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Tipi Gözlüğü (Goggle) Seçimi I SPXTV

Tipi Gözlüğü (Goggle) Seçimi I SPXTV

Today I’m gonna tell you about the things you need to be careful of when you are buying goggles. So we said goggles. It’s known as goggles in the world. I hear that a lot especially while I stroll through stores. There are lots of people who
are saying Google. you know. But I’m gonna correct it. Google is a search engine. But this is goggle. It has two g’s not two o’s. Okay, goggle is the international name of ski goggles or goggles. Where does the word goggle is coming from? Actually it has an interesting story. Goggle, in Eskimo language, means eye cover, glasses. Eskimos, you know, they live in a
blizzard environment. 12 months at really cold places… Years ago, 100 years ago, 200 years ago, I don’t have full knowledge
of their history. In cold places or in blizzard, there are two things. Firstly; you can’t look to
the snowy surface, your eyes get tired because
everywhere is incredibly white. Whether it’s snowy or sunny. Secondly; when the weather is snowy,
snow can go directly to your eyes, In order to prevent this; Eskimos used a goggle which they made
from wooden, downwards, looks like blinds. They were able to see outside
while they were using it. They made it theirselves. They call it goggle. I’m gonna mention a word which is coming from Eskimo language, it’s ‘’Igloo”, Igloos, you know, are houses which Eskimos made from ice. There is a resemblance from there too. It’s the history of the word “Goggle”. Just like that, it’s coming from Eskimos and it entered our lives. That’s why goggle is as known
as goggle in the world. So? While we’re buying goggles to ourselves; what should we be careful of? Like in every subject, there are lots of options too. So; When we enter an SPX store, especially the Mega SPX in Büyükdere avenue, you’ll see 300 – 400 different goggles. You can say “Which one I’m going to buy or which in qualification
I’m going to buy?” I’m not going into the details like one by one. I’m going to give you some
general information so you can make a decision in this way and make your own choices. Once, like in everything, it’s like that in goggles too. Like in cars or like in clothes, it has very different prices. It has very different price points. I’m talking about a wide band with price points which starts with 50-60 TL and ends up with 900-1000 TL. But is it only its design or colour which
make them different? Absolutely no. That would be a lie if I said design and colour is not important. Design and colour are everywhere in our lives. Especially , if you think sunglasses
that we put on our eyes, it’s completely its design and colour that matters. It’s like that in here. But it’s not the feature in here. When skiers buy goggles,
I think they complain about, if they are complaining, they complai
about their goggles. They say “ My goggles became steamy” In todays technology, all brands which you can see on
the table or on the wall Oakley, Salice, Anon… They all have anti-fog. What does that anti-fog means? Anti steam. But I will tell you how does it work like that. Salice is Italian made again. It’s produced by the Como Lake in Italy. It’s very important and it’s one of the numbered brands which is made in Italy and
didn’t go to Far Eastern. Anna Salice is the fourth generation of Salice. It’s a very old firm , they are the fourth generation and they still produce goggles
and bicycle goggles. Anna Salice She told me herself. She said “Let me tell you like that, Orkun.” We met like 13-14 years ago, in a fair. I said to her “Anna, people always say my goggles become steamy.” She said “Orkun, Let me tell you like that.” It doesn’t matter if you
give lots of money, there is no such a goggle as 100% anti-fog,
will remain anti-fog and won’t get steamy. They can’t produce a car. If you get in a car sweaty, it doesn’t matter what your cars price or its brand, your windows will be steamy. She said “It’s the same thing. It’s the same in here too.” “What are we doing?” she said. She explained like that. We cover the goggles lens with an anti-fog application from inside and outside But mostly from inside,
sometimes from outside For example, there is nothing from
outside but let’s look and see. As you see, it gets steamy. But if I do it from inside;
it won’t get steamy. I don’t know if you can see
it but it’s not steamy. She said “We are doing a chemical application from inside.” You can think it like that when you
are looking with a microscope. Water vapor is very little and it’s dispersed in air. Here, she said “Think its lens as a sponge.” This sponge… …absorbs the water vapor and it blocks your vision. But after some point if you don’t channel that water vapor, it absorbs, absorbs and absorbs. Think a sponge cleaning sponge it absorbs, absorbs and absorbs. after every drop, it’ll leak
them to outside. Here, at that point glass get steamy. Of course there are lots of differences from
one application to another she said. Anti-fog applications of
brands are different. Very expensive. A high quality anti-fog application has a serious cost. But, she said, there are lots of cheap
goggles which you can see in the market. Look. This goggle is around 300 TL. But there are goggles for 50-60 TL,
for example this goggle. It’s Salice again but it’s a
very cheap one. It doesn’t have the same
anti-fog application. Briefly, it’s sponge… …is smaller. But the sponge in here
