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[Music] what the hell yes perfect [Music] second try [Music] look at that good morning can okay hurry up you know scared you ready cripple fit today yeah the triple set last time we were skating downtown he tried to kickflip it did not get close he was going way too slow fast it’s harder for him to get that much speed but today we’re gonna warm up around downtown and then chatting at a clip on the triple set [Music] [Music] [Music] you ready okay [Music] faster [Music] does it good job [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you know this game wait until the noodles are ready like that if it sticks is good see mr. Hari Oh Mitch they do it again look watch them learn [Music] thank you my friend shit okay tell us the three so casually yeah the tuna tuna it tastes like tuna no no no yeah pineapple true that it’s the first spot of today and Kentucky said he would hardflip at first try you know skate hard flips that first try I’ll buy you something you get one try though sushi sushi shake a lot if you don’t land their first try you bite me you bite me sushi sushi you’re getting us some sushi yeah well and this first tee then okay what the hell is everyone yeah okay deal hands we all get some sushi I told him if he Park upset first tribe no warm-up no Ollie I’ll take everyone out because rights pitching me she don’t pick that group I swear to God keep it rollin where you keep one day you lose trizzie doing see you getting out of our cliff no warmup no he’s suck it you gotta get a lot more [Music] he stuck it again he’s gotta give it to it and he stuck it again Matthew which I just want some free sushi [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the count do the sushi dance sushi Dushi [Music] [Music] wah you know he made me come all the way to Little Tokyo every day here and he doesn’t even want to go to sushi he says he just wants to wait till he gets back to Japan [Music] call the cops mmm call the cops Claudette cops the police poiice [Music]


  1. Man he's got style. I used to ride for a lot of companies when I was younger n sponsored.
    This kid is just sick and quite consistent. Keep up

  2. I predict the Japanese groms will take over skating with their quick understanding of high level math and geometry, mixed with their ancient ethnic tradition of martial arts in about 10-15 years.

    Brazilians will beat out Hawaiians in Surfing. Top 5 spots in 10 years.

  3. Kyonosuke just recently just changed his Instagram to (Kyonosuke_Yamashita) now. just a heads up if your'e looking for it

  4. YO your video are dope keep them coming!!!! I live near la when will you guys be shooting again. I would like to check you guys out!!

  5. if he's so good, how come there's no skate part? and your going to have to do more down that 3 flat 3 in downtown LA than a kick flip

  6. he so good because he asian boy! he eat his noodles and soup and it make him good skater! he do very high ollie and kick flip. SOUP MAKE HIM STRONG BOY!!

  7. 部活とか学校行ってるのかな?w

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