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This Is Why We Love SCUBA DIVING! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 130

This Is Why We Love SCUBA DIVING!  Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 130

Going into night mode, man. Night mode! We’re going on an adventure. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] One thought
represents [INAUDIBLE] what other people see. [INAUDIBLE] originally
from our homeland. Like my old man say,
there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this
message to my brother lyrical. Previously on Delos. We get to sail on
a local Madagascar pirogue with our friend Flo. So that’s Nosy Be there. And we’re just leaving. We’re going to turn a
bit more to starboard, and we’ll go 50 miles
out to these banks here. And you see it goes from
like this spot, goes 18 to 50 then to 2,000. I mean, it’s just a huge
amount of drop offs here. 18, 30, and then
thousands on that side. So this whole bank
here just lies off the coast of Madagascar. And then Mozambique
channel, massive currents go up and down this channel,
and apparently there’s big, big fish. So we’re gonna try and
go out there and dive and probably catch some fish. I don’t known, but it’s
gonna be an adventure. So it’s 6:00 in the
morning, and the sun is just about to come up. Now I’m gonna have a
cup of tea and look at this beautiful sunrise. Look at that. You cannot tell me that that
does not remind you of The Lion King. [SINGING] I’m not a very
good singer, am I? Anyways. I don’t know if
you can see that, but we’re getting pretty
close to where it shallows up. I can’t see any kind of
shallows yet, though. I’ve been looking in the
[INAUDIBLE] and stuff, but I don’t know. I think it’s still
like a mile away. So I probably won’t
be able to see it until we’re pretty close. We have dolphins at the bow. The water’s so clear. Good morning, Brady. We’ve arrived. We arrived at Castor Bank, but
the charts are really far off. I know. We should be at like
15 meters, but it’s 90 or 100 meters of water. There’s really nothing out here. Let’s go to that spot
and see what happens. Mm. Fuck. Our wind is gone. We lost all of our wind. But yeah, we can see. You can see the water color
change, which is kind of crazy. You’re out in the
middle of nowhere in the Mozambique Channel, and
you can see the water color start to shallow up. Yeah, we’re at 30 meters now,
and we’ve gone from over 100, so. It’s a cool spot, huh? So Brady’s just gonna dive in
for a little reconnaissance mission and hopefully
find something cool. Some really strong current. Brady’s barely going anywhere. There was a few
fish, but no, man. It’s not coral. It’s like– I don’t
know, just gray. Gray sand. Well, the diving
doesn’t look great. There’s not a whole
lot down there, but there are some big fish. So we rigged up
the fishing lines and sailed back and
forth along the drop off to try to catch some dinner. Beautiful sunny day today, huh? [INAUDIBLE] Reel it in, Bill! Reel it in! Woo! What is that? It’s a jobfish. What is a jobfish, Brady? I don’t know. Looks like a jobfish. When I see that, my
brain goes “jobfish.” Good job. That’s what I call teeth. Nice one, mates. It’s been a
beautiful day sailing around, beautiful conditions. We’ve lost fish. We’ve caught fish. Golden hour is coming soon. We’re going to fly
the drone again. Get some golden
hour drone shots. Number one! Good job, Bill. Thank you. I think that was a good flight. Wow. The moon. So where are we going, Brady? Right, righty? Brady! We have another
night sail, yeah? We have another night sail. So we’re here. This is where we’ve been
going back and forth all day, in Castor Bank. And then let me zoom out. Nosy Be, that’s
where we came from. We’re going to go
north a bit, and we’re going to try and dive this
area over the next few days. So these islands right
here, Les Quatre Freres, the Four Brothers. Nice. Then there’s one,
two, three, four. And they all go from like
nothing, high limestone, to 20, 25, 30 meters. So I think we’ll aim for there. It’s about 45 miles. Whoa, look at that plate. Look at that plate
for Mr. Brady. Mate. Fried potatoes and salad and
fish with a little bit of dill, olive oil, salt and pepper. I went a little bit heavy on the
portions, because I was hungry. I like it. Here you go, bro. So it’s morning, I’ve been
awake for a few hours. We should be at the dive site
in about an hour and a half, I think. So I’ll probably wake
up the boys in an hour and we can get ready
and go for a dive. So we’ve just arrived,
and it looks pretty crazy. It’s just a 90 meter tall
rock coming out of the water. But it goes straight down. We’re anchored at 30 meters. And we set the hook up that way. We’ve got out 60