is bigger and fleshy. Lens is bigger. Sponge is bigger in diameters and in thickness. But, she said, if you buy this or if you buy a 800 TL Oakley goggle or Salice; If it’s not moving, if you are sweaty, if outside is cold… I mean we are in an environment
which is -5 degrees. We are sweaty, we did skiing, running. We are in a blizzard or we
did some country skiing. It’s snowy. Our faces heat is like 38-39 degrees, outside is -5 degrees. So it is a 42-43 degrees difference
we are talking about. Inside is going to be steamy. If we move If we are in a car, when you open your window,
steam will be gone. It’s the same thing on the window. If you move, if you don’t cover here without
anything like a beanie, if you don’t cover your mouth
something like a mask, he air coming from here will
exit from the bottom. From here, from the holes. It’ll take away the steam an
it’ll empty your sponges water, till your sponge is full of water again. So anti-fog application is
something like that. So that’s why you should be very careful of the quality of your goggle while
you’re buying it. You can’t never expect a 300-350 TL goggles performance from a 50-60 TL goggle. They look similar. But do you know when it
shows up its performance? When you go to the ski-run. Or which sports you are doing,
in which places you are using it, it shows up that day. But sadly that day will be too late. In general, that’s why I always say it in training, Skiing goggle is the top-selling
product in ski resorts. People in cities, they don’t pay attention
to that and they buy a simple goggle. When they go to the mountain, they paid for their hotel, for clothes and for ski material, but there is a blizzard outside. They went outside with a simple goggle. But they can’t ski because of
the steam on their goggles. They immediately go to the store
and ask for a goggle hich won’t get steamy, which
is comfortable and let them ski. They go and buy a really good
goggle in a technical way. That’s why in ski resorts, top-selling product is ski goggles. It’s like that in the
world including Turkey. I think we understood
the anti-fog application. Let me explain it briefly. If your goggles lens is big, it’s sponge is big too. If you buy a high quality product. If it’s really expensive… It’s like that in Oakley, Salice and Anon. But I’m talking about most of the brands,
not only about these brands. Even though you can’t see, if your sponge is thicker, its chemical application will be quality. Because of the anti-fog, it’ll be
harder to become steam. So we pay attention to that and don’t buy cheap goggles. Even though you like it or not,
when your lens is too big. You can say it looks too
big when you use it. That’s small, it’s for the children but there are lots of people who
like that because it’s small. It’s not functional. Try to ski with larger lenses
as far as possible. Apart from that, there are a few
more things to say about lenses. About ski goggles. I speak for myself This also applies to pros aswell. Whatever the weather is
even in sunny weather, I skate with ski goggles. There is a simple reason for that. When you wear helmet, I’m trying to show it like this. My head is protected from impact but if there are sunglasses on
my eyes or there is nothing there, My eyes are the most
sensitive place of my face. The only place that cannot be healed. They are vulnerable. I have ski poles or skis in my
hand or I’m snowboarding. There may be a tree stalk in ground, stone or someone elses ski. Maybe I can collide with another skier. My eyes are the only place
that cannot be healed. What am I doing now? I’m protecting my eyes. At this moment, my head and eyes are both protected. Even my nose is protected. Because an impact from a batom, a ski, a rock, or a tree branch… I protect my face like this almost fully. My head and my face. If you are skiing at high speed, which I really like doing. Whatever the weather is you
need to wear your goggles. I told so before. A good skier and snowboarder would not go skiing without a backpack. A good trail runner would not go running without a backpack. He puts his water, his redbull, a piece of chocolate, and a spare glove in his backpack. We will also talk about it
in another video. Do you know what else he
puts in his backpack? His orange-lensed glasses that
he can use in a blizzard. He puts his lens in aswell because he
doesn’t have sunglasses in sunny weathers, because you can’t look at the ground like that. He has two glasses in his backpack. Orange lens for dark weather, and dark lens for sunny weathers. There are other solutions, Only these goggles. There is a spare lens in box. This is another solution, you can do that aswell. You can also wear it but because I thought it was more practical I
always carry two goggles with me. At the same time, the goggle can get wet or may receive a blow. It can happen. Immidieatly, I wear my other goggles. It saved my life so many times. These are my general thoughts about goggles. These are the main criteria you need to
be aware of about goggles. After this… …there are details like polarized lenses, mirrored lenses etc. But I didn’t want the video to be long
so I talked about them only generally. Lastly I will say, don’t avoid wearing goggles. The goggles can make your experience enjoyable or unpleasant in
the mountain environment. Thank you for listening. See you in the next videos. Subscribe Our Channel

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