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This Trick Defies Physics

This Trick Defies Physics

really know how to bail out at that point, so I
pretty much just man up and hold it until I hit
the ground with the bike fully backwards. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name
is British Schmidt, and my World First is the
double backflip double tailwhip and I call it the double double. ANNOUNCER: Brandon
has the tricks. [CHEERING] BRANDON SCHMIDT: Back
when I was a kid, I truly believed that a double
backflip single tailwhip would never happen. I just didn’t see the, the
physics working correctly until Jed Mildon came along,
did it on the New Zealand tour in 2013. And then from there,
my mind was open, and I decided, you
know, if he can do a double-flip
with one tailwhip, maybe two tailwhips will work. [CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: A backflip
tailwhip, a backflip, and then he goes to the
back, comes back, and does a backflip to celebrate. BRANDON SCHMIDT:
Basically for practicing for this trick is one, I put
two brake levers on my bike. So I run double break levers
even though I have no brakes. What that helps me do is,
when it gets to the point where the bike wants to
rotate away from you, it locks out on your fingers. It’s kind of like how moto
dudes put like flip levers up and stops on the wrist. My bike’s light enough that
I can just use finger levers, so that was, that’s really the
secret behind the whole trick because without those
levers, I don’t think I would be able to get close. I did my first one at Travis’s
house at Pastrana Land into his bag, and
I only tried one. And it works first try
into the bag like– SPEAKER 3: Holy [BEEP] BRANDON SCHMIDT: Whoa, that
was off, like I landed, rode away on the bag. So we had a practice
out in California, and all the boys are
sending the biggest tricks. We were getting ready for tour. And I just hit it hard
and worked on it every day for like three days. Just double backflip,
double tailwhip like over and over and over again. There’s one scary difficult
part about the trick. It’s when you go for the, the
whip, and it stops whipping. The gyro almost gets
messed up, so instead of it going one flip
whip, one flip whip, it goes one flip whip
and stops backwards. So I don’t really know how
to bail out at that point, so I pretty much just man up and
hold it until I hit the ground with the bike fully backwards. But that’s, that’s the
hardest part of the trick. [YELLING] I first landed the double
backflip, double tailwhip at Toronto at the Nitro Show
for that You Got This Tour. And it was perfect, like
I didn’t slip pedal. It was both feet on pedals. Couldn’t have been a better
one for the first one. ANNOUNCER: What has he
got for you Toronto? Double flip, double whip. [CHEERING] World’s first! World’s first! Oh my goodness! That is a world’s first double
double ever done in public. Goodness, Micah! From the shores of
dirty Jersey, that’s a full for Brandon Schmidt! BRANDON SCHMIDT: The
feeling is indescribable. There’s just, you get
this overwhelming feeling. I guess it’s an adrenaline hit. You just get this feeling of
like, whoa, I’m riding away. I’m not hurt. I just landed a trick that I
thought would never happen, and now it’s possible. It’s, it’s what we all live for
is for that moment right there. ANNOUNCER: Has the tricks. Does one flip, two, and– [CHEERING] –oh my goodness! The double double! Double backflip! BRANDON SCHMIDT: I just rode
the best show of my life. Did the world’s first double
backflip double tailwhip. Now I’m going to go pass out. [YELL]

100 thoughts on “This Trick Defies Physics”

  1. Congratulations ? double double is double awesome!
    5 dislikes must be people that can’t ride a bike. How can you dislike a double double?

  2. Don't tell me I missed nitro circus in my own city, again!
    Who's advertising the Canadian shows?
    Can you do Rogers Centre Toronto, you have Hamilton and London but no Toronto, I have over 30 years in marketing, advertising and consulting and will volunteer to help make it happen in Toronto if you need someone local to get things done and be at the right places at right time, in case another venue cancels and you can fit the slot.
    Peace and Blessings

  3. These sports have come so far in my 42 years on this earth and I don't see it slowing down any time soon. Whats next? Rocket pack flips? I wish I could look into the future because Its going to be astonishing. Let's Go Boys and Girls. I'm so proud of all of you.

  4. Of course you land the worlds first double double in Canada. It's a what fuels Canadians.

    Seriously though, thats insane dude.

  5. 2:40 Damn, that went so perfectly. The rotation went so fast, the movement didn't have any excess fumbling and the landing is absolutely perfect.

    So damn impressive.

  6. Just amazing. Unreal!!! Nitro circus , Travis P and the people that do tricks on this show are allll amazing athletes and Live and practice constantly. Great stuff!

  7. I dont even pop a wheelie on my bike….its a road bike, and risking traffic is dangerous enough……cheers for landing that incomprehensible trick.

  8. does anyone how many x game medals does nitro hold and how many if you combine all the nitro athletes before and after joining nitro? epic trick btw 🙂

  9. That was sick and couldn’t of landed it in a better country lol the Double Double has its own big meaning in Canada but it’s Canada’s favourite coffee. Coincidence I think not.

  10. Quiet a bit different from the Andy Ruffle days ? I got my first BMX in 1979 they had just entered the UK at the time, probably one of the very first. It was a skyway I believe.

  11. The fact that he landed his foirst "double double" in Canada is soooo ironic!! I hope he went to Tim's after the show and bought a round of double doubles for the entire crew!!

  12. The question is…can R. Willy do the double double? Did he intentionally not do it just to let schmitty get some shine? Hmm ?

  13. Are you f'n kidding me?!?! When I first started riding back in the early 90's you were a good if you could do a single backflip and land on top of a box jump basically "double casing" it and everyone would go f'n nuts and now about 25 years later this is where we're at with the progression of our sport! This is unfathomable! We NEVER knew this would ever happen cause of the technicality of it…well that and we just NEVER thought about it cause it never entered our brains! I am unfrigginbelievably super stoked and much love & respect to everyone in Nitro Circus and pro action sports everywhere!!

  14. I wonder if it would be possible to do this like a 720 double whip, where the double whip in the first rotation, and then the rider tucks in and speeds up for the second rotation? Would look a lot cleaner

  15. It wold be cool if these tricks were done while riding double, And maybe it was the Canadian mind set that got him through that, and not even a thank you Canada? wow

  16. Here we go! Pushing bmx to a new level because I’m sure this has put R Willy on fire mode. It’ll be the battle of doing the world first.

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