meters in chain. It’s not that far. So if we just swim
across, I think we’ll just be able
to come up the wall, and as we get closer
to the current, I think we’ll probably get lots. OK. I wanted to talk a little
bit about why I love diving and why I think
we do it so much. Out of any other kind of
hobby or sport on Delos, I guess diving is
our main thing. It’s so cool when you
have that nervous feeling and you jump into the
water, and it all just disappears, like you’re there,
like 100% you’re nowhere else, and you’re focusing
on everything that has to do with that exact moment. Just going into the different
world, that is underwater that we know so
little about, it’s a truly amazing experience. [MUSIC PLAYING] You know what I found
hidden away in a bag? Salt and vinegar chips. And I’ve been snacking
’em like crazy ever since Mr. Brady
and Kazza went down, but they just popped up. Was it good? It was real cool! We saw a turtle. No, really? Cool. A lot of good wall stuff, huh? Yeah, so much macro stuff. Amazing. Mr. Brady got a toe cramp. Yeah. What happened, brother? My little one is just
feeling like a claw. Oh no. Lots of cool things on the wall. Did you get some good footage? Yes. Now to warm up. Oh yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING] I just dropped the guys off. Literally just from
the boat, but we dropped on the windy
side of the island. And it’s just a lot of current,
a lot of wind pushing us onto the island. And now I’m just trying
to get off away from it. But you can see the
boys right there. They’re just gonna
drop from there and come around to
the non-windy side. But it’s a little intense. Maybe my pear can keep the
camera up a little bit more. Nope. So now I’m just going
to drift around out here on the good side of the
island, and wait for the boys to pop the sausage, and I
can go and pick them up. So I managed to
pick up the voice and not run over
anybody, which is a plus. And now we’re on
our way to anchorage and we’re having a
nice downwind sail. So it’s awesome. Good day of diving, huh? Good day! So I was just trying to
think about why we like diving in Madagascar so much. And to me, it comes
down to two things. And the first is,
it’s super remote. Everywhere we go,
we’re pretty much the only people, which gives
you a very special feeling. I mean, we have probably
20 different islands. Let me just show you. All of these islands out
here are awesome dive sites. So really the second thing
I really like about some of the dives here in Madagascar
and of the Four Brothers Islands is, it was almost
like four dives in one. You get to see so many different
types of species living in different environments. I mean, it’s a 20 meter straight
drop off, which is sweet. I mean, you don’t really get
to dive those that often. And then when you work your
way around the other side of the island, it was
more shallow diving. So it was like seven
to eight meters, and you had a lot of schooling
fish, and we saw lobsters. It’s just cool to be able to
see so many different types of topographies like
that in one place. So we like it, and
we’re just gonna continue diving all
these spots here and see what the days bring us. So good times. [INAUDIBLE] What happened to our
green flash, Brady? Dirty atmosphere over
there over Africa. Too much smog. Smog? Good morning, everybody. It is day two of the Delos
Dives Madagascar Expedition. And we’ve just
left the anchorage. The weather is
beautiful, sun shining, and we’ve picked another
spot on the chart. Check it out. So we’re just running
my navex here. Because the charts are
actually pretty good. Hopefully, it’s showing up. But we’re here. This is Mitsio. And we’re going down
here Nosy Toloho. We’re gonna anchor over here
on this reef and then dive. It’s going to be an awesome day. Good morning. It’s Thursday. I don’t know what day it is. It doesn’t matter, but we’re
going to go on another dive today. But this is a spot that
Rudy told us about. He said he’s dove there before
and he said it was cool, so. OK, we’re off. We’re off. Looks pretty nice. Bit hard to say. Still 40 meters in. Yeah. What’s the dive plan, Brady? The dive plan is to swim
down the anchor chain, go to the anchor, and then
swim at a compass bearing of like 315. And hopefully we’ll
find the drop. I think we’ll find something. What do you reckon, mate? Let’s go breathe underwater. We got our beast, the GH4
in our Nauticam housing, and GoPro Red Filter. Why do I love diving so much? I think it’s probably because
it’s the least explored part of our planet. And it’s crazy, because
so much of the Earth is covered by water, and yet we
know so very little about it. I mean, we’re here
