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1 hour 40 minutes Really tough session Brutal! Yeah for me it was No Is it going well? Nope It goes as usual “Wille P” is visiting Once again He lives here now Cozy Luckily I’m tall so I can reach everywhere Emily is working hard Examination on Monday Yeah, we are distance studying. William is too. Just to remind you Study time And you’re painting I had nothing better to do I cant see where I’m painting I’m getting dazzled by the fact that everything is so white and bright Well well, we keep on going What are you up to? I’m just trying to do some good I see You can help me film if you want I’ve gotten something exciting in the mail Something really nice It’s from Jillie Ren och Vilt You can probably guess what this is all about Let’s have a look Let me just go fetch a knife Reindeer Sausage From Jillie Ren & Vilt Who have sponsored me with some venison for which I’m very grateful I like meat And this meat is locally produced, it’s from Härjedalen It’s basically from my neighborhood It’s both better for the environment with locally produced food, and with venison in general In this one we had some reiondeer sausages Let’s have a look inside the next one Oh my god! Damn! Look at what we have here Can it get any better than this I’m really happy right now A lot of good stuff I’m also happy to get to eat some of this Sautéed Reindeer! I usually eat a lot of my lunches at Ski Center, since I’m sponsored there Now that Emily is home, we cook more food ourselves Which makes this delivery all the more apprieciated What will the next one bring to the table? What’s your guess? Something minced Is it only reindeer? I don’t know Reindeer Steak? Knuckle? Reindeer knuckle A couple of those ones, and then we have some… What’s this? Netted reindeer steak Then we have Oh boy! Look at this one! Reindeer Sirloin That’s nice Expensive meat in this one A fancy box for sure, this is meant only for the weekend Wich means, tomorrow we can have at it There it is Minced Reindeer Damn, that’s nice This is a whole lot of food I like food, don’t I? One pound I believe this next one should cointain some dried meat or so Yeah that’s probably it My money is on sausages We’ve already gotten some, but okay, it could be some other type of sausage That fancy huh? Look at this one Entrecote That’s expensive! No way! There is actually some sausages as well Dried reindeer sausages Yummy We have to try this one later Smell it You may also smell it The last offering Intriguing Yeah, I was about to say, there’s the sausage box That’s a lot of sausage Wait, no this is actually just dried meat This is good Yeah, we really need to try those That is just so delicious! Yum Do you want one? Sooo good! Here is… Make sure to have the right objekt in focus Hotdogs…Reindeer hotdogs What are you holding? This is reindeer salami Of course Real nice this one Are you happy with your delivery? Oh, definitely Lots and lots of meat Thanks Jillie Ren & Vilt for hooking me up with some good meat It’s good to have good quality food when you’re exercising a lot. I aprreciate it a lot Now we’re going to make some dinner with this It’ll be great You will end up cutting yourself Damn that’s tasty Good Morning Mornin It’s winter again You want to share this with me? Yes please! Thank you for bringing that. I have a banana with me Are you hungry? Yup We’re out skating for a bit, three hours planned It’s snowing pretty heavy back and forth That’s our three hours done A nice session A bit hot at the end though Time to cook the first bag of meat What is it that we’re making? Do you want to describe, or should I? We’re making sautéed reindeer in pita bread. It’ll be nice This is a lot better than kebab meat Ive cheated by buying pre-made aioli Well, I’ve made my own as well Not aioli though But it’s garlic based I bought tzatziki as well The whole idea was impulsive and so I had to rush to the store I think the pan is ready Yummy! We’ll see you when it’s done You’re not going to make a sandwich? Pita sandwich that is! So you’re going to open up your bread? Yeah, and fill it with meat, onion, sallad and sauce Hurry and grab a seat so I can adjust the focus Hurry! I haven’t gotten any meat, can I go get some? How did you mix the ingredients? I didn’t I have some meat on the top and bottom and the rest in between It’s really difficult to mix it evenly. The best way would probably be to mix it all up before you put anything in the bread I’m really good at making garlic sauce. No messing about. I’m actually going to try that To blend everything beforehand Monday I forgot to end the vlog yesterday so we’ll end it now instead Wait… I was supposed to sum up the season in this vlog. But I forgot We’ll have to do it next time instead I’ll probably just forget about it again Nah, we’ll make it happen Anyways, we have exercised a bit today, and two a clock Emiliy is having her examination. Which means I will have to stay out of her way Unless I want to get kicked out Well well, I’ll see you guys next week. Goodbye!

21 thoughts on “THIS MADE MY DAY”

  1. Du kan ju mätta hela klubben i flera veckor på det där, sjukt mycket mat! Hoppas på en säsongssammanställning innan nästa säsong börjar 😉

  2. Några kilo älgkött brukar man ju få av bekanta som jagar ibland, men detta var något i hästväg. Eller renväg kanske man ska säga!

  3. Ska ta kontakt med din sponsor med renkött .vart jättesugen på att köpa lite renkött.tack för en kul o bra blogg.

  4. отдай колбасу всё прощу !!! ты магазин ограбил что ли ?

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