ended at 3:00 and he was limping because he busted it shouldn’t open unless it I’ll show you guys you know it looks disgusting are you alive it does look like jerky very disgusting I see it being this get your daily killers Damon too while you’re at it okay these are you do one of these ready today Marco’s learned restraint which you don’t see because this will has been eating like a pig me too though I always just get Dana’s like we are like stuck on eating gas station food but any morning yeah it’s different from like American through though cuz you guys know how nasty that is this is like – excuse so it’s good [Music] they have like more vehicles this is the classic right here they have no screen she has to know what you’re doing like if you’re filming fisheye you can’t look down clear this is so cool just to hold I want one oh my yeah this is got a viewfinder it was the best filming with a DX edge looks so sick look at this random combination we have ninja stars and fake boobs what else we got Ernst Arnie over here ninja sword look at these plastic wooden sandals like who you be I think about hunkalicious Dragon Ball Z and I don’t know why they made Master Roshi the biggest attack outside and just watch the first episode of the second season sword art Full Metal Alchemist Emma Tyga Ram in the back kaneki inuyasha glory sure look you line April that water bottle DVD copies of the goons a legit interview oh my god one punch man candies my favorite movie teaming the lava does everything candy for candy because there I need this while Oliver Sega I want something from your name best animation and artwork visit is cookie good even keep our minds on how to get a sense to my video tags on this oh yeah this is how you real customers and look at that the presentation the cherry blossom looks so beautiful look at thanks 8 which is a little bit like make the food cakes my goal is to finally win one of these crane machines before I leave Japan because I’ve lost so many times I cannot explain Tony says a loss but I will win at least one if not I’ll just add to my streak before I leave a wolf beef I already left Oh No first we go tell you the one [Music] this is literally my life when I’m wasting all my money should have learned by now you can’t win this the Japanese ones are rigged no doubt ball tonight some thing is a straight ripoff I just lost so much money I gotta learn that this is a ripoff like what is this like a made plucking some dude to your service and know what they’re into weird I got shown a made clucking ear service speaking people sit down el Hotel son reporting out mics off on sodium maid Granada cool I’m like ha ha ha ha how was that made sir they go to that do you do that ears service here here plunking what the pages I think I mean did that she say yeah like like it all the way you’re recorded Marco tell me how you playing the Brenda’s the end all that footage you just saw was from an area called Akihabara and that place is like an anime tech type city it is so cool and just fun exploring around there’s just so much there so much to look at and explore it’s just such a good time but yeah I think I’m gonna wrap up the video here if you guys missed my last video there’s actually a pretty good one we skated this park it’s like a Street Plaza type skate park so it’s like the best one in Japan for sure well the best one I’ve been to it’s just like the only Street Plaza type skate park they have so that was a really good video if you missed it make sure to click the annotation you see in a few seconds that’s one of my favorite videos I put out yet but yeah that about wraps up this video so make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe I’ll see you guys for the next video [Music] hockey team Damita

100 thoughts on “TOKYO NIGHTS STREET EDIT”

  1. ガラスはいけんってゆうコメント多いけど、やりたかったらやる!それがスケーターだと思うな。


  2. 外国人がスケボーやると街はアートになるけど俺らがやると犯罪

  3. downhillばっかり見てたら街中のもおすすめにでてきた

  4. Anyone else feel like they were born to live in Tokyo. The food the skate scene the anime ? I wish I was rich

  5. 今まで 何故オリンピック競技に選ばれてこなかったのかを体現してゆくスタイル

  6. スケボー自体もともと反社会的な文化なんだから常識の範囲内でやってほしいとか意味不明すぎだろ。

  7. ガラスいくハートの強さこのくらいずうずうしさ、バイタリティが、ほしいよな、日本人!

  8. 自分達が楽しむためだけにガラス傷つけちゃだめだよ

  9. ラーメンと餃子が日本料理かっていうと違うよなって思う…w

  10. Anyone notice 29 seconds in the video his wallpaper in his phone is from the the Anime Movie "Your Name"

  11. 餃子は日本じゃなくて中国の料理ですよ!

  12. 9:14 "marcos slides on japanese mans turf"
    Random Japanese Anime Character guy staring" How dare you slide on my turf


  13. 下手とは言わないし、むしろやってみたいと思えるくらいだけど


  14. とりあえずバレンシアガにシュプリームカバン足元イージーブーストだけは頂けない。


  15. Me:*trys to get on a skateboard*

    Also me:*falls down intensely right on the face*

    …yeah I’ll never do it again

  16. すいすい滑られるのはかっこいいし憧れるけど、スケボーのことをよく知らない人からしたら、そんな近くですべられたら怖い。余計、スケボーの印象が悪くなる。これだからスケーターは…これだから外国人は…ってなるのもしょうがない。

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