Thom’s Review-Volkl Deacon 76 Skis

Hi, my name’s Thom and I just got done riding
the Volkl Deacon 76 back for its second season. This thing is a blast. It’s definitely aimed at your advanced, solid
advance, expert level skier who wants a hard core ripping front side ski. At seventy six underfoot the things incredibly
fast edge to edge. But unlike its little brother the seventy
four, this has more of that medium GS turn radius. So if you like those wide open ripping high
speed arcs and want tons of stability in a ski that’s never going to worry about how
fast your’re going, this is where you need to look. The UVO dampening in the shovel keeps this
thing super calm, it keeps the shovel glued to the snow and provides immediate turn initiation. Builds energy all the way through the turn. It’s not a huge springy lively ski but it’s
incredibly damp and when it unloads its power you really feel it as it transitions you to
those next set of edges. So that advanced to expert level skier that’s
looking for a ski to dominate on trail and hard snow conditions. This is it.

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