anchored in Delos in that random
place in Madagascar, and you can go down 15
meters, not very far, and you see these
incredible creatures that you’d never seen before. It’s quiet. It’s just you, and you hear
the sound of your breathing, and you just pay attention
to things that you normally wouldn’t. There’s a lot of good things. I could go on, and on, and on,
but that’s just two of them. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUFFLED LAUGHTER] So the boys have been
down for a while now, but I can see their bubbles. They’re getting closer. Guess who we saw? What do you mean? We saw a seahorse. What? Yeah. Like this big. A big one. A seahorse? A seahorse. What the fuck? And a manta shrimp. Like, a big one. No way. Like this big. That’s awesome. You haven’t gotten
to see a seahorse since the beginning of time. I know. I got my seahorse! After dive clean-up time, huh? Yeah. Another wonderful day, man. It’s like clockwork. Nobody talks, just– Just put the gear away, stow it. Tanks get put away, tied
up, gear gets washed down. Anchor and then it’s chill time. Good day, guys. Good day. Good day. Morning. So it’s about 6:30 right now. We’re on our way
back to Nosy Be. We’re gonna try to dive
one of the wrecks there. I guess we should be at
the site in a few hours. But look at this sunrise. And I’m really
enjoying it out here. I just had a banana. It’s weird. We haven’t had internet
for, yeah, about a week now. And just to be back into
the land of internet is a bit special. It’s always a bit
overwhelming, I find. You know, your phone will start
going bing, bing, bing, bing. You have messages,
and it’s posts. And it’s just been
really cool to get out. I mean, we’re doing a
lot of work and stuff in front of the
computers, and you just have a break from
that, and just enjoy, and be in the water and stuff. It’s really,
really, really cool. Everyone had a good sleep? I had such a good sleep. Nice. Now we’re back near our
home base in Crater Bay. But there’s a wreck out here
that somebody told us about, called the Mitsio Wreck. And we’re coming up to it now. Yeah, I’m excited
about a wreck dive. It’s my favorite dives. I think we definitely
found the spot. Quite a lot of fishing boats. So they know where it is. That’s a poor man’s
underwater lighting set-up. Because we couldn’t afford
the proper lights when we left Cape Town. That’s so sad. I think this’ll work. Dude, that’s great, man. Look at it. I think it’ll work perfectly. Whoa! It’s like a submarine. Look at that. [INAUDIBLE], bitches. You guys ready? I’m ready. You ready, Kazzatron? I’m ready. Let’s go see a ship underwater. OK. With some reef and
some fishies on it. Underneath the fishermen. Yeah, as long as we don’t
get hooked by a hook, bro. So watch out for these. Yeah, watch out for these. Watch out for the local
[? long lighters. ?] Shit. So low tide is at 2:00
PM, so the current should be blasting that way right now. OK. Gear up. Yeah. I think for me, scuba
diving is way more than a sport or a
hobby or a recreation. It’s a form of relaxation or
even meditation sometimes. It’s like the closest
thing here on Earth you’ll ever get
to being in space, just being weightless and kind
of in slow motion all the time. And for me, diving
reconnects you with the sea. It feels like you’re
part of it again. You’re part of the ocean. You’re part of the
whole ecosystem. Yes, it’s a magical
place underwater. [MUSIC PLAYING] Scuba diving is relaxation. It’s adventure. It’s peace. It’s history. It’s learning. It’s exercise. It’s all of those, all into one. Tell me about it. Whoa, it was awesome. But man, all kinds of fish. Like, big, big, jacks. Jacks like one meter
long, you know? Whoa. I haven’t seen that. Big schools of the
yellow fusiliers. Lots of lionfish. Lots of lionfish, huh? Yeah. Moray eels, nudibranches. So many cool fishies. And this whole time, it’s been
like we can see the anchorage that we spent months at, and
this wreck is just sitting out here. That’s awesome. Not a bad of diving, really. I think we did
pretty good today. And this is our commute home. Check it out. I turn– I turn 30 soon. [CHUCKLING] I don’t mind. My back hurts. I need a massage. My back hurts after a tough day
of diving and laying around. It’s tough. Cheers to a good day. Rumbos. And turning 30 soon. Two more months. Wow. Wow! Up next, we sail with our
new friends, Ben and Tanya, and go swimming
with whale sharks. [INAUDIBLE] First thing in the morning. That’s a wrap! You like it? I like it a lot! Brian is just taking
a shit off the back. Whoa. The boat’s mine. Let’s go! [CHUCKLING] Diving. Oh, shit. The battery’s real low. Change battery!

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